Jan 6 and Leftist’s ominous agenda

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John Bumpus, on comments thread: “What was the point of the Democrats’ Jan. 6 hoax?” For purposes of getting to the truth it was a coup against a duly elected President of the United States – Donald John Trump.

The so-called ‘insurrection’ was designed to stop the CHALLENGES being made to the counting of fraudulent electoral votes from those States where the election was stolen (the fear being that the challenges might succeed, so they had to be stopped). Yours truly had no doubt that Pelosi, Schumer and probably others like McConnell knew all about this scam beforehand, and when the present Congress finishes its real investigation, we will all know that the bad actors on January 6 were Antifa types engaged in a ‘false flag’ operation at the behest of the demoMarxocrat D’rats with the assistance of the FJBLie and other Federal alphabet agencies.

But one thing about lies – the truth will ALWAYS come out, sooner, later, or eventually! The demoMarxocrat D’rats must now be at least somewhat terrified, with those of us assured that the end result will be the complete and utter destruction of a political force within the United States – THAT! [end]

Jan 6 and Leftist’s ominous agenda. Liz  ‘bagpipes’ Cheney

As Banastre Tarleton expresses it, the Dem-Bolsheviks don’t need to foment a civil war as a pretext to crush MAGA forces as they have already won by using Covid to push for mail-in voting, thereby corrupting the voting system beyond repair. By mailing out a flood of ballots to all asunder, then sending out a small army of ”community organizers” to collect them by nefarious methods, they have found a way to rig elections

They tried it first in 2018, then they succeeded in 2020 of cheating Trump, then in 2022 they did it all again just to prove they can. The fact remains that the REPs seemingly aren’t ever going to win another national election and just to reinforce the point they’ve already opened up the southern border to invite a Third World invasion in anticipation for an eventual illegal amnesty and migrant coup d’etat – THAT!

Sensible folk are reading the writing on the wall, insomuch as there needs to be a national divorce and a declaration of ”States Rights” ASAP to salvage what can be saved from the former United States of America, and there needs to be a ”pragmatic partition” of the country, something akin to what happened with India/Pakistan in 1947

What has gone so wrong in America cannot be fixed by an election, even if they were not corrupted, as there has been a radical transformation of the national mind-set by the radical Left in control of the MSM, the Universities/schools and their ”Long march through the institutions.” THE USA needs to RIP!

Robert Spencer, FrontPageMag: ‘What the Jan 6 Revelations Confirm about the Left’s Ominous Agenda’ ….

The larger, more insidious goal at the [very] heart of the Democrats’ “investigation”. What was the point of the Democrats’ Jan. 6 hoax? Now that Tucker Carlson has provided abundant confirmation (with more on the way) that there was no “insurrection” on Jan. 6, 2021, and that the Democrat leadership knew full well that there wasn’t even as they went full-throttle with their narrative, the question is inevitable: why? What were Leftists hoping to accomplish? Some obvious answers are that they hoped to destroy Donald Trump as a political force once and for all and discredit and demoralize his supporters. But there was clearly a larger, more insidious goal as well: the Democrats hoped with their fabricated Jan. 6 “insurrection” to create the pretext to do nothing less than destroy their legitimate opposition, not rhetorically but in a real sense, so that America would henceforth be functionally a one-party state in which only one point of view would be allowed.

In my new book, The Sumter Gambit: How the Left Is Trying to Foment A Civil War, I lay out the entire strategy, which is not just political but cultural as well. The Left has for quite some time been deploying what I call the “Sumter Gambit,” that is, trying to provoke patriots into an act of resistance that they can use as a pretext to start nothing less than a new civil war. (Kids, the first civil war started when the forces of the Confederacy, the states that had declared their independence from the United States, fired on federal troops in Fort Sumter, which is in Charleston Harbor, S.C., in April 1861.) [-]

[+] … On Sept. 1, 2022, in a nationally televised address, Old Joe Biden revealed the next part of the Left’s strategy. In a dark, threatening speech before an ominous red-and-black background and flanked by two Marines in full dress uniform, Biden declared that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” The message couldn’t have been clearer: the establishment Left, entrenched in power in the United States but deeply afraid of losing that power, was intent on criminalizing political opposition. Dissent from Biden’s agenda, and you could end up with the thought police breaking down your door at four a.m.

“Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal,” Biden complained. “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” After making this frankly authoritarian statement, the corrupt senescent liar in the White House had the unspeakable audacity to add, “But I’m an American president — not the president of red America or blue America, but of all America.” [-]

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Jan 6 and Leftist’s ominous agenda. Liz Cheney ‘doxed’ Dinesh D’Souza’s brilliant documentary. Shame!

Everybody knew AntiFa street-trash were there, having been sporadically harassing/attacking Trump supporters unchecked as early as Jan 5th. Nancy Pelosi the scheming liar knew exactly that the set-up had a high chance of success, hence, she had a personal video crew thrown together by her daughter, ready to record her staged reaction. (almost as staged as AOC’s photo-op at a chain link fence in a vacant lot – posing as a “detention center”).

God alone knows, but Liz Cheney became utterly indefensible from any and all acts of terrorism, while her father “faux-brave man that he is” never having served in the military nor having to fight wars, yet forever seeming to profit immensely from them – kept our young people dying big-time. Soulless dirt-bags that they became.

As David Ray says in the closure: I once highly admired both of them. Hence the sting of betrayal was heavy. Lizzy showed she was pure bull***t when she dismissed Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary “2000 Mules” as debunked. Her dad showed his rot when he called Trump a coward for fighting against undeniable election fraud. The selfsame Cheney who was there when Al Gore nearly stole Bush’s election in 2000. Jan 6 and Leftist’s ominous agenda.

We had their back; yet they turned theirs on us. TURNCOATS!