Incoherent Biden G7 star attraction

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Anybody else out there like yours truly wondering from where the amount of money that the FJB administration wants to spend everywhere is just astonishing, to the point where one really must doubt that we have that much anymore, while pontificating inwardly that each and every one of the other G7 nations are in a bit of financial difficulty. Why – or can’t they – pay up and be done with it?!

Consider for instance, that every time FJB makes a financial promise the amount of money he promises gets bigger and bigger and bigger, although not having quite yet spent it all, he reverts back to just promising. “A little dab’ll do you”, then!

Make no mistake about it, but there has to be a reckoning to all of this irresponsible flinging of money that we definitely don’t have, despite all of these promises that entrenched FJB and his mob has made that will probably never, ever be fulfilled. The USA after all, has been somewhat of a Sugar Daddy to the world and it has never crossed the minds of those supposedly in charge that we might not be able to deliver. “Fast times at Ridgemont High” has long ago passed by for a lot of people out there in the world still depending on us to pay their bills.

Incoherent Biden G7 star attraction

Consider for an instant that “Oppression” has been a constant factor in human history. The strong have almost always taken advantage of the weak, the poor, and the isolated – and all for many different reasons. Whether because of sheer corruption of power or greedy manipulation for personal gain, powerful men and women have made the lives of ordinary, powerless people miserable. If questioned about it, many of the former would simply say with a shrug, “That’s the way the world works and how the cookie crumbles.”

Yet, the wheel continues to turn. Before long, the new rulers become the new oppressors. Another generation of average Joes and Janes feels the bite of tyranny. A primary means of repression throughout history has been economic in nature. If a person or a group can be kept at the subsistence level – that is, financially able to afford only the bare necessities of life – both he or it can be controlled.

Incoherent Biden G7 star attraction.

This pitiful old man aka FJB and his cheat-charts has totally lost his mind and has cemented our place at the bottom rung of the economic ladder, as he fully intends to handicap America with pledged debt that we can never, ever make good on. Remember that every one of these so-called “private” investment projects is 90% subsidized by American tax dollars, or more specifically American debt obligations, since we are – according to all definitions – broke. Yet still another grand step in the America Last Agenda.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Biden Pledges Billions to Control Brown People Infrastructure and Communication’..

Western leaders, specifically including the G7, have a serious problem. Their collective energy and economic policy, a chase for the climate change and corporate financial agenda, have created the downstream consequences of global food shortages and third-world instability. The non-industrial nations will now, once again, suffer as a direct result of Western ideology and arrogance.

To combat the pesky third-world pitch forks, today Joe Biden announced the U.S. will lead the G7 in a series of advanced spending measures intended to control how the pain inflicted by the industrialized nations will surface to the rest of the world. Western media must not let the suffering of the brown people become visible, lest people start to connect the dots and realize the G7 is an ideologically racist and exploitative enterprise.

To soften the reality of the brown people suffering, the leftist administration of Joe Biden will spend $200 billion to mitigate the damage.

(1) To increase dependency and control the third-world population the G7 will finance a vaccine manufacturing facility in Senegal.  The breeding of the brown people must be controlled – climate change policy demands it. 

(2) To control the optics of the third-world complaining about it, the G7 will mobilize $335 million in private capital to control the communication systems in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  The brown people must not discover the nature of their exploitation; and the citizens within the G7 nations must not find out their government is exploiting the brown people. Wouldn’t look good.

(3) The United States will spend $50 million over five years to support gender equity in the developing world increasing the friction between brown women and brown men, while ignoring cultural differences and forcing the social ideology of the West upon them.  And finally…. 

(4) The G7, fearing third-world instability and anger from the brown people that could disrupt their supply chains, the U.S. and Western nations will now seek to increase their control of mining for mineral deposits needed for G7 batteries – and will fund more railroads and ports to export the critical material to the West more quickly. [-]

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Incoherent Biden G7 star attraction

Man’s wars not only slay thousands or millions of men, women, and children, but they also destroy valuable farmland and demolish vital industrial, manufacturing, and merchant businesses. Armies have one job: to kill people and break things. Thus, bereft of both workers and a viable system of commerce, a war-torn society often experiences shortages of food, water, and other necessities. Famine is a consequence of man’s inhumanity. Oppression is part of a cycle of turmoil and strife endemic to humanity.

Usually, this cycle begins with a period of justice and relative freedom enjoyed by a majority of a populace. It is soon marred, however, by increasing government intrusion into the personal affairs of the citizenry, oftentimes in the form of rising taxes and severe regulation or restriction of employment, trade, speech, movement, and association. This situation creates a powerful, elite group of rulers who inevitably amass and hoard much of the nation’s wealth, leaving pitifully little to be distributed to the squalid masses.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thankfully, We the (90 million+) People have a warrior-president forever doing his darnedest to preserve and protect the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America and make it great again – MAGA! and KAG!