Leadership style and respect-or not

En Garde in the bunker…

As numerous leadership media outlets are reporting today, Iraqis are celebrating victory over IS in Mosul, six days after the 4th of July Independence celebrations. I am reminded however, of how many tens and tens of thousands of humans have needlessly died because nine years ago We the People elected and re-elected a president without leadership who abdicated his responsibilities to American citizens and those of the world.

Even after eight years of Big Media MSM bashing President Bush, the Iraq war was won as long as we left a few troops there to remind the world that the US honored its leadership and obligations. Instead, with Obama we got a full fledged civil war in Syria, death to thousands in Libya, more in Egypt, perhaps a quarter million Christians spread across the Middle East, plus of course not forgetting Iran and North Korea.

Back at home base we have the most divided America arguably in the past 75 years, and this must also be laid at the feet of Obama with all his presidential comments and actions aimed at causing numerous divisions in America. And all begun with his leadership statement phrase: “the Cambridge Police acted stupidly”.

I believe it somewhat true that millions of Americans ushered in Obama because they partly believed the first black president and his leadership would reduce race relations, that somehow he would solve the issues of the poor, and under-privileged, etc. They voted their emotions without ever learning who he really was, and as long as his documentation remains hidden in a mysterious lock-box, millions still won’t know the true identity of this Manchurian Candidate.

Russ Vaughn in today’s American Thinker provided a short, sharp, image over the weekend of who Obama is with very little commentary and a couple of pics. I merely picked up where he left off, and added a couple more:

On Saturday as the Commander-in-Chief was boarding Marine One, rotor turbulence blew off the headgear of an attending Marine. President Trump stooped, grabbed the hat and replaced it on the stunned young Marine’s head, patting the embarrassed, young serviceman on the arm. The hat immediately blew off again and Trump went after it a second time while the Marine correctly maintained his post standing rigidly at attention. Trump this time handed off the hat to the Air Force colonel attending him and boarded the helicopter.

Obama orders two umbrellas, one for him, the other for Turkey PM Erdogan…

Compare that to Barry O’s disrespect of two Marines back in 2013 when Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan joined him in a rainy Rose Garden presser. Obama grabbed one Marine for himself, and sent the other to hold an umbrella over the head of Erdogan, causing a breach of protocol for Marines to hold umbrellas while in uniform. A total lack of leadership and respect for our Military.

A person’s character is revealed in the actions they take when they are not thinking. Trump’s instinct was to assist because he could, and he does this repeatedly. Most people actually are that way inclined, enough so, that when someone does not do what we expect, we notice. The only difference being, is that we’re not used to politicians doing it.

In Obama’s case, his narcissism was all over his action, and thereby caused what turned out to be an embarrassing situation. Helping others is simply not who he is. In retrospect, if he really needed an umbrella, he should’ve held it himself!

Vladimir Putin honoring WWII Russian dead… “Considering what they endured, I can at least withstand a little rain and change suits”…

While I’m on the subject, there are a couple more pics that I’ll share with you, purely from the fact of illustrating the personality and other traits (including leadership) that body language reveals within the inner person.

First up is this one of Vladimir Putin at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Moscow, laying wreaths and flowers this past June 22 in commemoration of the 76 years since Nazi troops attacked the Soviet Union. During the 1,418 days of the Great Patriotic war about 27 million Soviet citizens were killed including 18 million civilians. In memory of those who were killed in that war Russia declared June 22 the Day of Memory and Grief.

What is amazing about this pic, is the determination evident in the entire body language of Putin, that belies any consideration at all about getting absolutely soaked to the skin. A true sign of leadership and example.

The warrior patriot vs the choom-gang toker…

Then there’s this of a young Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama side by side with a young Benjamin Netanyahu. Barry flashing a supercilious smile and smoking what appears to be some kind of pot, with Netanyahu decked out in the uniform of an Israeli Paratrooper. The difference between the two is stark; who would you want watching your back? The Choom King or an Israeli Paratrooper?

Let us also not forget the styrofoam cup salute the ever petulant, offensive and denigrator of our Military-in-Chief (aka ØZero) gave to our servicemen while stepping off the same Marine One ‘copter that our current president was stepping in to…

And finally, on top of everything else, let’s not forget that, “Yessireee” .. Obama, with his destabilization of the Middle East, also produced the immigration waves that are accelerating the obliteration of western culture in Europe, and if we’re not careful, here in the United States also. Yet more of what this fraud hoped for us.

President Trump has a lot of work ahead of him, both here at home and around the world to fix what Obama wrought.


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