Liberal attacks don’t ‘trump’ Trump

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My current political theory … Liberal attacks don’t ‘trump’ Trump! President Donald J. Trump is our current once-in-a-lifetime president, having (so far) kept his promises which makes him unusual – other than the fact, of course, when John McStain and his Cabal of RINOs stabbed him in the back by dramatically ‘thumbing-down’ the Wall and Obamacare – but it was NOT for lack of trying. Additionally, he has rolled back regulations and cut thousands of government jobs, actions of which have seemingly never been done before.

His current list of accomplishments is impressive and getting longer day by day, and week by week, while the platitudes continually showered on Osama Obama for eight long, damaging years from the liberal Big Deep State Fake News media, actually apply more to Trump than anyone.

In office 29 years, 12 as Dem Leader, Pelosi last year had a net worth of $196,299,990 on a current salary of $193,400 .. the look on her face indicates it’s not enough…

As we’ve discussed many times before in these posts, the GOPe, like the DemoMarxist Party, runs on graft and griffting. It’s not even duel fuel; there’s simply no ideology in the tank. The figures for net worth to salary for all those Uniparty career politicos who have never had a day job in their lives bear witness to that, and one can only hope that term limits might actually roll into town one of these fine years. Check out the corrupt Pelosi for one, but you can bet there’s ‘dirt’ on every single one of them.

Let us never forget that President Trump works for nothing, driving the liberal leftist loons crazy in the process. Matter of fact, he is losing money, coupled with being the rarest thing in Sewer Swamp D.C. – a man of conviction. From the evidence on display, he is not the new boss, just a one man revolution cleaning out the rotten government sewage of the United States.

The liberal mind will never understand Trump, and getting in his way won’t stop him. If anything, it makes him more determined to go forth and MAGA. Consider that in the 481 days (today) that Trump has been President, he has accomplished more for the good of the world and the United States than any other president in the last 50+ years. Which takes it back to 1968 and Richard Nixon defeating Hubert Humphrey. Talk about two ‘establishment’ candidates – more like ‘Mutt and Jeff’ to me!

Rick Hayes and his piece in American Thinker – ‘Liberal mind can’t break a tough and focused Trump’ …

President Trump is currently on a roll, fulfilling one campaign promise after another, turning the economy around and making significant advances on the international stage regarding North Korea, Israel, and Iran. But you would never know it if you followed only the mainstream media.

While Trump was busy bringing down the unemployment rate to record lows, CNN was focusing on the credibility of a prostitute who allegedly accepted hush money so she wouldn’t speak to the media. As Trump prepared to enter a meeting with North Korea after the successful release of three hostages, CNN was busy covering Mueller’s never-ending, unethical, and disgraceful investigation into “Russian collusion.” The fake news coverage on Trump has become so outrageously biased that entire news segments are sometimes dedicated not to anything Trump actually did, but to hypotheticals. Pure baseless speculation is allowed to pass as news on the part of the corrupt media, where nothing is too outrageous or out of bounds if intended to hurt Trump.

Think of the immense amount of time and financial resources that went into investigating Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, and Hillary’s private server. Understand that these blatantly illegal and unconstitutional crimes cost the lives of at least five Americans, including a United States ambassador and a U.S. Border Patrol agent. They stole the constitutional rights of many United States citizens, put millions of military personnel at risk, and forever tarnished the reputation of the Department of Justice and the FBI, and not a single person was held accountable for any of it.

Investigations with no clear outcome or conclusions are like watching a magic show with no magic – just anticipation and a lot of wand-waving, but no rabbit ever comes out of the hat. On the other hand, Trump is under what appears to be a permanent Russian collusion investigation and faces the threat of impeachment despite the progress he has made.

The constant and unparalleled barrage of negative press coordinated against Trump has its foundation deep under the muck and slime of the swamp, which comprises elected criminals in a cartel known as Congress and buttressed by an out-of-control, venom-spewing media. In 2015, the most recent year for which the digital news outlet Quartz could access the information, the median worth of a member of the U.S. Congress was $1.1 million. That is more than 12 times greater than the net wealth of the median U.S. household. The median net worth of a senator was $3.2 million, versus $900,000 for members of the House of Representatives.

Obviously, this wealth was not amassed through the interest gained on a savings account, and so the illicit dealings within the swamp going on for decades are lucrative and will not cease on their own.

And yet, even with the formidable domestic forces of evil coming at him from every conceivable angle, Trump has continued to stay focused on the needs of the country.

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As Rick Hayes closes out his last two paragraphs: “And yet, even with the formidable domestic forces of evil coming at him from every conceivable angle, Trump has continued to stay focused on the needs of the country. Part of Trump’s successful arsenal resides in his willingness to speak directly to the American people regarding his candid assessment of motivations, hypocrisy, and the nature of what is coming at him.”

“If conservative members of Congress had just half of the willpower and single-mindedness that Trump has displayed as he walks through the minefield of American politics, many of the problems facing this country could be fairly quickly solved.”[end]

And my usual sign off: For the umpteenth time, America has forever been full of the ‘enemies within’ and the current generation is seemingly no different. But as I constantly trumpet (pun intended) our nationalism, populism, and a new courageous president is all that stands in the way of these continuing threats from the liberal Leftist DemoMarxist machine. A real threat that we ignore at our peril.

Thank GOD for President Donald J. Trump for being so insightful, intuitive, and proactive – MAGA!



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