Josh Hawley/Walmart + Dem fraud

Go ahead, make my…

Josh Hawley God bless him rises to the occasion and it didn’t take the demoMarxocrats but a minute or two to rise up in feigned admonition of the “crime” they accuse him of, courtesy of his fellow-opposition Senator Amy Klobuchar. Simply put, it is yet another longform attempt at overthrowing President Trump courtesy of his party members being egged on by the opposition; not forgetting that it’s our unprecedented vote for him that keeps him where he’s at. Except of course to the demoMarxocrats that’s treason, by God – continued, unregenerate treason.

We the (75 million+) People simply cannot reside in harmony with an insane leftist party that forever goes unpunished, while yet being doomed to extinction. Anything less is stupid beyond belief, and the world will see it as such.

The Democrat party is no longer filled with the likes of Tip O’Neill and his ilk, who would willingly debate and embrace the political comings and goings with their Republican members to produce what was best for all Americans, not just the few.

Josh Hawley/Walmart + Dem fraud…

Consider we are just one week out now from something wild all coming together. China Joe still has problems in the Ukraine notwithstanding the fraud piling up daily at just how corrupt he, his ilk and our government really and truly have become. Accept no shared compromise of any kind coming out of the House and Senate next week, let alone the shenanigans they will try to pull off yet between now and the 6th of January.

They have become simply a collective fraudulent body politic of ZERO integrity, never to be trusted. May all their dirty deeds come to light soon and they slink away in shame – if only they would!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Senator Josh Hawley Intends to Challenge Jan 6 Certification’ …

Earlier today [yesterday] Missouri Senator Josh Hawley announced his intent to challenge the January 6th congressional certification of the electors. [made up of] A group of approximately 30 House representatives, led by Mo Brooks,  will be challenging from the lower chamber.

This sets up a dynamic where formal electoral challenges from both chambers of congress will be taking place based on evidence of election fraud in several key states. The objection will initiate a debate and roll-call vote to certify electors within both the House and Senate. Vice-President Mike Pence will preside over the debate in the Senate.

A combination of The Guarantee Clause (constitution) and the Electoral Count Act of 1887 (law), establishes the framework for some to argue a fraudulent 2020 election result can successfully be challenged during congressional certification on January 6, 2021. Thus five state legislatures – under Republican control – have sent dual-sets of electors to congress: Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Full link below…


Then there’s this from Sundance: ‘Jovan Pulitzer “We’re In” Dominion Equipment Hacked Live in Georgia!’ ..

This is rather remarkable. In real time, during live testimony before a Georgia Senate Committee, a witness testifies to using Wifi capability to enter the Fulton County voting system via the internet while the hearing was ongoing.  WATCH:

Full link below…

The thing most astonishing about this whole thing is that the fraud was crude, easy to detect and totally in your face. Basically street thugs muscling election watchers; crudely signing thousands of ballots; machines programmed to flip votes; which might have been impressive in the last century, yet all very very crude by today’s technology standards.

Yet apparently our “system” is unable to prevent or detect any of this. Is it really this easy to mess with our legal system? One must guess it is!

The Constitution has to be brought in; the Supreme Court must attend; scholars have to debate the finer points of the Constitution. And all in order to overturn a bunch of thugs filling in ballots by hand and dumping them in the middle of the night! It’s definitely kind of surreal.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to MAGA! KAG!


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