Monitoring inside threats a full job

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As yours truly has opined many times, “Fascism” differs from “socialism and communism” in that it allows the property and wealth of oligarchs to remain in private hands while socialism confiscates their property and communists simply “off” them. Basically fascism creates a perpetual cost-plus contract system with the wealthy – as long as they support the government agendas they’re guaranteed to be OK. When we saw how first the tech oligarchs, and then the rest of American industry got cozy with the dementia Joe administration, that was a clear signal of the beginning of a fascist state in America. Clearly the Biden Bunch is a lot closer to China than it is to traditional American body-politic. With more to come, one would assume.

After all, as venture capitalist Jeffrey Immelt was wont to label it: “state-run communism may not be your cup of tea, but their government works.” OUCH!

Monitoring inside threats a full job…

Fact is however, fully half of our population has now become more like a Fascist or (Corporatist) State than a Communist one and we should stop calling the demoMarxocrats Communists and refer to them more as the Fascists they are. They belie a one-party Totalitarian State, so I suppose we could call them either and still be mostly correct. Fascism is an even better fit and they hate being called Fascists, whereas they actually like being called Communists although they would never admit it publicly. Whatever.

Although having grown up somewhat close to it for the early, younger part of my life, I’m not fully sure how propaganda worked in Mussolini’s Italy, but it certainly appears to be hugely underappreciated how pervasive and effective it is here in terms of molding public opinion so people will put on their chains voluntarily. The “cost plus” system is indeed spreading rapidly. Surely water and electric work that way. The “service charge” part of the bill keeps steadily rising as a percentage of the bill which represents a subtle form of creeping Fascism. It can easily spread to other sectors and once it gets high enough, we would essentially have morphed into a Fascist-controlled economy. Not good.

But until the “several states” get the voting corruption issues resolved, and there becomes a clear system to audit votes, there’s almost no point in voting depending on where you live. Sad to have witnessed the sorry Republicans having lazily sat on their backsides while vote counting manipulation has completely spun out of control. But thank God we have the likes of Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. Brave!

Monitoring inside threats a full job… !

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘FL Gov Ron DeSantis on Number 2 Threat to United States’…

The three top threats to the United States are: (1) The corrupt United States Intelligence Community, (2) Big Tech ideological manipulation of information, and (3) corporate U.S. media as a propaganda tool; in that order. There are other big issues, but those three create the ripple effect that is destroying our Constitutional Republic.

In this interview Florida Governor Ron DeSantis discusses a variety of current events, issues of importance and his positions. However, the primary focus of the interview is the #2 threat from Big Tech and what DeSantis is doing in Florida to confront the dangers of ideological manipulation, censorship and deplatforming.

The current line of defense against the JoeBama agenda rests on Governors and state legislatures. Florida is a solid example of both the Governor and legislature working together to push-back against the unconstitutional fiats of a federal government that is out of control.

The population of Florida is exploding as blue state policies create a hostile environment for freedom and liberty. However, there is a concern that blue locusts will arrive with their screwy ideology and try to make deep-red Florida turn purple again.

Full link below with video…

Monitoring inside threats a full job…

Full disclosure from yours truly, who lived in Florida from 1980-83 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then of course, Florida in those intervening years has become the home of retirees escaping high taxes and cold weather. I suspect now it is being filled with more people akin to refugees; fleeing blue states and blue cities because of lockdowns and crime. DeSantis said the overwhelming majority that are coming in are registering “R”. Florida very well could become the focal point one day for the Battle between Freedom and Totalitarianism.

But in the meantime protection of the State becomes critical mass. As it demonstrates more and more success with the energy of DeSantis and now the residence of President Trump, it won’t be too much longer that the 3 most dangerous entities in America will look to destroy it. One can almost see it now – cast your mind back to the anti-American events in Minneapolis last summer as a method. When free people (Florida) are cornered with nowhere left to run to, they will fight back, and in the streets if they have to.

Then watch for the trundling Feds to come in and attempt to control jurisdiction, demanding that governors like DeSantis turn over anyone who protects themselves or fights back. And so it begins… Monitoring inside threats a full job…!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump and Gov Ron DeSantis – MAGA! KAG!