J6 Defendants punished not Dems

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Right off the top, what irritates most Americans – and especially those associated with the January 6 Capital event now described as a “threat to democracy” and “obstructing an official proceeding” – is that in a Constitutional Republic, where it is the job of the elected leaders to orchestrate official proceedings, it should be those very same leaders conducting the proceedings, and not the public, using their First Amendment protection to make certain that any such proceeding was legal as prescribed by the US Constitution.

In this particular case, one Louie Gohmert and crew weren’t “obstructing an official proceeding”. If anything they were attempting to make sure it was very much a legal proceeding which was something unfortunately, their representatives seemed unconcerned about. If the proceeding wasn’t legal, ie based upon the illegality associated with some of the votes that weren’t obtained as prescribed by Constitutional Article II, and to insure the veracity of each vote, then every member of Congress who took an oath to uphold the Constitution may have been partaking in an “illegal official proceeding” while ignoring tens of thousands of patriots attempting to tell their elected representatives to do the Constitutionally-correct thing.

J6 Defendants punished not Dems. Alphabets all over Jan 6 insurgents…

The January 6 Defendants shouldn’t even have been needed to rely on the protection afforded by the First Amendment to make certain that their representatives did the right thing. The legislators themselves, should have known exactly what to do. If anything, having been privy to the knowledge that the election, in many states, was based upon abundant and glaring violations of both State and Constitutional election law – which most likely permitted the ubiquitous presence of counterfeit and fraudulent votes – then it wasn’t the public that was “obstructing an official proceeding” but instead, the Congress that was allowing what was most probably an “illegal proceeding” to take place!

The so-called “J6 Insurrection” was a bogus event instigated by members of the demoMarxocrat Party and anti-Maga globalist elites. Flesh that out and shout it from the rooftops and you have properly addressed the J6 boondoggle. Pence, the elections, etc are related but separate matters. On the other hand, Pelosi needs to turn over her communications from Jan 6 and the days leading up to it. The actions of the Biden DOJ since that time also need to be investigated.

Louie Gohmert, American Greatness: ‘Justice Department Punishes J6 Defendants but Not Democrats’ …

Why didn’t the Department of Justice hold the 2016 Democratic congressional obstructionists to the same standard as those now being charged with obstructing an official proceeding on January 6?

It has been said that if not for the Left’s double standards, they would have no standards at all. That rings true for a whole host of reasons. How does one begin to describe the depth and breadth of Democratic Party hypocrisy?

From ignoring their own mask mandates as they hobnob with celebrities and hopping on private jets as they lecture us about “climate change” to complaining about “the rich” from their energy guzzling, multimillion-dollar mansions, Democrats never fail to provide us with examples of their bad faith and double-dealing.

Perhaps one of the most egregious examples, however, is the demonization of political opponents by House Democrats while cheerleading the Biden Justice Department’s prosecution of January 6 protesters with charges of “obstructing an official proceeding.” All the while, mind you, Democrats are ignoring their own hours-long obstruction of an official proceeding just a few short years ago when Republicans held the majority in the House.

Likely forgotten by most Americans today thanks to the media’s love affair with all things liberal, the incident took place in June 2016 when Democrats staged a raucous “sit-in” in the House chamber where they blocked official business from occurring for roughly 26 hours. There were reports of House furniture being damaged and congressional staffers being mistreated and yet there were no outlandish cries of insurrection and certainly no mention of there being an obstruction of an official proceeding, even though that’s clearly what happened. One House Democrat admitted, “We fully appreciate that we are in full violation of the rules.” [-]

[+] … There was violence on January 6 and violent offenders have been and will be punished, especially if they are Trump supporters. Had the protesters been Democrats and leftists, the narrative surrounding January 6 would read more like a Seattle fairytale “Summer of Love” than the “American Horror Story” that the Orwellian Left has so chillingly perpetuated.

Why didn’t the Department of Justice hold the 2016 Democratic congressional obstructionists to the same standard as those now being charged with obstructing an official proceeding on January 6? The belief that no individual is above the law, and holding public and private citizens to the same standard, should be of the utmost importance.

Of course, should this occur, it would mean those currently in power actually have some standards. And we can’t have that, can we? [end]

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J6 Defendants punished not Dems. A pence for the earworm Spy Pence. Turncoat shows true colors as the enemy within…

When Vice President Pence decided to ratify the election states, consider that they were not all approved by the state legislators, they being just as befuddled as were the demonstrating patriotic Americans to the purity of the votes that the Vice President decided to certify, despite having just been told that what he planned to do many legislators objected to.

He had to sincerely believe that the election states he was certifying, faithfully represented the will of the voters and not what tens of thousands of ordinary patriotic Americans believed; based upon what they witnessed on national TV; upon the circumvention of election laws; eyewitness accounts and counterfeiting and fraud claims, easily verifiable, so that the “official proceeding” appeared more like a “disguised coup” than a “democratic election.”

Nevertheless. J6 Defendants punished not Dems.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to keep America Great – MAGA! KAG!