Donald Trump man for all seasons..

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Lydia, from comments thread: “Trust and respect? Try distrust and disdain. The Regime and the ruling Uniparty took what very little trust in government was left and ground it into the dirt. Same for the medical establishment, military, law enforcement, media, universities, and every other institution that has set itself against the American people.

“We saw the mindset clearly in Hillary’s “Deplorables” speech. Anyone on the Left could have given it, and we soon learned that anyone on the Right in the District of Criminals had the same opinions. Too much power, too much money, too much arrogance, and too much contempt. When you realize someone hates you, trusting them isn’t an option. They don’t even bother to hide their scorn and spite anymore.

“Since Tucker showed nothing more of the video cache, it seems clear that Fox was coerced to shut it down. When you have a government and intelligence community capable of manufacturing evidence or blowing up pipelines, any number of threats could be used to squash the story. [end]

Donald Trump man for all seasons tackles the enemy … When in the course of … Freedom!!

After two years of having mush pounded into their brains from every possible source, Americans on the other side of the political fence aren’t likely to shed their faith in lies, including the Biggest Lie of All – that FJB was “Elected“. It’s what keeps them in line, benefit lines, that is. Just as the early colonists found themselves with nothing in common with Tories who fled during and after the American revolution, the separation between citizen and government-dependent is becoming quite clear. More than anything else, the threat to Americans is dependency on government for anything, including the truth.

As we hurtle on and off toward a war with Russia the American people do not want or support, a catastrophic economic collapse that is largely preventable except for the insane machinations of an unelected junta in DC, and the rise of lawlessness and rampant violence in our urban areas incited by racist blacks, racialist whites, and neo-Marxist megalomaniacs on the coasts, haunted by the stolen election of 2020, and the specter of a former “OBO#44-president” who promised “fundamental transformation” – and somehow evidently delivered. But where?!

Our founders had no trust in Government, especially the one they themselves created and led while attempting to limit its power. Fast forward to today and there’s absolutely no reason we should be as trusting. “The Big Guy” cut on last years budget is $730B. Add on what they get from the Mexican cartels and you can probably add another $100B on top of that.

This is what living under tyranny is like. Don’t believe your lying eyes folks, or we might send a goon squad to arrest you for silently praying.

Gavin Wax, American Greatness: ‘Donald Trump Reemerges as the Republican Alpha at CPAC’ ….

Trump has galvanized and, dare I say, weaponized these American kulaks against the entire rotten apparatus. He has given the gift of true class consciousness to the common American man and woman.

At the 2023 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Donald Trump demonstrated, once again, why he remains leader of the Republican Party. He made it clear that he should not be displaced until long after his 2024 presidential primary victory.

Trump showed the rhetorical brilliance that vaulted him from political outsider to the heir to Ronald Reagan in an instant. At a time when too many Republican politicians stumble over each other for positions just to lurch back toward the middle and lose their mettle, Trump gave the base the red meat they needed to hear.

“And if you put me back in the White House, their reign is over. Their reign will be over, and they know it,” Trump said, referring to his globalist enemies.

“We’re not a free nation right now. We don’t have a free press. We don’t have a free anything. In 2016, I declared, ‘I am your voice.’ Today I add: I am your warrior, I am your justice, and for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution!”.

No traditional 21st-century American politician would dare speak in such terms, risking being tagged as a hatemonger, a fascist, a racist, or any of the other pejoratives used by the fake news media. Just look at Trump’s present competition, announced and anticipated in 2024, for examples of reticence in the face of globalist authority. [-]

[+] …  Our great leader has already suffered so much—indignities that few could fathom—attacks that would send most men into retreat or even surrender. But Trump does not know when or maybe even how to give up. The fight animates him. The odds will be against him in 2024, but this is a man who is emboldened by adversity and sees overcoming the insurmountable as a challenge worthy of the endeavor. The 2024 presidential race is the final challenge of a man who will go down as one of America’s most noteworthy and controversial historical figures.

Trump has earned a chance to finish the job that he started. He created the America First movement, inventing a new populist movement on the Right with his unrepentant bravado. Trump must be given a chance to avenge the crimes of the 2020 presidential election, the election fraud that must be denied no matter the evidence. When he wins the Republican nomination, and if he wins back the presidency, he shall be the righteous hand of vengeance that the American people need. No candidate will be able to come close to achieving these ends. We need the Republican Alpha in office to renew this country. [end]

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Donald Trump man for all seasons ..

For yours truly, to cut to the chase it’s as simple as an unaccountable ruling establishment that actually governs against our best interests – no hyperbole needed – going about informing us of who we can or can’t choose as our president, who not so coincidentally was the same guy they stole it from last time. Outrageously-so!

Since we desire to fight this fight then, what better hill to stand your ground upon. By God, but you will not tell us who or who isn’t is acceptable to you, especially after you’ve sold us down the river in a thousand different ways within the span of only a couple of years. Additionally there’s no one more motivated to pull the curtain back on these also-ran’s so that everyone can see just how dirty their dealings are and have been for the past umpteen years.

Flying cars and freedom cities seem somewhat over the top, but the man who earnestly governs in our best interests, in spite of constantly having to perform a rear guard action against all the backstabbers making up a good portion of the right wing of that sick and evil bird – ie the uniparty – we must have him precisely because they’re telling us we can’t have him.Yes we can!

That and its huge karmic justice and catharsis for we “kulak’s“. All we Maga deplorables want is to re-institute the active pursuit of “The American Idea” in its original form where all men are created equal at the starting gate, and then allowed to let merit decide the rest. Donald Trump man for all seasons – THAT!

And on that note time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!