The Lie Or Not The Lie? THAT Is The Question…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Glenn Fairman, regular contributor to American Thinker and one of the few “prickers of conscience” that I am aware of, brings up the subject that is so, so familiar these days in a society that has more than lost its biblical, moral, and societal moorings. In a nutshell, the topic at hand is “to prevaricate or not prevaricate?” To deceive or not to deceive? The lie or not the lie?

In my observation since taking on the political scene in a more observational manner than was my wont while running around a soccer field, or being entrepreneurially-engaged, or ministering to those less fortunate souls living under Dallas overpass bridges, or putting busy digital-fingers to work on a computer keyboard to ensure editorial deadlines, I have come to the conclusion that in American politics (and maybe politics around the world, who knows?) people who love Truth naturally gravitate towards the Conservative slash small “r” republican slash Tea Party, while those who love lies are drawn to the Democrats; not a scientific conclusion, but more a serial observation of some 25 years passage.

Slowly but steadily, America is degenerating into a more godless culture, so it stands to reason that the Democrats – whether by hook or by crook – are the wave of the future; by way of the lie, or not the lie? The current Democrat Party, by and large, is socialism based on force, prevarication, lies and deception. Since force is better administered in words than blatantly aggressive deeds, it is the Party of Lies. Anyone witnessing the pressers and other podium-appearances of this current administration not seeing this, is simply being delusional. From the top down, the lie or not the lie is the rule, not the exception.

The Democrats are also the Party of the Collective. Individualism is chided and when the party lines are all lies, it is a party for either the very stupid and/or for serial liars; and the GOP Establishment is no better, which is why they hate we conservatives so much (ie the conservative movement being the party of Truth!) – Liars of whatever stripe cannot stand the light of day. The lie or not the lie?

TEA Party Patriots all across the fruited plain, particularly those I have met, are almost always Bible-believing people. It is rare that any gathering does not start with a Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Methinks that this is wisdom as it is anathema to the left and would be like showing Dracula the Cross. Democrats are insane. That is the starting point. The Democrat world is a world of words, not a real physical universe. They have compartmentalized each part of their lives so that lies seem true within that compartment. The ability to do this, while denying doing it, is what drives them insane.

People who seek the truth, seek universal truths that apply to the real world. One cannot be a Democrat and do that. Two prime examples over the past few years would be the former presser for Obama, Robert Gibbs, and his successor, Barney Carney Circus Clown, both serial, serial liars as the mouthspeak of the lying president.  A man of lies can do great damage but it takes those who are willing to believe the lies to give him that power. In the end truth will win out and God will have justice on those who lie but we must stand up for the truth and fight the battle against those who would tell us sweet lies. The lie or not the lie?

Which gives us a good segue` into Glenn Fairman’s thoughts …

Glenn Fairman..

Glenn Fairman..

There is no question that the sin of bearing false witness, either during a trial or as a tawdry means to blacken the good name of another for personal gain, is reprehensible and counter to the harmony of the City of God. The fact that this injustice is recognized as a grave affront to God carries with it an even more serious condemnation than mere criminal perjury, since what is false in man’s public square may be hidden, but what reverberates before the all-seeing court of The Most High is of an entirely different character. Indeed, the very subversion or corruption achieved by speaking or affirming “the thing which is not” — either through commission or omission, reveals that naked depravity infecting our nature and our malignant propensity for self interest over what is good and just. Yet despite the gravity of this offense, if the frontiers of the 9th commandment stopped here, we might still escape much of its judgments relatively unscathed.

But like all God’s legislation that scours the recesses of the heart, we are not to be let off so easily. In its most expansive interpretation, the commandment binds our tongues to uttering the truth in all matters. As it is against His nature for God to lie, we who would be like Him and dwell within the light of his countenance must also affect a similar probity. And while holding our tongues hostage to an unwavering sincerity in our human dealings is perhaps more natural for some than for others, the proof of our redemption or damnation is ultimately evidenced in the familiar ease in which we speak true or weave that which is false.

If it is held that our God is the Father of Light in whom no shadow abides, then conversely, our great adversary is the Father of Lies and has been so from the very beginning. Given this, I should speculate that most of us, due to a natural propensity for self-preservation and a native capacity for self-deception, pain avoidance, or a driving need to be deemed worthy in the eyes of others, wander in that grey continuum between uttering crystalline truth and delivering the bold faced lie with abandon.



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