FJB/Buttigieg awol for neighbors

En Garde in the bunker…

Coursing through the comments threads to nail both FJBiden and his seriously-debilitated Pete the Tweet Buttigieg is quite the exercise. But beginning right at the front of Tucker’s short-but-sweet expose’ will lead us into the full content, towards the outstanding contribution from President Donald John Trump.

John Rourke of Blue Line Moving was one of the people who worked the logistics of bringing supplies donated by President Trump to the people of East Palestine, Ohio. President Trump thanked Mr. Rourke personally and publicly for his efforts in supporting the visit. Additionally, Mr. Rourke appeared with Fox News Tucker Carlson to give his overall impression of what President Trump’s visit meant to the people of Ohio and the region. You can check that link down below.

FJB/Buttigieg awol for neighbors … plus falling up the steps of AF1…

Cutting to the chase of serious content, We the (90 million+) People have an installed senile pretender who never got close to 81 million claimed votes, with his controlling psycopaths destroying the country, with everyone but The Lost 10% knowing it. Meanwhile, the real President shows up and puts up his own cash to help others. Mmmmm.

So what does a good neighbor do, when you are in need?  They show up and bring some comfort. Which is what PDJT did. Food, water, supplies. He can’t fix it alone, but he did try and bring an emotional support to Americans who need it. It must be very hard for him,knowing fully the resources we have,that could have been used immediately to help our Ohio neighbors,and weren’t.

1 Peter 5:8.This is Biden and his administration: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour


Country Doc from the comments thread has a lot to say about it all: The crimes being committed against us as a people, as a nation, as communities, are egregious enough against the US constitution that people should hang. Worthy of charging the line, taking the hill — but there is no effective place to put our energy and organization. In fact, your rights to free speech, to assemble, to stay armed, for fairness in a court of law — are all now questionable.

For all that I love CTH, we must not get too organized. There is no means to plan and act, get to know one another. If we start acting like something will happen, we will be de plat-formed again like what happened with Word Press. Believe me when I say I’m inspired by this, I really am. I believe Trump did a good thing. I believe John Roarke’s tears are real. I think Tucker is doing a good thing by showing the salt-of-the-earth common people in a small town chanting “USA” as PDJT comes personally pointing out the failures of Biden and Buttigieg and their failure to do their job. FAILURES!

Sad to see a community overwhelmed by a disaster that may well have been staged, with real harm done. Sad because there is a community depending on government and their funding at the federal level (Big Money) to clean it up. Sad, because emotional manipulation is about the main tool left to get anything done. PDJT has no authority but his own, the small town hardly has no means, the government ears of FEMA, Buttigieg, Biden, EPA, and prosecution of the railway, are deaf as doorposts. The sympathetic responsible reactions of the railway are absent. And the laws to relax safety measures were likely bought out.

Who is John Roark? What is the business of Blue Line Moving? Why are the uniforms of Blue Line Moving in camouflage (like Zelenskyyy)? Tucker concludes, “It’s a good thing rural America is Peace Loving”, as if to say, you good America, moral, non ]-violent, patient, people just keep being the good people you are. PDJT was not passive. He equalized the Tariff System to restore the value of the American Market from Corporate Globalists back to Main Street. He doesn’t have that authority anymore because we don’t have fair elections anymore. We are being “handled”. Go ahead, tell us your feelings, feel your outrage. Good people, keep being patient. Trust the Plan, Trust the process. Look at that moral fortitude and patience.


From Marcia, Retired Magistrate here: Here in Ohio we love President Trump. Most of Ohio is MAGA country; the exceptions are Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati. Rural Ohio (and there is still a lot of Ohio that is rural) and most small towns are big Trump supporters because they consist of the forgotten men and women of America. Ohio voted for President Trump by 8.6 points in 2016 and 8 points in 2020.

Yes, I understand that President Trump cares for all U.S. citizens, but right now with the environmental disaster which occurred in East Palestine, Ohio his focus on this small town is very important to the citizens of Ohio. With all the other issues President Trump is dealing with right now – the continued witch hunt – for him to take the time and make the effort to go to East Palestine means a lot; this is what a real President does. [end]


FJB/Buttigieg awol for neighbors

The lack of leadership on the part of our representatives, who are not leaders, is borderline criminal. As Mr. Rourke pointed out, putting up illegals in fancy hotels, giving away billions of our tax dollars to border jumpers, schooling them, giving them free health care, Social Security benefits, driver’s licenses, all while ignoring actual citizens of this country, who are suffering from no fault of their own, but because of actual government malfeasance, is truly traitorous. It’s the definition of it.

One hopes America is watching and learning. Ukraine counts and we don’t. The corrupt and seriously failing FJBiden administration busies itself with the optics of FJB going to Ukraine on the same day as Putin’s Russian State of the Union speech. They ignore the optics of ignoring Americans in East Palestine, Ohio and Beaver County, Pennsylvania. One would normally think that the OBO#44 crowd would make sure that Americans don’t feel gut-punched right now. Contact your congressmen and senators. Not one more cent for Ukraine. Not one. THERE!

Think of the force multiplier if we all do a little to help! Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country! We will fix this joke of abomination eventually, but the people of OH and PA need help now. It was action that got the EPA head and Buttplug-Buttigieg to go to OH. The optics of the EPA/FEMA silence, of FJBiden speaking, tripping, and falling in Poland and EPA head in Africa for climate change, contrasted totally against Trump in OH was a brilliant move. THANK YOU FELLOW AMERICANS!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thank you President Donald John Trump for taking the time needed to do what’s right and required to keep America great and strong, while identifying the traitors to the Constitution. ALL of them!