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What we are witnessing in these days of crisis management is a clash of ideological leaks, conspiracy and truth perversion. On the Left, their hatred for Trump is so overwhelming that it shapes their every thought.

On CNN just the other day, one voice of leaks and conspiracy attempted to tell the others how absurd the idea was to trust one anonymous source who, being a former government official (why then was he/she ‘anonymous’ if they no longer held a government position?) and who was not in the room at the time a certain conversation occurred, was rated more ‘truthful’ than several people who were in the room and who testified that various aspects of the alleged conversation never occurred. Conspiratorial leaks assumption?

Predictably, this voice of reason was shot down with some real zingers such as “Do you realize how silly you sound defending Trump?”

In today’s American Thinker, Patricia McCarthy has written a magnificent piece on the topic of “a conspiratorial measure of leaks, and the perversion of truth”, the full measure of which you can link to at the end. In the meantime, let me give you a flavor of what to expect…

The American left has been afflicted by a serious and complicated illness: denial of reality combined with the invention of and surrender to every wild conspiracy theory that the media invent, propagate, and exaggerate to undermine Trump.

So shocked by their candidate’s loss in the 2016 election, they have devolved to the wholesale embrace of a witch hunt worthy of the 1600s.  They believe that Trump is an illegitimate president, despite his clear electoral victory,  and so spend their days in the conviction that the election results can and must be overturned.  They are determined to make that happen, no matter how deep into the sewer they have to descend.

Look no farther than mentally challenged Democrat Maxine Waters and her fellow anti-Trump congresspersons who have been calling for his impeachment since the day he was inaugurated.  For what, they never clearly articulate.  Now, there’s a theory: you are the minority in Congress, but you think you can impeach the president of the majority party.

Time and again we hear of some terrible conspiratorial leaks event as dictated by an anonymous source and the liberals run with it as though it was more truth than the Bible itself; only to later discover that it was all a lie. Even more absurd is how routinely a criminal case, complete with demands for impeachment, are sounded on a routine basis today for some conspiratorial act allegedly committed by Trump when the same act, and often worse, was charged against Obama and nobody cared, nor gave one whit, about whether or when he was accountable for the conspiracy leaks event.

For example (going back to McCarthy’s piece) ..

For eight years, the many crimes of the Obama administration were dismissed as trivial by the media and the Democrat left.  On the rare occasions Republicans called for investigations, they were shot down by the criminally racist and unethical Eric Holder and Obama: voter intimidation, Fast and Furious, green energy scams, Benghazi, Clinton’s private server and grossly negligent handling of classified documents, the doubling of the national debt, etc.

There were many more, all of them serious.

The Clinton Foundation alone is perhaps the biggest scandal of all, a pay-to-play scheme that dwarfs any such operation in history, perhaps even bigger than the U.N. oil-for-food disgrace.  Did the Republicans demand investigations?  A few, but not very loudly, and when they got them, they let themselves be railroaded by hardcore leftists like Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer.

The Benghazi hearings were a sham meant to protect the pathological liars at the top, Obama and Hillary Clinton.  That truth has yet to be revealed by any mainstream outlet.  As usual, with a few exceptions, the Republicans in Congress were and remain submissive and pliable.

The Democrats, on the other hand,  go to the mat for their own, no matter how serious the crimes of which they are guilty.

This conspiracy leaks thinking has become so insane that we are now witness to various judges declaring actions by Trump (such as his proposed travel ban, for example) to be unconstitutional. But had Hillary Clinton been elevated to the highest office on the planet, and have issued the exact same Executive Order, then somehow it would have become magically Constitutional. Amazing.

It would appear that statements made by Trump during this current cycle has resulted in entire sections of the Constitution being off limits and no longer applying to him (despite the ruling by the SCOTUS how campaign rhetoric cannot be used this way). How crazy must someone become for this thinking to appear rational?

And to think that this conspiracy leaks insanity was not only characterized by the argument made by a judge, but by the vast majority of the Left who rejoiced in the ruling.

One has to begin to wonder when the time will come for We the People (me included) to stop being ‘internet patriots’ and to stand and be counted against this conspiracy leaks insanity of the Left.

Ready for action, Sergeant Major. Conspiracy leaks included!

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