Don’t laugh at man falling off bike…

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In reality this is a deliberate plan by people who know exactly what they’re doing and who are achieving exactly what they want.” — too true. “Don’t laugh at man falling off bike.”

Joe Biden aka FJB is in the oval office for one reason; plausible deniability of a fraudulent election, a man we are told is a believable excuse for a wholly unbelievable set of circumstances that don’t pass a third world sniff test. They’ve already started to turn on him, merely waiting to achieve as much ruin as his pen can handle. Perhaps they’ll anoint Kamala to check an “historic” race/gender box before her “surprising resignation” or decline to run as she is told.

Don’t laugh at man falling off bike … The demoMarxocrat dirge of death …

The US government, intelligence services, justice department and corporate media are all beyond corrupt and the “re-makers” are doing all they can to break our backs while bucketing water down on us and fretting about the rain. People like Graham, McConnell and Cornyn have betrayed the very people they claim to represent. Biden aka FJB was always a fraud and everyone knows it. He revels in it. The GOP that pretends to stand up for USA is a joke. It needs to be replaced by a serious political party. Heck, a guy who never ran for any public office dominated the whole party leadership away a few years ago. These guys are pathetic.

The GOP that pretends to stand up for the USA is no different than the demoMarxocrats who pretend to stand up for the middle and working class. In reality most of them are WEF/Davos stooges whose only job is to funnel public money to the unaccountable donors who got them elected in the first place. The op-ed following is somewhat abrasive in its honesty like most cautionary tales, yet people still have faith that their vote will mean something this coming November. We’ll see how much faith holds up following the election while yours truly is heartened that someone in the Conservative intelligentsia is writing about the true nature of the hostile, foreign regime that has seized the federal government and has set about consolidating its power.

Matter of fact I’ll go one step further concerning aka FJB, as I do believe he was hand picked for a job he was born and bred to do: make Americans feel humiliated as he humiliates America in front of the world. The ruling regime holds America and its people in contempt and with Brandon as the senile, imbecilic head of state, we’re fully getting what we deserve. So much so that as the header declares: “Don’t laugh at man falling off bike”…

Dan Gelernter, American Greatness: ‘Don’t Laugh at the Man Who Falls Off a Bicycle’ …

It’s true that we could all use a little humor in times of crisis, but news of Joe Biden falling off his bicycle isn’t funny, and this crisis is too serious. When you laugh at Biden, you grant him undeserved importance—as though he were president of the United States.

Biden is not president of the United States. He wasn’t elected, and he certainly isn’t running the country. We are reliving the twilight of the Wilson Administration: As Churchill put it in The Second World War, Wilson “suffered a paralytic stroke just as he was setting forth on his campaign, and lingered henceforward a futile wreck for a great part of two long and vital years.” In the meantime, historians have assured us, Wilson’s wife was running the country. If this is so, we may partially credit Edith Wilson with having laid the groundwork for World War II.

In reality, Edith was no more in charge in 1919 than Mrs. (I mean Dr.) Jill Biden is now. A weak or nonexistent president is an opportunity for professional politicians and professional bureaucrats to do what they most love: To exercise power without accountability. To steal it. To usurp it.

Look at funny Joe Biden, falling off his bicycle, losing his way back from the podium, losing his way in the middle of a sentence. The people who have stolen the office of president want you to look at him. They want you to blame him.

They want you to pretend that the utter destruction of America—of our economy, our property, our peace, our freedom, our ability to defend ourselves from madmen and from the government—is just an accidental result wrought by a comedy-clown president who’s lost his mind. In reality this is a deliberate plan by people who know exactly what they’re doing and who are achieving exactly what they want.

These people also want you to look forward to the next election. They want you to vote, to be excited about voting, to think of nothing else but the moment when you get to exercise your right to choose your own government and throw the bums out of office. Of course it will be a big disappointment to you when the outrage you thought was sweeping the nation doesn’t actually materialize—or when it disappears in the middle of the night while the polls are closed and we’re all in bed. [-]

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Don’t laugh at man falling off bike … Cellar dweller’s creed

To cut to the vernacular – The Bidens – aka FJB – are dirtbags of the first order. Crackhead Hunter, cashiered from the Navy for drug abuse, left his wife and kids to shack up with his dead brother’s wife and kids, before abandoning them in turn to impregnate a stripper who had to haul Hunter into court just to obtain his legal acknowledgement that she and his child existed.

Hunter’s slimeball father (and that’s setting aside for now the dubious shower hijinks which apparently traumatized Hunter’s sister) has cashed in on political grift and graft like a classic Tammany Hall profiteer—except Joe has done so at the blithe expense of national security and the safety and economic well-being of all Americans.

This is who the MSM and leftist establishment generally lies for without compunction, after taking the “high” road vis-a-vis Trump. Quisling filth.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump forever doing his darnedest to make and keep America Great – MAGA! KAG!