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Never in the history of the Constitutional Republic of the United States have we ever witnessed anything like the Abedin Clinton email mess and the level of corruption within which it has been entwined since June 2015 when Donald J. Trump announced his intention to run for office. In actual fact, the word ‘corruption’ may not even fit the crime! What we’ve seen thus far is the failed coup attempt against the Trump Administration and We the American people.

The Abedin Clinton email mess was just one of the pillars of that corruption.

First it was the plot to prevent Trump from ever being elected. Second, the plan metastasized into a full-blown mission to ensure he wouldn’t serve as President. Third, the mission morphed into orchestrating the failure of his presidency – And all while he energetically went about (still going strong) re-constructing what presidential leadership is all about.

Abedin Clinton women with sexual-predator “husbands” .. Dangerous to United States…


Treason and sedition immediately come to mind, albeit there is a shaded difference between the two, but under 18 U.S. Code § 2385 –  “Advocating overthrow of Government. Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.”

Which is all by way of pulling in ‘sundance’ and his latest update in Conservative Treehouse – The Last Refuge on the ‘Huma Abedin Laptop Emails and The Non-Investigated Issues Therein’ …

The Department of Justice Inspector General will soon release a report on the government’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information. It’s taken a long time; and with good reason. The scale of the misconduct and criminal activity is staggering.

The video below is the final installment of six segments. This report covers the Clinton and Abedin email that were discovered after the investigation was closed in July 2016. {Go Deep} The emails along with the fact that they were on Anthony Weiner’s laptop was kept secret and not investigated for four weeks (Sept 28th, through Oct 27th) by top officials at the FBI. Who stalled the investigation and why? And what was in those emails. That’s the focus of this segment.

Mmmmm …. Now what does that bring up in my mind? Clinton, Abedin, Rice, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Powers, Rhodes, Mueller … Surveillance, unmasking, dissemination and felony leaks. 2nd special prosecutor … Obama spying on political opposition … police state tactics. 4th Amendment violation …

How about the fact that clearly they’re working in concert with other nations? – Now THERE’S collusion for you! Inside Deep State National Security people, who had input on matters such as Obama’s Iran deal, are up to their necks in the muck. The giveaway is that they nailed Mike Flynn at the first opportunity. They hate (and always have) Flynn’s America First views on foreign policy.

And let us never forget that the Big Fake News Media in and of itself is complicit in all of these crimes. They aided and abetted the ‘Liar in Chief’ every single day while he was in office, and yet have tried smear tactic after smear tactic in their attempt to  destroy President Trump. Hundreds (if not thousands) of them should be arrested and prosecuted with the rest of these traitors!

When the IG report reviewing how the Clinton email investigation was handled comes out, there will likely be a review of Peter Kadzik, the former Main Justice Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs. In congressional testimony Sept. 12th, 2016, Kadzik told Congress he was in charge of the Clinton e-mail probe for the Justice Department.

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The degree of information and exposition of criminality is absolutely mind-boggling. Imagine had Donald Trump not won the presidency and Hillary Clinton and all her peasant predatards had infiltrated the Big Deep State of government seclusion and sedition … Predatards extraordinaire` of the Washington D.C. Sewer Swamp.

For the umpteenth time – America has forever been full of the ‘enemies within’ and the current generation is seemingly no different. But as I constantly trumpet (pun intended) our nationalism, populism, and a new courageous president is all that stands in the way of these continuing threats from the liberal Leftist DemoMarxist machine.

A real threat that we ignore at our peril – Of which the likes of Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Clinton, etal are prime examples.

Thank GOD for President Donald J. Trump for being so insightful, intuitive, and proactive – MAGA!


See also Thomas Lifson American Thinker: What’s Behind FBI-DOJ  stonewall on FBI Spy in Trump Campaign?

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