Omarosa not Amarosa you capisce?

Go ahead, make my…

Gosh, but it’s difficult to comprehend just what passes for real news anymore in this day and age of twenty-four-seven trash-talk fantasy.

First off, all you snarly Deep State Big Fake News television bobbly talking heads, it’s ‘O’-marosa, NOT ‘A’-marosa, so please get your pronunciation correct before becoming unhinged at the mouth (ha! ha! what a pun) about the dog and pony show descriptive as used by the tweeting Prez in describing the Omarosa behavioral demeanor.

A ‘writer’ she isn’t.

The fantasy-illogical, hopelessly-romanticizing, Trump-hating hammerheads known by the old Rush Limbaughism as ‘Feminazis’, like to think of each other as self-proclaimed ‘female freedom-fighters’, out to save the world from an imagined foe, while truly becoming a parody of themselves. A colossal mockery in fact, of both themselves and their improvisational musings. Evidently, publishers the likes of Simon and Schuster are more than willing to sacrifice the equivalence of pouring kerosene upon these fake book narratives as if they were huge piles of money, and setting the whole kit and caboodle on fire. POOF!

Kudos to President Trump for helping tear down this fake news wall. If it wasn’t for him skirting the press, we’d get nothing out to the public, nor to all voters. The left and right media bubbles are intact and rarely do the two overlap. Trump’s tweets and campaign stumping speeches reach everyone. Thank God for him for not giving in to those calling him out on his tweets.

Daniel Greenfield and his opener from today’s FrontPageMag and ‘Omarosa’s Failed Fake Book and Media Fake News’..

Daniel Greenfield…

Did a major publishing firm waste seven figures on Unhinged, Omarosa Manigault’s fake book?

A parody tweet featuring a faked except from Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury book created the Gorilla Channel meme as media types quickly fell for the idea that President Trump spent 17 hours a day watching an imaginary cable channel where gorillas fight each other.

But that’s nothing.

A Simon and Schuster subsidiary paid Omarosa Manigault a reported seven figures for a book in which she claims that Trump wanted to take his oath of office on a copy of The Art of the Deal instead of the bible. The source of the story appears not to be Trump, but a popular Trump impersonator.

Someone should have noticed that. But when fake news meets fake books, there’s no time to check the stories that are too good not to print. The seemingly endless appetite of lefties for Trump bashing touched off a gold rush in the media and its allied publishing companies to mint new bestsellers.

Unhinged, the Omarosa book in question, was apparently sold in July and published in August.

That’s a ridiculously quick turnaround that would have made any serious fact checking impossible. Nor, apparently, was any serious fact-checking attempted, according to subjects like Frank Luntz and George Conway, who are named in the claims that she makes about President Trump using racial slurs.

Simon and Schuster is a subsidiary of CBS. The entanglement between fake books and fake news is a phenomenon that pervades the various sectors of the media as reporters write and report on books.

Simon and Schuster, like many other publishers, has been cashing in on Trump Derangement Syndrome. Samples include Bob Woodward’s ‘FEAR: Trump in the White House’ to be published on 9/11, ‘It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America‘, a book whose title just doesn’t know when to stop, and Michael Ian Black’s ‘A Child’s First Book of Trump’. “The beasty is called an American Trump/Its skin is bright orange, its figure is plump,” Black clumsily rhymes.

Simon and Schuster had also published Hillary Clinton’s ‘What Happened’.

Read full story to completion by clicking on LOGO…

Omarosa Onee Manigault Newman, referred to simply as Omarosa…

As commenter hashtag ‘schmutzli’ mentions on one of the threads: ‘May Trump Derangement Syndrome prove to be at least debilitating, if not fatal, to Big Propaganda Media (the Enemy of the USA) and insane persons like this deranged and psychotic harpy.’

‘It is clear that DJT tried to help a very sick woman that no one else could stand, and this is how she shows her appreciation. What a loser she is.’ [end]

The left has been utterly incapable of controlling its apoplexy. They have caterwauled to the point of exhaustion – both ours and theirs. They don’t seem to understand that an ‘October Surprise’ can’t happen every day if it is expected to shock anyone. At this point, Trump could strangle Omarosa and no one would care. They might cheer, even. I know I would.

You know the story line isn’t working very well when the villain is cheered for killing the victims. The left’s progressive descent into madness is reducing their options down to cartoon-like, mindless violence. They’d accomplish more by burning books than publishing them.

Currently the leftist ‘loonatics’ have nothing to say that makes any sense. Nothing.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump and MAGA!



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