Militant Islam : The Scourge Of The Planet

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

While there are so-called “moderate” Muslims as individuals who declare they want to live a normal peaceful life, militant Islam flows naturally from Islam, and thus the descriptive “moderate” disappears. Islam has expanded by the sword, has ALWAYS expanded by the sword, and was defeated at Tours (Poitiers) in 732 AD by Charles Martel and his army; at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571 by forces from Spain, Venice, Genoa, Tuscany, Knights of Malta and others; and at Vienna in 1683 by the Poles and Austrians. Bloodshed, rape, mayhem and slavery has been the mainstay of Islam since Muhammad chose the moon god of Mecca as his masthead, and began his demonic rampage on the innocents of the world.

The aim of militant Islam from the very beginning has been to dominate, not tolerate, other religions and beliefs. In countries where Shari’ah has a stranglehold, there is no separation of church and state, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, nor any other freedoms which we take for granted in the West. Just follow the daily headlines, or interactive investigative blogs, where you will have more information than you can process, describing Islamic Muslims killing Christians and others with whom they disagree wherever and whenever they can in Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe and now increasingly, in North and South America; abducting girls, beheading journalists, stoning women, harassing Jews in France, forcing their ways onto and into school boards, city governments, state and federal political positions, from where they can then begin to infiltrate the very highest levels of authority. Quite simply, there are NO “peaceful Islamic Muslims;” only militant Islam.

Militancy and submission is the nature of Islam itself, and our politicians, pressured by scores of carpetbagger-lobbyist-Islamic groups like C.A.I.R, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, American Muslim Council, Arab-American Institute, Islamic Information Center, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Muslim American Society, and others, try to mollify it by calling it the “religion of peace.” History does not support calling it the religion of peace, unless of course, we use the spelling “piece”. All the disgusting practices – marrying girls at age 9, cutting off the hands of thieves, stoning women to death, family “honor killings” – all this comes from the Qur’an and Muhammad. Islam has not been “hijacked” by militants – it has been militant since the very beginning, but it is now being revealed as the cultish, warring, demonic, freedom-hating ideology that it has always been – militant Islam.

Qualifiers of the term “Islam” – such as “extremist,” “fundamentalist,” “radical,” – or for that matter – “moderate” – are politically-correct inventions of we in the West, found nowhere within Islam itself. Muslims do not speak of their beliefs in this manner. Indeed, some public figures within the Muslim world have confirmed this fact, especially Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, who said of the terms “moderate Islam”:

˜These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

The so-called “extremists” or “Islamists” are actually quite representative of orthodox, mainstream Islam. The jihadists who wage war against the infidels are doing no more than the Qur’an commands them to do. The “moderates,” (to the extent that they exist) are perhaps Muslims who do not regularly practice the five pillars of Islam, or who are lax in their habits and duties as Muslims and members of the Ummah. Some are apostates. There can be no hope for the West to save itself if we – meaning its people – refuse to face the truth of who and what our adversaries are, what they stand for – or of the nature of Islam itself; militant Islam.

Over the last quarter of a century or so, there has been a coordinated and well-funded effort by those on the left and their allies in the Muslim world to discredit, smear or intimidate into silence, those who would speak the truth about Islam, insisting that critics must use politically-approved language or risk censure, a lawsuit, the loss of a job, or perhaps even one’s own freedom, safety, or life. These efforts are arching to fruition in places like my native Great Britain, where as I reported just a couple of weeks ago, political-advocate Paul Weston was recently arrested for incorporating a passage from Winston Churchill’s “The River War,” into his remarks at a speaking event – a passage from the very same British Patriot who brought Britain through the horrors of Hitler, Mussolini, and the abominations of the extermination camps, yet deemed by the authorities to be hateful and discriminatory of Muslims; even with the evidence that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, one Haj Amin al-Husseini was in cahoots with Hitler all the way up to his neck to solve the “Jewish problem;” militant Islam.

We would best be served by using our freedom of speech while we still have it, don’t you think – rather than self-censoring in the name of P.C.? A spade is generally referred-to as a “spade” and Islam needs to be referred-to as militant Islam : the scourge of the planet.

