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A big part of the story here that hasn’t been emphasized enough is that not only did the Democrat puppeteers fail in their agitprop, but their deep state media swamp-dweller ventriloquist dummies weren’t able to pull the public along.

Rather more to the point was ‘Trump accused of doing a good job’. Rooting out Democrat corruption, particularly the deep state swamp dwellers was one of the main platforms he ran on. I mean, just look at the objective data: lowest unemployment in 50 years, highest stock market, fewer terrorists (dead men walking) – ie 3 biggies bite the dust, and no major wars.

That is some kind of record – and all within the Democrat confines of ‘impeach fawty-fie; impeach fawty-fie’ – speech-impediment or not.

Seriously, Democrats have been investigating Trump, their political rival, since 2016; actually, since the glide down the escalator with the beautiful first lady in Trump Tower. They even got at least 3 foreign government intel agencies involved, Italy, Australia and UK. So what, exactly, has been their message?

Through the escalator ride to the presidency…

Investigate Republican political rivals = “GOOD”; investigate Democrat political rivals = “BAD”; investigate a compromised lying deep state media swamp = “VERY BAD”. Then there’s the ‘Transcript’; no incriminating evidence of any wrongdoing. No quid pro quo, no bribery, no nuthin’; nada.

Secondly, with no incriminating evidence and no firsthand knowledge by any RINO that is superior to any of the other phony opinions offered, come accusations made upon political bias. RINO and leftist Democrat where is thy candor? Have you no sense of decency, sir? (little touch of political history there from the McCarthy hearing of the mid-50s).

Some things never change. The Democrat criminals surely never thought this would lead to the removal of the president. At least not one with the dynamics of Trump, We the (63 million) People’s ‘clean up the swamp’ warrior.

The only rationale that makes sense is that they used impeachment as a taxpayer-funded 2020 campaign ad. After all, they had nothing else. And according to the Democrat contenders fighting it out in Iowa, they STILL have nothing else.

Adam Mill (a pen name) in the Federalist: ‘Impeachment opened with Primal Screams, closed with a Whisper’…

On Friday, the arguable climax of Rep. Adam Schiff’s Senate trial of Donald Trump, The New York Times and The Washington Post published barely anything regarding impeachment. CNN published not one but two editorials suggesting it was time to move on.

The Get-Trump forces have deflated. Like a primal scream ending in soft whimpers, the impeachment charade has been a bust. “We are lost,” moaned Dana Milbank in his article in the Washington Post.

Milbank seems to have forgotten there’s an election in just a few months. The Democratic Party will soon have the opportunity to legally unseat the president. Milbank apparently hoped to skip a competitive election to award the presidency to his political ally. The Constitution can be so inconvenient to those seeking permanent power.

Milbank, like so many others in the left, argued that president’s Senate acquittal will be illegitimate. He argues, in the same article, no less, that “Once…prospects faded that [John] Bolton would be called as a witness. The trial degenerated into farce,” but that, “House managers tried their case too well.[-]

[+] … It must have been agony to listen to the untalented Schiff prance around for 24 hours during the debate. A Denver radio host, Mark Griffith, noted that Schiff sabotaged his case by speaking for so long. Had the Democrats kept their presentation short and concise, the media would have gladly carried the focused message to the public.

Instead, Schiff tortured senators with a repetitive loop of melodrama. At the end of his presentation, a few Democratic senators even considered acquitting.[-]

Link to conclusion below…

A warrior president and the flag of freedom…

Additional witnesses would have given their orchestrated campaign advertisement another month or two of run time. What’s truly awful is they used a process that’s intended to be used only in emergency situations to try and effect some minor electoral gain. In the 244 years of our history we’ve had two impeachment, Andrew Johnson, and Bill Clinton. This skullduggery of impeachment attempt on President Trump will go down in history as the Democrat spurious attempt to discredit the will of We the (63 million) People. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Everything anyone needs to know the closer and closer Tuesday, November 3 approaches and ‘Vote Trump 2020’:

►He isn’t an equality extremist trying to steal your efforts and money to subsidize people with “free everything.”
►He isn’t an anti-gun psychopath willing to blame all accidents, and purposeful murder on the mechanical instrument used to accomplish the task.
►He isn’t a supporter of baby murder for the sake of convenience up until birth.
►He is a support of the US. The american dream. The american way, and american culture.
►He supports limiting drug trade with a wall, and the migration of criminals over the border.
►He removed the Obamacare mandate (buy healthcare! or we will punish you!)
►He had the biggest package of tax cuts in history.
►His policies are reflective of “freedom to…”

Contrast with Democrats who want more taxes, want everyone to work for the government, and are supplied everything they need from the government from each according to their ability, to each according to their need, all while eliminating options (and freedom) to make your own choices, be responsible, and handle your own life all while shoving political correctness down your throat to benefit the smirking equality extremists. Democrats have policies reflective of “freedom from…” which is the helpless oppression narrative.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Adam Mill, the Federalist: ‘Impeachment opened with Primal Screams, closed with a Whisper

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