Coup control and Republican target

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In his latest masterpiece of expository journalism, Daniel Greenfield reveals the stark truth of an ever-deceiving DemoMarxist Party Coup which is hell-bent on the destruction of the greatest experiment of self-governance in the history of the planet.

Unless We The People force the Republican side of the aisle (yes folks, the party that currently owns the White House, the People’s House, and the People’s Senate) to get solidly behind President Trump – yes, the PRESIDENT – those soaring Republican Gettysburg tenets of “government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth” will have gone disarmingly the way of the dinosaurs and in as short a time as a spitball hits its target. In this case, the attempted coup of the Left.

Greenfield, writing in FrontPageMagazine makes it painfully clear that we are at that critical stage where action is essential. No more preening for reelection or deluding oneself into thinking that there is always more time to squander. He’s absolutely right. We are nearly out of time and we don’t want any more narcissists pretending to lead.

If the Republicans fail to exercise power in ways that rip power from the Left, like prosecuting them to the full extent of the noose, we need to get into the streets and target the slackers, cowards, and traitors. They have had it way too easy for way too long, and it’s about time to bring back the Tea Party with a vengeance, if for no other reason than to prevent the Leftist coup.

Vintage Daniel Greenfield as in this opener:

Daniel Greenfield…

The only one real Trump scandal is the refusal of the left to recognize his victory.

It is okay to be bitter, angry and frustrated about losing an election. It’s not illegal to begin planning how to win the next election. But it is illegal for public officials to refuse to accept the results of that election.

It’s illegal for them to take part in a conspiracy to reverse the election by forcing the President of the United States to leave office. That’s not opposition. It’s not protest. It’s a coup.

The Democrats have lost the White House and Congress. They’ve lost statewide offices across the country. Democracy has rejected the Democrats and they in turn have rejected democracy.

Every Democrat attack on President Trump comes down to their rejection of a democratic election. Their attempts to tie Trump to Russia are about invalidating the election. Their accusations are not motivated by concern for national security, but invalidating an election. All the noise about Comey, Flynn, memos and special prosecutors is an organized effort to overturn the results of a legal election.

It’s that simple.

The attempted overthrow of our government takes precedence over every other scandal. It is a grave threat that must be confronted and defeated. No scandal, certainly none put forward by those plotting to overthrow our government, can take precedence over the struggle against the leftist coup.

Any such scandal can be addressed only when the coup by the leftist “Resistance” is defeated. Any Democrat who wants to discuss any scandals must first disavow the “Resistance” against an elected government. If he refuses, the scandal of his participation in a plot against democracy takes precedence.

All Americans must rally together to resist the coup. And the first step is exposing the agendas and ignoring the scandals manufactured by the coup plotters as a pretext for seizing power.

Further into the article, he writes: “The new patriots suddenly concerned about national security smuggled billions to terrorists, passed classified information to Russia and let China shuffle through our biggest military secrets. The defenders of the law unexpectedly concerned about the rule of law violated every law they could find. The born again supporters of law enforcement gleefully lynched cops in every city. Give them a chance and they’ll do even worse.”[end]

Exactly. This is the unadorned, stark truth. If we allow the Left and the foul, lying media to legislate via political theater and dictate from kangaroo courts, we may as well not bother to vote because the Left has relegated voting to the same status as polling. Our future elections will be nothing more than a fleeting popularity contest.

William A. Casey .. some truths seem to last forever … A coup in the form of disinformation .. sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Those who consider themselves Republicans had better wake up to the truth that Trump’s victory was not a vote of confidence in them. Their victories in state elections were less a vote for them than a vote against the Left. In other words, it was a vote for survival.

As a result of the Left becoming so radical, Republicans are considered by most people to be the only choice. But if they continue to join the fishing expeditions, start investigations that serve only sedition, and refuse to fight the Left, the resistance to the Left’s resistance will be demoralized and split, which will undoubtedly put the Left back into power. And be assured that they won’t ever allow power to be wrestled from their rapacious, bloody fingers again, and the country will dissolve into chaos.

Daniel’s red flag warnings are those of a prophet. We had better heed them and do everything we can to maintain unity and support for Trump, if for no other reason that the alternative is a nightmare just waiting to happen.

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