Now on to William A. Levinson and his thought-provoking piece from American Thinker…

William A. Levinson...

William A. Levinson…

Most bullies run like rats when you confront them head-on, and this includes the purveyors of the toxic ideology they (not I) call Islam — at least in a civilized country where they cannot run to compliant and/or corrupt jurists who will enforce a speech code. The agenda of using Islam as a cover for a war against human rights, and Civilization itself, stops here, and it stops now.

General Patton said, “It is difficult to make our fine American youth understand that the enemy wants to kill him … I use the language of soldiers who are ready to kill.” It is similarly difficult to make Euro-Americans understand that certain people who call themselves Muslims want to kill our civilization, our society and our way of life. The power to name a thing is the power to control or destroy it and, if we are afraid to so much as name the enemy, we are helpless against him.

Militant Islam is the enemy, plain and simple. An Islamist may claim to be a Muslim, wear Islamic clothing, and engage in Islamic rituals, but he is as inferior to a Muslim as an ape is to a human. Islamists are to Islam what Nazis were to Germany; practitioners of a despicable and subhuman behavioral choice that is as much a menace to decent Muslims as Nazism was to decent Germans. Most victims of senseless Islamist violence are, despite spectacular examples like 9/11 to the contrary, Muslims.

Before anybody invokes Godwin’s Law, consider this video from Hamas. It talks openly about annihilation of Jews, and Islamic domination of the entire world. The last ideology to promote extermination of Jews along with world domination came with a swastika, and it meant every word it said.


