Jan 6 tapes anatomy of a cover-up

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task from the comments thread: At this point we have to take life-expectancy and put it on the menu, my suggestion being to defeat them using brains and wit. There are still some remnants of our Constitution remaining which if (and after) we win, need to be massive in scope to prevent this tyrannical outrage from ever appearing again. Constitutional protections, again, are in order, just as the Bill of Rights, the anti-slavery Amendments and the 19th Amendment once were. There are some who pop up regularly on this and other sites who think that socialism can be instituted by a plurality of votes and run roughshod over Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution using the Preamble. They care not a wit, or understand anything about individual liberty and Natural Rights, unless it relates to murdering their unborn children. [end]

To which yours truly avers you cast your minds back to when OBO#44-Care began coming through as a tax, allowing you to judiciously disagree you aren’t compassionate. That!

Jan 6 tapes anatomy of a cover-up. Fortitude in the face of evil intent…

There are of course, many ways to accept charitable things collectively and individually. Medicine for instance, couldn’t waste resources and lives very well without it being socialized, protected as it is by the government which uses the taxpayer to do wasteful and non-benevolent things. Like education for example, and almost everything else done by government, including defense, which has become Constitutional, wasteful and inefficiently commonplace. More THAT!

Appears to be that release of the tapes will change nothing and won’t spur the release of any J6 detainee, result in the arrest of barbaric and murderous Capitol Hill police, nor result in the exposure of Nancy Pelosi and many others in the set-up / frame of protesters who were incensed that an election was stolen by a government willfully mocking those who objectively intervened.

One could be wrong in analysis and that we’re in the earliest stages of a non-violent movement to take the country back, yet one could doubt that is the case. This has become more about raw, brute power and those who have it to wield it. In fact, they are quite good at it and getting better.

Therefore if we’re to survive – to defeat these dark forces – we’ll need to rethink a great many things, especially what we value. Regrettably, it currently appears to be our values aren’t up to the task. The release of the videos for instance, sure does have Adam Schiff in a tizzy. The release might have an adverse effect on his Senate run if the whole J6 fabrications fall apart like his Russia Collusion narrative did. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. THAT!

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Anatomy of a Cover-up: The January 6 Tapes’ ….

Like all good political scandals, the path to the truth begins with the tapes.

Tucker Carlson now has the equivalent of nearly five years of surveillance footage captured by U.S. Capitol Police security cameras on January 6, 2021. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) turned over the tapes to the Fox News host  earlier this month, according to Axios. Carlson’s producers and researchers are already distilling the footage; the first round of clips is expected to air in a few weeks.

While some grumble that McCarthy did not fulfill his promise to publicly release the footage—arguably a valid complaint—Carlson’s team undoubtedly will give the massive trove much-needed context and maximum impact. Carlson released a three-part documentary, “Patriot Purge,” in November 2021 that explained how the events of January 6 helped launch a second “war on terror” against American citizens out of step with the Biden regime.

Since early 2021, Carlson has used his nightly show to expose the cruel treatment of Trump supporters suffering pretrial detention orders; raised questions about the use of undercover assets including FBI informants and the mysterious role of Ray Epps; asked why the case of the January 5 “pipe bomber” remains unsolved; and demanded the release of the surveillance video as late as last month.

Releasing the video never should have been a political fight; after all, the footage was recorded on a taxpayer-paid closed circuit television system installed on public property to monitor public employees. Contrary to arguments by Capitol Police and the Justice Department, the video belongs to the public, not federal agencies. [-]

[+] … Which, notably, is much bigger than what the government has made available to January 6 defendants. Axios reported that Carlson’s team has 41,000 hours of raw footage—nearly three times the amount that the Justice Department allowed into evidence, which only covered the time period between noon and 8:00 p.m. on January 6. The tapes now in Carlson’s possession apparently covers the entire 24-hour period from “multiple camera angles from all over Capitol grounds.”

One can only guess what the videos will reveal. It’s possible, even likely, the never-before-seen footage will show the elements of a preplanned attack engineered by the same political and government forces that attempted to destroy Donald Trump for the better part of six years. Will the tapes finally answer the questions that top law enforcement officials such as FBI Director Christopher Wray refuse to answer and the January 6 select committee buried—not the least of which was the role of the FBI?

Withholding the video is only one part of the massive cover-up about January 6. Republicans should seek similar demands for records, emails, and communications from Capitol Police to expose the full scope of the cover-up. But like all good political scandals, the path to the truth begins with the tapes. [end]

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Jan 6 tapes anatomy of a cover-up. Relief at bay for Jan 6 last hurrah?

Thanks to Julie Kelly for keeping this Jan 6 feature alive. Hard to believe so many people think a protest of unarmed people led by a guy wearing a buffalo hat was an attempt at insurrection – ie overthrow of the government. Then again, to hear Bill Maher talk about how so many demoMarxocrats think if they get Covid, there’s a better than 50/50 chance they’ll end up in the hospital with a lot of ’em dying off – thus they’re so uninformed. THAT!

Hearsay, supposition, innuendo, conjecture and every other aspect of fertile imaginations sprout tentacles like a hydra and advance in every direction when available evidence is allowed to be filtered and constrained by those with prejudices or fear that their narratives will be damaged.

Clearly the tapes need to be made available to the public by McCarthy or Tucker Carlson so that thousands of people have the opportunity to do the work that a few could never conclude. Since most of the government’s case has been aired, using only cherry-picked limited footage, it seems almost impossible that the newly released video will continue to bode well for prosecutors. Now they’ll have to work for convictions even in Washington DC within their biased and prejudiced courts.Jan 6 tapes anatomy of a cover-up.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!