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Go ahead, make my..

Paul H. Yarbrough is a fellow Texas resident with an eye to journalistic brilliance in brevity, and it is to him I turn this fine morning of the upcoming State of the Union address, to illustrate his disdain of one, Adam Schiff and his bloviating pomposity. And what a wonderful happenstance going on ‘under the covers’ as it were up there in the so-called land of political theater, the state of Iowa. All kinds of rumors, and rumors of rumors. Heck, all we need to know is Gyorgy Schwartz-HillaryRob’em Soros.

But I digress.

Forget the word ‘impeachment’ and strike it from your vocabulary; rather insert Iowa into ‘caucus collusion’, or ‘election meddling’, or ‘ballot finessing’ … mmmmm … So, the demoMarxocrats are admitting that election fraud is real? Who would’ve guessed?

President keeping tabs on Bernie Sanders…

Could it be, perhaps, the aforementioned demoMarxocrats risk Bernie supporters sitting it out? But surely they don’t care if they do. Not one of the Iowa candidates on display can beat Trump, they know that. More to the truth is they just don’t want Bernie to be the reason, for fear he’ll take down the entire party into oblivion; which likely will happen anyway as there isn’t an ounce of difference between all the leftist candidates. Consider it’s just that the others try to hide their socialism while Bernie is open about it.

And let’s not forget the State of the Union address tonight, which will be full of all the positives the president has brought about DESPITE the interference and entanglements attempted by Schiffty Schiff and the rest of the criminals. Even in Iowa!

On to Paul H. Yarbrough and: Adam Schiff Bypassing American Exceptionalism for Lies and more Lies’… (full content without ads) …

WASHINGTON: How could it be expected otherwise: this torturous impeachment process that the politically cluttered minds of men (and women) of mediocrity have expounded (mostly Democrats this cycle)? Now, having fully exposed this impeachment charade, this mob-rule mentality: this is not truly what should be called, American Exceptionalism.

Paying nine cents to watch Adam Schiff deliver a closing argument would be a dime more than it is worth. But anyone who watched it in America would be exceptional. At least they would have an exceptional stomach.

After all, American exceptionalism is “The Super Bowl.” Paying $7,000.00 for a ticket to watch it is not. Such expenditure is simply overkilling. How much more does a guy get for his money at seven grand per peek than the guy who watches on the 75″ big screen for no more than a four-hour electric bill?

‘As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly’: Proverbs 26:11

But watching the psychologically challenged Adam Schiff babble platitudes, sprinkled with his average number of lies was (is) hardly worth the electric bill.

The “world’s greatest deliberate body” allowed the world’s biggest dolt to come into its chambers. One must pity the tortured souls of Senators (Republicans this cycle). They had to be there.

Democrats were also held captive but they must be loyal and pretend (to not be sick). Nevertheless, this pretense will cost them forever the stigma of this idiotic impeachment scam. They are about to caucus in Iowa. They should do it in a cornfield where cameras can’t find them.

It seems almost every day or night on the news there is some horror story about California: Fires, illegal immigrants, recall petitions, homelessness with its concomitant diseases of typhus caused by filth and waste.

With those problems facing it daily and foursquare, it is possibly a small wonder that a lying madman like Adam Schiff is turning loose on the American landscape. It could well be the case that he is elected simply to get him as far away from California as possible-3000 miles.

It simply defies the imagination to come up with an appropriate description (forget analysis) of the worthless, damning, and foolhardy remarks uttered by him.

It is lined with inaccuracies, lies, gibberish and political gobbledygook; not to mention virtually threatening the Senate with an unholy legacy if they fail to convict Donald Trump.

He even reached into the psyche and soul of the president by telling the Senate at least three times of the President’s inability to ever change. Then reminding them of the President’s intention of fixing the next election—possibly by giving Russia Alaska—YES! This moron actually said this.

Perhaps this writer should remind himself of the Proverb above. This fool ain’t worth the folly no more. [end]

State of the Union always a thrill…

Pardon me for thinking outside the circle, but I can’t help but believe that a pretty big section of old-style Tip O’Neill Democrats have had it with shrieking identity politics, men in ladies’ bathrooms, 2 billion pronouns, and constantly being told how racist and horrible we are because we are (gulp!) white. Look out for this chunk of Democrats to defect big time in November. It recently happened in the UK of my birth (ie Labor/Conservative revolt), and I think we are definitely ripe for it here.

Especially so this evening, when the president wraps up his list of achievements DESPITE the despicable behavior of half the audience he’s addressing.

Put all that together with a likely 20% black vote and independents who see the Democrats clearly for the totalitarian-do-nothings that they are, and you’re looking at a wipeout for Dems come November. Then tag on the President’s coattails, and say bye-bye House Democrats.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump, We the (63 million) People’s president – MAGA! KAG!


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