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As a follow-up from yesterday’s post on the unfolding Keith Ellison saga, the sooner We the People learn that these lying thugs (even here within the United States) are allowed to accede to the sanctions of Shari’ah Law (the meaning of which is to lie and deceive) the better off we’ll be. They are all generally known by their fruit, since lying (as in ‘taqiyya’) is a sacrament for them. If their lies work to advance their agenda, it is a badge of honor. But they can’t hide their fruit, as their sole purpose is to infiltrate into offices, authority and power, setting the stage for the stealing, killing and destruction of the very fabric of our society and liberties.

That is what a treacherous Keith Ellison and his surrogates are all about.

As I described him yesterday (poster boy Trojan Horse Manchurian Candidate and Islamic jihadist warrior who became the first Muslim appointed to Congress in 2006-07, the ‘fly in the ointment’ and latest purveyor of the hatred from the ‘holy’ book) Ellison is the type of leader our country will eventually have if the deranged liberal leftist DemoMarxists take power. The Millennial generation supporting the far left have absolutely no idea what exactly they are doing to their own futures.

As for Ellison and the accusations made against him, it will be interesting to see if the liberal leftist DemoMarxists expect a black Islamic Muslim to take responsibility for his actions in the #MeToo era.

Don’t hold your breath.

Daniel Greenfield in today’s FrontPageMag and his piece ‘Keith Ellison Gets His #MeTo Moment’…

Daniel Greenfield…

Until last week, Karen Monahan’s progressive credentials had been impeccable. But now the activist is one of two women who have accused one of the top figures on the left of physical and emotional abuse.

Born in Iran before the Islamic Revolution, she was adopted by American parents and not only identified as an Iranian-American, but also worked with the pro-regime National Iranian American Council (NIAC).

Keith Ellison was also a NIAC regular. He had spoken before the Iranian group and had received fundraising support from it. The first Muslim congressman from Minnesota, with a list of Islamist and leftist connections as long as his right arm, was a natural NIAC ally.

Monahan had also been an organizer with the Sierra Club and worked with the Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota (EJAM). Ellison was one of the founders of EJAM. Both Ellison and Monahan were leftists moving through the same claustrophobic maze of Minnesota leftist political organizations.

At some point after Ellison’s divorce from his wife, Kim Ellison, they began a relationship that lasted for years until it ended in 2016. Now, Karen Monahan is accusing Ellison of domestic abuse. Her tweets and statement allege that Ellison assaulted her, cheated on her and badly traumatized her.

The accusation threatens to upend Ellison’s bid for Minnesota Attorney General. The DNC  deputy chair had already raised $212,745 which puts him far ahead of his Democrat rivals and likely GOP opponent. That doesn’t include a pro-Ellison PAC with $200,000 on hand funded mostly by George Soros’ son.

While some groups on the left have expressed discomfort with Ellison over these accusations, George Soros had already made it clear with the Franken case that he intends to side with Democrats accused of abuse over their female accusers. He has also threatened the female Democrats who call out abuse by men like Franken. The pro-Ellison PAC hasn’t spent its money yet and when it does so, it will have a major impact on the race. Despite the scandal, the Soros family could still buy the race for Ellison.

And there is also no definitive evidence of Keith Ellison’s guilt. But the story is an eerily familiar one.

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Keith Ellison woman beater…

In conclusion, consider that Ellison’s ‘religion’ Islam, (more along the lines of a cult, really) fully sanctions the alleged behavior, and specifically includes the physical assault of women. Yes, men of all creeds whack women, but few to zero can offer their religious dogma in their own defense, except degenerate Islamic Muslims the likes of Ellison, a vile manipulator and serial abuser.

Consider also, that Ellison almost became the head of the DNC, but even the DemoMarxists realized that this would be a disaster. The obvious question to answer would be, “Were he to run for President someday, would the DemoMarxists (provided they hadn’t gone the way of the dinosaurs) forgive his past?”

It is interesting how the feminazis (yikes, beginning to show my age here – a ‘Limbaugh-ism’ !!) never, ever, speak up when one of their own has been abused, which includes their embrace of Islam, a complete contradiction to all of their stated goals and aims.

How very bizarre that they have become their own paradox.


See also late update – Record of Ellison 911 Assault Call Released

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