Left hunkering down to steal it all…

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Thankfully it’s on record that American foreign policy has been poking the Russian Bear ever since around 2008 with the Bucharest Agreement that guaranteed Georgia and Ukraine acceptance into NATO. NATO, Western Europe, and the US knew this was going to be a line in the sand for Russia (having NATO after all, on their doorstep) but they did it to provoke Russia.

Russia re-took Crimea in 2014 to protect its only warm water seaport as a response to the NATO Bucharest threat. Now that Ukraine is threatening to join NATO, Russia again attacks whoever it wants, in order to protect its defensive system of buffer states.

As a result, US foreign policy makers have known all along this was a very real possibility of happening as a consequence of their reckless foreign policy.

The first casualty of War is always the Truth, to which we can append a correction of sorts, in that Joe Brandon and his merry evil minions played a pivotal role in creating this Russian invasion in order to have a crisis. It hides the crimes of the “COVID shamdemic”; along with the disastrous economic fiasco; it hides Joe Brandon and his administrative disaster; it reinforces mass formation psychosis of the American people while allowing Joe Brandon to blame Russia for everything going wrong in America.

Left hunkering down to steal it all

Does anyone else see a pattern developing here? Russia and Trump; Russia and Ukraine; Energy and Russia; Economy and Russia. Mmmmm?

The Joe Brandon administration – aka the OBO#44 outfit – has been fooling around in Ukraine for a long, long time. Americans generally simply don’t know about it. Surely nobody has forgotten “let’s go Brandon” bragging to the Council of Foreign Relations – all by the way, recorded on video – about how he had a Ukrainian investigation of his sex-starved, toke-smoking rapacious son, Hunter, shut down by threatening to pull U.S. loan guarantees?

Or how about Trump innocently phoning Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a Soros-backed guy, asking that any evidence of Joe Brandon corruption be made available to the U.S., which then ended up as a faux impeachment failed attempt from Pelosi and Schiff?

Make no mistake about it, OBO#44 and his minions – hiding out in Hawaii – and Gyorgy Schwarz-Soros have picked up where they left off because of the interruption of a Trump presidency. Blinken, Blinken and Nod are heavily involved in this, too, Michael Savage of all people coming out as he has, that our nation is in the hands of gangsters. No mistake then in Putin being correct, too. He has said over and over that Ukraine is in the hands of the gangsters. Left hunkering down to steal it all. Mmmmm?

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘The Left isn’t Letting the Ukraine Crisis Go to Waste’ …

Biden doesn’t want to stop the invasion. He wants to use it.

The Biden administration is doing everything possible to exploit the Ukraine crisis without doing anything to actually stop it. Its policies are a laundry list of leftist agendas that cynically betray the people fighting and dying on the ground without doing anything to actually halt the invasion.

An unpopular administration has been gifted a crisis by Putin and is seeing to it that it doesn’t go to waste. Biden had been unable to evade the blame for rising gas and food prices, but going forward the skyrocketing price of gas and food, in particular anything with wheat, will be blamed on the Russian invasion. While the invasion will certainly impact energy and food prices, the fundamental force driving the price hikes is still inflation caused by government spending.

Putin’s invasion provides a perfect pretext for allowing the Biden administration and its congressional allies to go on printing money and shutting down the economy with regulatory impositions while blaming the resulting economic crisis on the situation in Ukraine.

That is why Biden doesn’t want to stop Putin. Our intelligence people had all the necessary information on the invasion plans. We knew everything that was going to happen. Had Biden really wanted to deter the invasion, there were multiple options for heading off the war. Instead Biden made it clear that there would be no intervention, just sanctions he knew would not work. [-]

[+] … The Biden administration has managed to actually have war fever without a war. There are Ukrainian flags flying and vodka being poured down the drain without a single American soldier being on the battlefield. And, despite what some on both sides think, it’s going to stay that way.

In a real case of ‘Wag the Dog’, an unpopular old incumbent has managed to have a war in an election year without taking any of the political risks of military involvement. The Russians and the Ukranians do the actual fighting while the Biden administration sits back and exploits it.

Whatever happens, Biden is safe because no American soldiers will be killed in the fighting. He also has a defense against the kitchen table concerns of most Americans. The rising prices which were previously devastating his polling numbers are suddenly no longer his fault. [-]

[+] … The green energy investors who fund the Democrats win and so do America’s enemies.

Biden isn’t trying to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he is trying to stop America’s economy while deftly avoiding the blame for the economic misery resulting from his domestic policies.

The sudden embrace of Ukrainian patriotism isn’t about helping that country, but consolidating unquestioning support behind the leftist agendas that are being carried out in Ukraine’s name.

When the crisis has been fully exploited, the blue and yellow flags will be tossed into the trash, along with the red, white and blue ones, and Biden will shake hands with Putin again.

Especially if both men have managed to get what they really wanted with each other’s help. [end]

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Left hunkering down to steal it all. Dead man walking

“They” just can’t admit that Donald John Trump was on the right track, so they’ll be stubborn and promote “Drive more electric cars. Ride Buses. Ride Bikes”. They’re riding around in gas-powered cars and planes, not even having to pay for the gas. No practicing what they preach and no one brings it up to their face – like Buttigieg as a for instance!

Fact is the world has been using oil blackmail against We the (90 million+) People for decades! We can’t take action against certain groups for fear they’ll shut off the pumps, so these groups continue. So we come full cycle now that the Joe Brandon’s are being blackballed by Putin and China, who laced their pockets with $$$ for basically doing zippo!

Alzheimer-Joe Brandon just said at a presser a little while ago that America is not going to buy any more Russian oil or natural gas. And the idiot bragged that ordinary Russians have rubles worth pennies and Mastercard and Visa have suspended service to them.

And yes, he’s blaming HIS administration’s inflation on Putin. And he’s lying that American oil and gas production is at an all time high. And the New Green Steal is possible and will save us all. Right – and the Moon’s made up of blue and yellow cheese. Left hunkering down to steal it all. Mmmmm?

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump still doing his darnedest to keep America great – MAGA! KAG!