Consequences have consequences…

En Garde in the bunker…

It’s becoming evident now that the fake Conservative/RINO wing of the GOP is positioning itself to appeal to knee-jerk voters who think that the demoMarxocrats are weak on defense. Translation being that they want to bring back the Bush-Era policies with a vengeance.

Here’s a question for all of you Bushmen: Since Bush Sr announced the ‘New World Order’ on 9/11/1990, how have all of these interventions, invasions, bombings, regime changes, embargoes, security tightening, and carving up territories improved life for the average American in the slightest? How about Lockheed Martin doing fantastic? Anyone? 

Or how about Corning, Exxon, and Mobil. Kodak and Polaroid and Wang (stop that snickering!) all of whom fell by the wayside. TRW and Grumman got swallowed up. You can bet they’re reaping opulent dividends on that! The Bush patriarchs were colleagues of the Rockefellers. Charming non-sequiturs all!

Consequences have consequences …

The only Republican who can defeat a Bushee will be Trump. Who does Trump despise more? Is it Bush or China. And who do the Bushees despise. Do you need Liz Cheney to make that clear? They despise Trump. The war that we are fighting is a domestic one. It is “woke” against non “woke”. It is the war that gave us the Ukraine. Ask which side China, and their installed puppet, is on. We know which side Trump is on.

How does one for example, explain these Bushmen who do so much for themselves, harming so many, while not “improving life for the average American in the slightest.” Their “for themselves” quotient must be ginormous, while our ability to neutralize them, to date, has been totally and completely inadequate. I think most clear-thinking people get that.

The next election won’t be about the Ukraine except in the past tense. It’ll be – if we have an election(!) – about China. At this very moment China is scheming more about how to deal with waiting-in-the-wings-Trump than they are about Taiwan. Any Bush-anointed RINO can easily run on an anti-demoMarxocrat agenda. But only Trump can run on an anti-Bush and anti-demoMarxocrat globalist agenda.

Thus yours truly deems the demoMarxocrats as opaque and veiled. Understanding them does little good (even as we all do our feel good chest beating rants, featuring at will, how nasty we can describe them). Their “leaders” are mouthpieces for others. We cannot kid ourselves – A Cabal is not as easy to understand!

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness: ‘Vladimir Putin, the Latest of the Failed Irredentists’ …

In response to Putin’s irredentist schemes, the surreal Left has alternately appeased him and angrily denounced the critics of their appeasement.

Irredentism—the romance of reclaiming “unredeemed” old lands—is a symptom of messianic presidents and premiers, and national paranoia and insecurity. Leaders demagogue about the recovery of ancient territories that previously had weakened the nation’s imperial grandeur and power.

Supposedly long-scattered and oppressed peoples with common linguistic, religious, and cultural affinities are recombined—usually by violently overthrowing their contemporary governments and forcing them into a new ethnic super state. Yet irredentism is often a one-way street. Supposedly homeless expatriates—the Greeks of Constantinople, Italians in Malta, Germans in the Sudetenland, Serbs in Bosnia, and Russians in Ukraine—are said to be even more zealous nationalists than their kindred in the motherland. But just as often the territory to be reunited in a grand imperial scheme can be more reluctant than the would-be uniter.

Early 20th-century Greek romantics fancied resurrecting the old Μεγάλη Ιδέα or “Great Idea.” That was the dreamy recreation of a panhellenic Eastern Mediterranean. The New Byzantium was to be ringed by Greek-speakers in the motherland, Asia Minor, the Aegean Islands, Cyprus, and northern Egypt.

Yet, like most irredentists, the Greeks never had the manpower or material wherewithal to reestablish such a modern Byzantine Empire. The restored 15th century image rested entirely on the opportunistic implosion of the Ottoman Empire, the 1918 defeat of the Central Powers, especially in Asia Minor, the Middle East, and the Balkans, the international chaos following World War I—and the pledges of the victorious allies.

But soon a new Turkish secular government emerged to undermine the quixotic Greek effort. The Great Idea’s British sponsors betrayed the project. It ended tragically with thousands of stranded Greeks savagely butchered throughout Asian Minor. [-]

[+] … China is watching the fate of Ukraine. If it is crushed and Putin reasserts his power abroad, then Beijing sees a pathway to absorbing what would be left of a much smaller Taiwan. But if a larger Ukraine survives and Putin is permanently crippled, then Xi Jinping may worry that the Taiwanese could fight like Ukrainians, that China might be sanctioned and ostracized like Russia, that new deadly weapons will be airdropped into Taiwan. He may recall that unlike Russia and Ukraine there is a sea between China and Taiwan—and that a moonscaped Taiwan would not be worth the cost that Putin may pay for Ukraine.

Finally, despite U.S. lethargy last autumn, Putin can still at this 11th hour be stymied without a U.S. “no-fly zone,” without sending American A-10 Warthogs to Ukraine, and without using NATO “volunteers.” [-]

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Consequences have consequences…

Since the heady days of 1989, both political parties have followed essentially the same foreign policy. My question ever since has been really directed at those on the Right who seem to believe that our ability to beat other countries into submission is a sign of our strength. What most of us would like for them to explain is how this policy has benefited the country?

Has it created a stable economy with living wages? Has it improved our schools? Has it lowered crime? Has it strengthened families? Has it brought back our economic base? Has it made Government less intrusive or lowered taxes? Just what in fact has it accomplished?

If we don’t like big government let’s cut it. If the weaponization of government disgusts us let’s purge it. If demoMarxocrats or Rinos are in the way, let’s block them and get to the end zone, not whining about their whining, not caring a wit if they stand or kneel before the game, or act unsportsmanlike after the game. Consequences after all, have consequences.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his very, very, best to protect and defend the Constitutional Republic of the United States – MAGA! KAG!

Consequences have consequences after all…