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En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Scattershooting to learn from the past … Andrew Klavan is spot on. Liberals are too stupid to “get it” so when a liberati comments forgive them for their ignorance. Liberal-leftist-progressive-Alinskyite-DemoMarxists live in a perpetual state of victimization. They have suggestions, but contrary to the liberal mantra of “there is no such thing as a dumb suggestion” their suggestions are ALWAYS dumb. When you hear something that is really stupid and you think to yourself, what idiot suggested that, look no further than the closest liberal. The Globalists’ public relations arm – the so-called “Fourth Estate” the “Bulwark against tyranny”, the bought-and-paid-for Corporate Mainstream Media – stamps an official seal of approval on the whole stinking mess that we call “reality” and self-righteously serve it up as “The News” to an apathetic, gullible and blissfully ignorant public. For these criminals, I reserve a special, white-hot hatred for this monumental act of treason against their country, their fellow citizens, and the very tenets of their own profession.

From the transcript … I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth. The Spanish philosopher George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  And he must have been right because he was all, like, Spanish and philosophical and stuff.  So today on the Revolting Truth, we’d like to help those of you who work in the mainstream news media to remember — and to learn from — the past.

Let’s begin.

Now on to Ben Shapiro and his Reality Check Scattershooting to learn from the past .. When the rogue fraud “president” blurted out to the dis-United Nations a few weeks ago that “Islam teaches peace” I think he really meant “piece” rather than “peace”. They want a piece of every country, continent and culture (before they get the whole), but noted Islamic expert, Ben Affleck, would disagree with this analysis, and furthermore, are the various bits and pieces of humans left behind during the Islamic Cultural Revolution we have before us now. I’m glad Ben Shapiro took the time to present this because people can easily get confused that a radicalized Muslim is only defined by an expressed desire to terrorize the innocent. I think it is fair to use surveys that asked the Muslims how they feel about Sharia Law, for example, as a measure of radicalization among the Muslim populations of each country. Such measures give us the closest look available at what Muslims themselves think, rather than being defined by the behaviors of the real minority; those who strap on the suicide bombs and behead journalists. I don’t care of it is the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, or the rogue fraud “president”. None of them are convincing anyone that Islam is a religion of peace. It just doesn’t hold water. But we put this aside because this is not about a war on a religion – we are at war with religious zealots who declared war on the United States and who placed a target on everyone of our citizens.

On to Ben…

And finally, in scattershooting to learn from the past …we come to the former Baghdad Bob version of the rogue fraud “president’s” Press Secretary, one Barney-Carney-Circus-Clown. Now a highly-paid (but is he WORTH it?) “Senior Political Analyst” he’s a go-to guy for CNN. From the transcript:

Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said there is “no question” that the environment caused by the Islamic State, Ukraine, and Ebola crises has put President Obama in a “bad light”.  “You don’t get to choose the crisis you deal with as a president,” Carney said. “I think in the end, this is not a political issue. It’s an issue that has to be handled. There is no question in this environment it all washes back on the White House and that puts him in a bad light.” Carney was addressing the crisis of confidence leadership after CNN’s Chris Cuomo pointed out that Americans have no idea who runs the show when major problems arise. “In that situation, ultimately it’s the president, because it’s his administration that’s charged with all aspects,” Carney said. “Ultimately, all of these things, again, crises you can’t control or arise not because of actions by the administration, have to be the president’s responsibility, which is why the White House is taking the steps it’s taking.”

MMmmmmm … somehow that limpid response doesn’t garner any kind of confidence. Listen…

Scattershooting to learn from the past … unfortunately, reveals that the rogue fraud “president” isn’t in control of anything. He did a photo op to help his “optics.” We all know he says he doesn’t care about “optics”, but somebody obviously does (Valerie Jarrett, Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros??) I’m sure if he had the balls to go in front of the American public he would apologize for the “optics” of him going back to the golf course minutes after ‘mourning’ the loss of the journalist who was beheaded. He isn’t about to let that kind of “optic” happen again; especially before these November elections coming up in two weeks. His DemoMarxist friends are probably really giving him a hard time privately, but who really knows? We do know this, however, the White House is currently occupied by a half black man which makes liberals feel good. But in reality, there is really no one home guarding the hen house.
Source .. Truth Revolt; Free Beacon; personal archives…