The Inefficacy Of Obama’s Reign…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Let’s face it right up front, folks – Barack Insane Obama is very far from being the lamest of the lame ducks ever to grace the American political arena; he will forever remain the most dangerous person in the history of the United States. Even after leaving office (willingly or unwillingly) he will continue to do as much damage to the nation as possible. His goal (long before his two illegal elections were made certain by massive voter fraud, never forgetting the “open mic” comment about Vladimir Putin) was to destroy or at least do the greatest damage possible in bringing down the Republic. He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever and never will. He has done nothing positive to the benefit of the United States going on for 12 years since he emerged unknown from the slums of Chicago in 2004.

Need a little reminder?

Race relations, the economy, the debt, the shaky foreign policy, and the Islamic Muslim problem have, in my opinion, only just begun. A key component of all Marxist and Muslim Brotherhood manipulation (and Obama is nothing if not a manipulative Marxist Islamic Muslim sympathizer) is to have the mines he laid explode after he has left the area, so he can caterwaul how everything was fine until he was no longer in charge, while collecting his pension, playing golf, perhaps having Bill Ayers write another book for him, etc, etc, etc. Sadly, the same people who fainted at his speeches and elected him twice will continue to believe him and his destructive rhetoric. And the dirty little secret is, unfortunately, that although the Republicans have supplanted the DemoMarxist majorities in Congress, they are no more different and just as corrupt; RINOs in name and hence the sudden rise of Trumpism. This is going to get much worse after he’s gone, and even then the Manchurian Candidate plant will still be sashaying around continuing to pour fuel on the fires of divisiveness he has set aflame. Obama has…

  • Gutted the military and seems hell-bent on making it a feminazi brigade.
  • Gutted NASA.
  • Effectively destroyed the greatest medical system in existence.
  • Paralyzed our national energy sources (coal, oil & electrical systems).
  • Destroyed thousands of jobs/business structures.
  • Created a SNAPper dependency of 48,000,000.
  • And became King of the abortionists, sodomites, pedophiles and government liars.

Nobody is arguing that Obama should have done nothing, and pointing out his flagrant disregard for the rule of law, his serial deceptions, and his rank hypocrisy (i.e. his so-called “record”) is not “as gutless as it gets,” it’s actually called stating the truth. If you are genuinely looking for solutions, then try doing the opposite of what Obama has done for the past 8 years as in:

  1. Respect the Constitution.
  2. Offer a responsible and meaningful budget.
  3. Reign in the IRS, EPA, and every other government agency that has become an instrument of Social Justice.
  4. Stop dividing Americans along racial, class, and gender lines.
  5. Enforce current immigration law.
  6. Seal off the Southern border.
  7. Reform the tax code.
  8. Get a clue as to how our free market capitalist economy works.
  9. Repeal your dysfunctional healthcare law that is doing nothing you claimed it would.
  10. Restore our military budget.
  11. Stand by Israel and strongly support them as opposed to constantly fawning over anyone Islamic.
  12. The next time you negotiate with Iran, “get in their faces” and “bring a gun to a knife fight.”
The Emperor has no clothes...

The Emperor has no clothes…

If Obama had done absolutely nothing more than renew Bush’s tax rates for another ten years and had gone off on a permanent golfing vacation for both terms, he would have emerged, and been hailed as, an economic genius. The economy would have rebounded instantly (remember the august and greatest president of the modern era, Ronald Wilson Reagan) and would be flying high on a super growth rate right now. And that is only had he done next to nothing. Unfortunately the truth remains that there hasn’t been one thing Obama has intentionally done that has been good for the country since he was forced on us in 2004.

The Emperor indeed has no clothes. Period. Over. Out.

Now on to Victor Davis Hanson from PJMedia … 

Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson

President Obama is boxed in a state of paralysis—more so than typical lame-duck presidents.

His hard-left politics have insidiously eroded the Democratic Party, which has lost both houses of Congress and the vast majority of the state legislatures, state elected offices, and governorships. Obama has redefined the black vote, as a necessary, no-margin-of-error 95% bloc majority to offset his similar creation of an increasingly monolithic 65% bloc white vote. We are no longer individual voters, but, in Chicago-politics style, merely faceless “Latinos,” “Asians,” “African-Americans,” “gays,” “women,” and now “whites.”

Obama issues a new initiative—and the nation snoozes. He wastes the day on the golf links—and the nation snoozes. He smear his critics, invites a rapper to the White House whose latest album cover has a dead white judge lying in front of the White House—and the nation snoozes. He cozies up to America’s enemies and snubs our friends—and the nation snoozes. For the nth time, he blusters about closing down Guantanamo—and the nation snoozes. He opens the border even wider to welcome in more illegal aliens and future constituents—and the nation snoozes. Lame duckstry means not even being able to wake up your opponents.

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