Manchester attack & tears a’plenty..

Go ahead, make my…

Since it looks like the Manchester attack will be the dominant topic for the week, particularly-so within the United States, here are a few more journalistic commentaries on the insanity of doing nothing. Let us begin with:

The insanity of the smug, sanctimonious elitist jerks in the mainstream press, academics, and government, is summed up in “Careful, you may just p**s them off and then they will really get violent and attack.” We are already on the receiving end of a unilateral undeclared war directed at innocents and noncombatants. The only way to fight a war successfully is to take it to the enemy, defeat them substantially, and beat out of them any desire to continue the war.

After all, isn’t that the dictum that is hammered into every combatant in sports parlance from football, rugby, boxing, cricket, American toss-ball, ice hockey, basketball and (what am I forgetting?) – O yes, baseball, which is more a case of lulling the enemy to sleep.

A commenter on one of my Facebook posts expressed it this way:  “As in Manchester, I am mindful of the Local, State and Federal leaders in the Commonwealth of Virginia who not only FULLY support the settlement of Middle Eastern folks in our midst but work to water down the laws and Executive Orders coming out of the White House to make sure that these folks are fully vetted.”

“They also have worked overtime to do away with laws that are meant to protect us from the vermin that have been let into our country who only want to attack and do harm to the men, women and children of the United States. I blame the likes of Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, Terry McCauliffe, the Mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser, and the many Democratic Congresswomen and men of the Commonwealth who vote to make us less safe. These are the true vermin of the Commonwealth.”[end]

As Ilana Mercer puts it in today’s American Thinker:

“ISIS” did not attack in Manchester; a second-generation Muslim, son of immigrants, did.

The Islamic State may have inspired 22-year-old Salman Abedi, but ISIS in the Middle East did not murder 22 youngsters and injure dozens at a pop-tart performance.

ISIS, no doubt, is pleased Salman Abedi has killed in Manchester. The outfit is eager to continue providing inspiration, even training, to his kind. But the ephemeral ISIS did not send Abedi and his ilk to kill Britons.

The Abedis, who fly the Libyan flag outside the family home, were invited into England. Policy makers and power brokers in the West have invited Muslim immigrants to live among us in the belief that, underneath the burqa, the abaya and full-body swaddle they were just like us.

Londonistan .. Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist with blood on his hands – Lee Rigby’s assassins…

Almost all these Muslim killers are legitimate immigrants. Before the Manchester murderer came Knifeman Khalid Masood, on Westminster Bridge (March, 2017). There were the immigrants who carved up Drummer Lee Rigby, in Woolwich, and the Muslim who gutted an American woman in central London, both in 2013. It’s hard to keep up.

This is how citizenship in the West has been rubbished. Not by ISIS, but by your representatives: State officials who regard all of us impersonally and imperiously. The same overlords squint at the great unwashed of England or Middle America from behind their parapets in Whitehall and Washington. The same sorts despise us all for wanting neighborhoods that are safe, maybe even a tad monocultural. While the Muslims who strike at our families live among us, they’re not of us.

Look, language mediates behavior. To properly respond to the vipers that elect to kill Americans, Europeans and Englishmen, we need to closely describe them.

To be vested in linguistic accuracy is to be vested in the truth. The closer language cleaves to reality, the greater the likelihood that correct, and corrective, action will follow.

Certainly the term of choice must reflect not ideology, right or left, but reality. For if we don’t describe exactly who’s killing us; we’ll be unable to eject them from our midst.

The “dormant murderers” sit in our halls of government every day, lording it over us, and we allow it. Democrats brought the third world savages here under the cover that they were refugees from tyranny, war, and poverty. Democrats put us under Obamacare in an attempt to take over a huge portion of our economy. Both of these moves have cost the lives of many and cost us hundreds of billions of dollars which continues to be the case.

And Republicans are not blameless either, as I read today of Mitch McConnell belying the fact that he doubts he can get the 50 votes required for Obamacare repeal, one of the most important parts of the Trump Doctrine!

Then there’s that line up there in the body of the copy from Ilana Mercer – “State officials who regard all of us impersonally and imperiously.”

It’s worse than that if you are a free-thinking originalist who longs for a restoration of limited government and the Founders concept of federalism. People like us need to be eliminated by any means necessary. This importation of barbaric Muslims is a long term gamble to marginalize us and maybe even to murder us who won’t subject ourselves to the ruling class designs.

Well, let’s see what a true soldier of freedom believes ought to be done…


Yes the politicians are those who are importing these people but at the same time, it’s disheartening that there are so many people who go along with it. The constant cry of “why would the terrorist do such a thing because he was born there?” – Really? Well if I’m born on a farm, it doesn’t make me a cow. The level of ignorance exists on both sides of the Atlantic, so this isn’t just about the Brits.

The Charlie Hebdo attack a symptom of French Muslim appeasement…

How does anyone make excuses for these evil creatures when innocent people, men, women and children are constantly being massacred while innocently going about their daily lives. Here we all stand witnessing Western Civilization becoming so weak that we won’t even fight for our own survival. If the best we can muster after our kids are blown up is lighting a candle, then we’re done and dusted.

Meanwhile after every Manchester and Orlando and Nice and Woolwich and San Francisco and Boston Marathon and Charlie Hebdo and countless other places of mass Islamic barbarism, the political elite class shed their crocodile tears in front of the cameras, then go back to their heavily-guarded walled estates to dip their brandy (with their pinkies extended in their effeminate manner) and pat themselves on the back on the progress they’re making.

We need to be ever mindful that these creatures from Satan wish to destroy those who do not share their Evil beliefs and they should be removed from this world by whatever means necessary. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.