One thought on “Militant Islam : The Scourge Of The Planet

    Muslim leaders and preachers proclaim the evil and fanatical ideology of Islam, which forms the core belief of muslim identity. They revile and preach hatred of Christians, Jews and non believers who are called Kuffar or Kafir. Islam is an extremely dangerous, extremely violent, misogynist, barbaric, medieval, death cult conceptualised in the Koran which states: “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” and “Maim and crucify the infidels”, just two of the many violent verses in the Koran. Muslims reject and disdain western values of freedom and democracy, but cunningly use all the powers of democratic legitimacy to subvert western secular society to further their aim of establishing a Muslim Caliphate(State). They aggressively demand: The construction of more mosques, the oppression and subjugation of women and the absurdity of covering women by the hijab(head cover), niqab (veil) or total cover from head to foot of the burka. The burka symbolises fear, suspicion and social exclusion and is a barrier to normal social discourse. The face and body are completely covered with only a cotton mesh gap or small opening for the eyes, the wearer cannot be identified which poses a threat to security in public places. Most wearers of this ridiculous garb are functionally illiterate, unemployable, brainwashed by islam and mentally deranged; welcome to the reality of muslim Britain! Life for muslim women is a dystopian nightmare and they are systematically brainwashed into forced, arranged and polygamous marriages, sexual abuse is commonplace including marriages of children and minors, girls suffer cruel bestial and utterly barbaric fgm-female genital mutilation, punishable by up to 14 years in prison under English Law, but few cases are brought before the courts. Farm animals are cruelly butchered without pre stunning in the sickening carnage that is halal slaughter. Muslims advocate criminal justice sanctioning punishments of horrifying medieval savagery, including public beheading, crucifixion, stoning to death, hanging, amputation, muslims who convert to Christianity are sentenced to death. The consumption of alcohol is forbidden and punished by flogging and imprisonment or death , although currently unenforcable in Britain. The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that Christians are being deliberately attacked because of their faith in parts of the muslim world and even martyred for their faith in large numbers. An affront to the civilized world, ‘Islamic State’ and its terrorist army are killing and torturing with merciless savagery across the world in the Middle East, North Africa, the Far East, the U.S.A. and Europe. Millions of muslims live in Britain and many of them support ‘jihad’ i.e. mass murder and bloody atrocities committed by their activists who call themselves ‘soldiers of allah’. Let nobody be under any illusion spread by the preachers and propagandists that islam is ‘a religion of peace’, because anyone who dares to speak out against muslims risks being murdered and butchered by their killers. British soldiers are frequently subjected to death threats. On Wednesday 22 May 2013, a day of infamy, the full force of muslim savagery found its target and willing perpetrators , two ‘soldiers of allah’ committed the brutal bloody murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.There are currently an estimated 14,000 muslims in UK prisons at an annual cost of over £750 million, most of them are extremely dangerous. Under the lax and lenient British Criminal Justice System many of them could be released early, free to carry out terrorist attacks to murder and maim potentially thousands of people. The British Government has failed its primary duty to maintain the security and protection of citizens and is complicit in the islamification of the country e.g.failing to stop exclusively muslim schools segregating and brainwashing children and illegal sharia law councils, persisting in the deluded belief, wasting public money in the process, that these savages and their rapacious, evil, barbaric ideology can be integrated into mainstream society. Instead, the Government instructs the courts to apply unjust and draconian laws on racism and hate crime to incarcerate and silence people with prison sentences for manifesting their anger and revulsion against muslim rapists, child grooming gangs, female genital mutilation and the horrific cruelty of halal slaughter. Whole areas in a growing number of towns and cities are now mainly muslim in character and are becoming mini caliphates with sharia law councils, mosques,minarets and halal abbatoirs. Many people move away, alienated by the islamification of their neighbourhoods, they have to suppress their rage, barely recognizing the country they grew up in, turned into a lawless, violent, rotten, repressive, squalid, nasty, globalized, multicultural wasteland. Islamic ideology is fundamentally opposed to the collective conscience of the majority of British people and sets muslims in direct conflict with the values of Western Civilization. Higher muslim birth rates will produce a majority muslim population in numerous areas of the the North of England and the Midlands where they proliferate by the year 2038. Europe as a whole is facing a demographic time-bomb and is confronted by majority muslim populations outnumbering indigenous European Christians. Before the end of the century a huge increase in the muslim population could see England transformed into a muslim country subservient to a caliphate in league with The Antichrist to wreak havoc and the destruction of Christianity. The supreme symbol of muslim dominance will be the conversion of Canterbury Cathedral into a mosque, destroying over one thousand four hundred years of Christian Civilization and History. Muslim leaders will be exultant to repeat the historic precedent of 1453, when the leader of the Ottoman Turks, Sultan Memhed ll ordered the Hagia Sophia, the main church of Orthodox Christianity to be converted into a mosque, symbolising the muslim conquest of Constantinople. Christian worshipers were slaughtered without mercy or sold into slavery and the building was desecrated and looted.By the year 2038, muslims will dominate Britain through sheer force of numbers, the direct result of muslim immigration and generous state welfare & child benefits. Ideal conditions for muslims to procreate and supplant the indigenous British population and take over the country,having already infiltrated the Great Offices of State,the Civil Service,the Armed Forces, the Police, the Judiciary,the B.B.C., regional and local authorities, public services, education,the press, media and broadcasting channels all of them suffused with malicious political correctness and the big lie of multiculturalism acceding to ever increasing muslim/ islamic demands. Anyone who opined to members gathered in the bar of a Surrey golf club at the end of the twentieth century that their way of life and culture could be replaced by islam within thirty to forty years would be rebuked for talking nonsense, not anymore. The inveterate moral cowardice of the British political class and the spineless left wing liberal governing élite for failing to STOP mass muslim immigration is a betrayal of the British People and will bring this country to breaking point. Britain will be faced with the most serious crisis in its entire history and the stark choice of either fighting to remain a predominantly Christian Social Democracy, with nothing less than national survival at stake, or surrender to a Theocratic Muslim Dictatorship/Caliphate and descent into a satanic dark age of barbarism, terror and chaos. The battle for the defence of Christian Civilization against this malignant, repugnant, barbaric, evil creed will continue a conflict which has lasted for centuries, except this time THE ENEMY IS WITHIN.”The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and Women) to do nothing”, Edmund Burke 18th century statesman, author and philosopher.
    footnote: Canterbury Cathedral is under armed guard while more mosques are planned for construction.
    HfS Communications 15 June 2018

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