Just the truth and no more fakery…

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Every path out of this mess eventually runs into that roadblock called Mitch McConnell. Throw in Chuck Schumer, Pelosi, and (you can name them all!) the rest of the anti-American bunch, and you have a very weak assembly. Until they’re all demoted, we’re just dreaming, since altruistically, the demoMarxocrat Left has no intention of telling the truth about much of anything – if in fact they were ever interested in the truth in the first place.

Each and every one of them that holds public office would immediately resign and admit publicly that they’ve done all they could over the past years to undermine our nation politically, socially and culturally. Rather, the demoMarxocrat Left does all it can to keep this nation and its people embroiled in endless chaos, crisis and anger. Why? Because they consider that condition as a pathway to increase their own power and advance their filthy political ideology just as far as it can go. Chaos after all, is a “tool” of The Left just as is The Lie.

Just the truth and no more fakery. Prez Trump supports Charlie Kirk young hope for future…

Unless and until most Americans wake up it will be business as usual. Only a massive exposure of the collusion to implement the Great Reset might stop the steamroller. And that is all but impossible given the control of Big Tech and Pravda Media, along with the weaponized Intelligence Community. We have already seen the lengths they will go to, to arrest, intimidate, and incarcerate anyone who would stand in the way.

More than half of the nation has been conditioned to hate President Donald John Trump, the demoMarxocrat Left having now turned their sights on citizens who support him and on every Trump advisor, complete with phone confiscation and FBI / Stasi-intimidation tactics. The Turtle and most other Republicans remain silent, obviously condoning police state tactics against anyone who opposes the deconstruction of America and the US Constitution. McConnell will do nothing to stop it, and there aren’t enough real Republicans to stop McConnell. Nor Chuck Schumer, Pelosi, nor others etal.

President Trump has brought to light the decades-long criminal infestation of our federal government and almost every public institution. We won’t get fooled again and we’re going to make them pay dearly by applying the rule of law. The indispensable truth is, the federal government, its departments, agencies and unelected bureaucrats, have agendas that are solely dedicated to unlimited power and their own survival. They answer to no one.

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, American Greatness: ‘Just the Truth: No More Fake Politics’ …

We sorely need an end to fake politics and the uniparty and demand more truth telling if we are to witness the return of greatness.

Every Christmas in churches around the country we read Isaiah, chapter 53, and prepare for the coming of the savior, the “babe in a manger.” In case you forgot that passage contains a vivid prophecy on the atonement. The Hebrew prophets taught that the coming messiah would be despised and rejected, smitten and afflicted; that he would carry our sorrows and would be wounded for our transgressions.

Now, Donald J. Trump is definitely not Christ. He is not part of any ancient biblical prophecy, nor is he a god, in any sense of the word. He never said he was. He is a fallible human being and a political leader of some courage and bravery. He may still have a “second coming” politically, (as did Grover Cleveland, serving two non-consecutive terms), but he certainly has in the last six years suffered the plight that Isaiah foretold.

Why is that?

Because he is a truth-teller.  Recently, he thanked me for an article I penned in this publication about “Trump’s Haters.” Surely there are any number of those types and the term designated for what most of them demonstrably suffer is: Trump Derangement Syndrome. The Left, RINOs and neocons have the most to fear and lose from Trump. They truly loathe him for a reason and it can often be quite personal.

He wants to put them all in the ash heap of history, to do away with their ideology, and remove them from what they most cherish: political power. [-]

[+] … In the present American state of affairs, we need to refocus our attention on the truth.

Here are six indisputable truths, based in fact about where we are at the moment.

  • We have no borders, and therefore no security. We are admitting 2 million illegal immigrants a year, thanks to Biden’s policies.
  • Drugs are killing us with more than 100,000 fentanyl deaths this year alone, with no Biden response.
  • We are in a recession with a 40-year-high inflation rate and Biden denies it, printing yet more money.
  • Violent crime has dramatically increased in our cities to an all-time, dangerousness with Biden supporting criminals not their victims.
  • America has lost its status in the world after the debacle and withdrawal in Afghanistan, constant weakness to our enemy, the Communist Chinese, and the total failure of the Biden team.
  • We have lost energy independence to our peril, thanks to Biden’s bad choices and Green New Deal idiocy.

Joe Biden has succeeded in uniting the country—in dissatisfaction. It is a season of profound discontent. According to recent polls, it is no wonder that the electorate has reached a staggering level of dissatisfaction, not only with this president and his party, but with the government as a whole.

We sorely need an end to fake politics and the uniparty and demand more truth telling if we are to witness the return of greatness. [end]

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Just the truth and no more fakery.

Good luck on truth-telling politicians who would never get elected because a distinct majority of the populace prefers to be lied to. Most of the demoMarxocrat liberal leftie loons see no trouble with open borders, other than someone needs to do all the work that the shiftless cannot be bothered to do. Young men without purpose are a real problem.

Regarding the border, it might have been 2 million last year, but it will surely be more this one; and more on the next; and ….. Regarding term limits. This empowers the deep state. Who will line up the candidates and use the lame ducks to feed us turds on the way out of office? Why yes, the political parties!!!

And most of us are still waiting on a never Trumper or a concerned demoMarxocrat to tell us all about what makes President Donald John Trump uniquely bad relative to the rest of the politicians who lead us. Just the truth and no more fakery.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to keep America strong and free – MAGA! KAG!