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Witnessing the events of the past couple of months beginning with the salacious attempt from the left to demean the character and reputation of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh (love describing him that way) one would be hard-pressed to express any hope at all for our Constitutional Republic. The DemoMarxist Cabal certainly seems to have the judges, the media and the entire Deep State swamp on their team, while We the People would be deemed to have precious few.

Facing the fact up front as evidenced by their ‘do nothing’ approach, the RINO GOPe has revealed its own level of corruption around any meaningful issue We the People seem to care about. As if the Kavanaugh debacle weren’t enough, just this morning for instance, a Trump-appointed judge ruled in favor of Jim Acosta and the childish contretemps` he engineered by his outrageous and unbecoming behavior during last week’s presser in the White House.

Go figure that one out if you dare!

SC Justice Brett Kavanaugh and family with President Trump at the White House

Then we have the latest Florida voting fiasco which shouldn’t surprise any one of us. As I mentioned in one of my posts last week I was resident in both Palm Beach and Broward counties during the early to mid 1980s and I can attest to it even then being corrupt to the core, at every level of every small town. I experienced it first hand.

Last time I checked, the United States is still a Constitutional Republic, but when the President, under the ‘order’ of a federal judge doesn’t have a right to determine in his own environment who gets access to the White House newsroom or not, just where is the separation of powers inherent in that Constitution? Have they gone missing?

Bruce Thornton and the opener to his sharp essay ‘Democracy Dies in Trivia’ in today’s FrontPageMag…

“Democracy Dies in Darkness” is the motto of the post-Trump Washington Post. This pompous and self-congratulatory bit of virtue-signaling is meant to proclaim the essential function the media play in protecting the political order against the supposed threat of tyranny embodied in Donald Trump. The hypocrisy of a media that wear its progressive ideology on its sleeve, and that blatantly skew their coverage of the president at a 90% negative clip, has exposed the motto as mere marketing to the leftist choir.

The truth is, “darkness” is not a problem in the klieg-lit media carnival of 24/7, 365-day on-line commentary, blogs, videos, tweets, cable-news talking heads, and Facebook posts. The problem is the trivial, often childish, usually stupid content of our Madisonian “passions” that we indulge, even as our political dysfunctions relentlessly worsen.

That politics is a form of entertainment has long been obvious since Time-Life Inc. fabricated and marketed the Kennedy clan as a celebrity “Camelot.” Each subsequent decade has seen the worsening of the process whereby images and narratives appealing to the emotions or pleasure have increasingly crowded out verifiable facts and coherent arguments.

Gratifying our feelings rather than our reason was most obvious in the rise of Barack Obama. “The One” succeeded in becoming the most powerful leader on the planet despite being a political tyro with a poorly attended single term in the Senate, a negligently vetted candidate with a Swiss-cheese personal biography and a stable of unsavory associates like “free as a bird” terrorist Bill Ayers and “God-damn America” racist Jeremiah Wright, and a zombie leftist of the sort produced for decades by our decaying universities.

And Obama did so not just because of the duplicitous rhetoric of “unity” and “moderation” typical of all candidates, but because of the racial melodrama of white guilt and redemption promised by his light skin, lack of a “negro accent,” as Joe Biden put it, and photogenic smile and family the media made as ubiquitous as McDonalds.

That’s all it took for the worst president since World War II to get elected twice.

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Voter fraud in Florida … check those hanging chads yet again …

‘Ambition must be made to counteract ambition,’ wrote James Madison in Federalist Paper #51. The Founders were suspect of government of course, having seen up close and personal the antics of George III. And so when they mulled ideas about how to form the American government, they strove to make power disparate, strewn across the branches.

As Thornton writes in his closer: ‘This Constitutional principle has become our default impulse to prune back either party’s power when it appears to become overweening. Perhaps it also expresses some voters’ impatience with the House Republicans’ failure to advance campaign goals like beefing up border security and reforming failed immigration policies, or finally putting a stake in the heart of Obamacare. But it also shows that emotion, sentiment, melodrama, and disgust with the president’s style contributed to election day decisions.’ [end]

As the old saying goes: First generation plants it; second generation grows it; the third consumes it; and the fourth goes hungry. Sooner or later the inheritance will be depleted, and when it goes the next generation will go hungry.

God forbid that today’s citizens are living on the inheritance of a second generation of Americans, and by default become fat, lazy and stupid.

Which could well usher in the end of the Constitutional Republic of the United States, as we know it.

Talking about which, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!