The death of reason and fortitude….

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The death of reason and fortitude … This might seem incredible in retrospect, but a lot of things that have happened in the past nine months or so would have been viewed as improbable even a year ago. Little did We the (74 million+) People realize that we would end up dealing with a global criminal organization, well connected, all powerful, well financed, and as cruel and insouciant as any devilish dictators can be.

Which is why in their devious attempt to attract influential people into their camp, they use a stick and carrot approach. If you go along to get along, they’ll reward you with money. Lots and lots of filthy lucre. If you don’t, they’re of a willful mind to threaten you and your family not only with the threat, but by describing with what and which manner of death they would put you through.

The death of reason and fortitude…

If you think this sounds outlandish, you should consider the fact that just south of the border, the drug cartels operate in exactly the same way. The end result is that they now control almost every important politician in the country. Once the entire ruling class is on board, the country starts functioning like a Mafia state, where criminal and political structures coexist. A lot of countries operate like that, and the network is expanding.

It’s veiled description goes by the name of “globalism”, and it uses the save-the-planet gobbledygook as a cover-up.

One could correctly observe that Italia has operated in this very manner now for, what, maybe all of its existence? Surely to goodness, the hit movie The Godfather had it all going for it – worldwide even! To the casual observer or the short-term visitor/resident to the vaunted Mediterranean nation, it seems to “function” very very well, even today.

However, once one has been apart from it for some few years, one sees the mold, mildew, the surefire signs of decades of structural neglect and verisimilitude.

Maybe even we have been fooled most of our lifetimes? This “Of the People, by the People, for the People” has probably been a complete canard throughout the last 50+ years or more. Yes? No?

David Prentice, American Thinker: ‘The Left Takes on God’s Country’…

The Declaration of Independence conceived a nation. Yes, it took the revolutionary war, a constitution, and a Bill of Rights to give us the birth of these United States. A country that would shortly become the light of liberty, the great hope of the nations. A country that has grown to be the most powerful country ever. In economic power, in military might, in virtually every way, America has established its ability to call out the better angels of humanity.

We stand at a time when the premise of our country’s greatness is being challenged. Not with facts, history, or intelligent debate. Because those would show the uncomfortable truth to those doing the challenging:  that we have been, and are, the greatest nation in the world. We have God-given rights and freedoms bestowed upon our citizens in ways that had never occurred before. We have achieved much. Yes, we have flaws. We’re human, but we’re better than anyplace else.

There is no better alternative model country. There is no better alternative governance. There is no alternative system that has raised the collective ability to live life well, pursue happiness, pursue the uplifting of humanity, or has enriched its citizenry so well as the one we have now. And there’s not a close second.  We are the most generous, inclusive, open-minded people ever. A testimony to humanity’s better side.

Yet we are being called by the left to abandon all that. We are being called by the left to forgo our birthright of liberty for the shackles of collectivist governance, which has destroyed every country it has been tried in. A bowl of pottage for our birthright. Leftists have the audacity to want us to believe their leaders are finally smart enough to properly institute this system of tyranny.

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The death of reason and fortitude…

Forgetting everything else at hand, reality posits that a country recognizing 57 genders; that celebrates wedding unions where procreation is impossible; puts skin color and gender above merit; has a justice system, mainstream media and education system with double standards based on political affiliation; treats fetuses as inconveniences; alters its history; and allows corruption and criminal acts by politicians and elites to flourish openly, well – it just might not be worth saving.

Military personnel protecting this nation should perhaps simply walk away from their positions, since the enemies lie within and are definitely NOT to be disturbed. The death of reason and fortitude.

On the positive note, chances are that 5 days from today, on Wednesday January 6, 2021, Washington, DC will be somewhat akin to Lexington, Concord, Valley Forge and Ft. Sumter all rolled into one. Millions of armed Patriots will be there to support President Trump and VP Pence when they overthrow the stolen election. And thereby assuring the Constitutional Republic of the United States will NEVER become a CCP colony.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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