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As endless calls of impeachment rattle around the rotten jowls of the improvident DemoMarxist / RINO cabal, and their Kabuki Theater production playing all this week, allow me, just as an innocent yet no less important observer, to consider that We the People are still awaiting the truth from anybody related to the Obama administration, the Democrat party, the DNC, Congressional Black Caucus, the deep state big fake news media and general DC swamp dwellers on… 1) the Benghazi stand down order; 2) Fast and Furious; 3) Lois Lerner’s IRS testimony; 4) Uranium One; 5) full information on who president #44 really, really is; 6) … getting a headache … Mr. AG William (Bill) Barr, and your appointed bloodhound Attorney John Durham, please deliver us from evil.

The OBO the clown doctrine existed within the confines of nine simple words. ‘Embolden our enemies, undermine our friends, diminish our country. ~  Frank J. Gaffney Jr.

Perhaps maybe, an overly-dramatic introduction to the topic at hand, but no less important in the overall schematic. ‘Impeachment’ after all, is a very serious topic – even when repeatedly echoed in a chorus chamber of hyenas purporting to be credit-worthy DemoMarxist politicos or something.

Having John Dean testify to Congress on this issue is nothing more than a sophomoric middle-finger retort from the embittered losers in the $35 million-dollar make believe ‘Special Counsel’ report on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, concocted by Mueller and his minions. The shifty-eyed Dean knows no more about what happened between 2012 and 2016 than the guy or gal cleaning out the latrines in GITMO.

Former White House counsel John Dean testifies to the Senate Watergate Committee 1973

The years through which the FBI, CIA, NSA and God knows how many other shadowy contractors began the illegal surveillance of American citizens that birthed the Trump witch hunt, concluded with the recent remarks of Herr Mueller kicking the impeachment football over to Congress. Dean is just another empty-headed CNN gadfly who clearly misses the limelight. His umpteenth shot at 15 minutes of fame will land yet again in the dingiest darkness of the deep state Washington D.C. swamp.

But there’s more light-hearted comedy in Nadless Nadler and Pussy Pelosi’s title for these DemoMarxist ‘sneerings’, since they can’t use ‘impeachment’ in the title because there’s nothing they can impeach the president with, never mind making a big damned fool of themselves. The title they have to use goes somewhat euphemistically along the lines of:

‘Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and other Crimes’.

What – are they now in the entertainment business? Hollyweird pay for this? Never mind Pussy Pelosi, where’s James Bond’s ‘Pussy Galore’ when you need her? Strike ONE to Truth.

Sorry, John, they only allow one dose of 15 minutes per customer. Shuffle off back to your creepy irrelevance, dude.

Jonathan Cohen, American Thinker, and ‘John Dean, Watergate Analogy’..

The Democrats in the House are opening their post-Mueller report hearings with testimony from John Dean, the former Nixon White House Counsel, whose riveting testimony in the Watergate Hearings helped push the House of Representatives towards an impeachment probe. While Dean is the Democrats’ choice, the hearing will provide the Republicans the opportunity to show that the true similarity of the current political situation with Watergate is between the Nixon and Obama administrations. By the time all is known, the real question may be: should Trump pardon Barack Obama.

The Watergate scandal began with a burglary at the Watergate Apartments. A group of five men was caught breaking into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee with the intention of planting surveillance devices inside their office. The group, known to the Nixon administration as “The Plumbers,” was linked to officials in the White House and to the Campaign to Re-elect the President.

As the case began to unravel, it was discovered that the Plumbers had been organized earlier by the White House to conduct surveillance on anti-war activists. In particular, it was discovered that the Plumbers had burglarized the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s therapist to get dirt on him. Ellsberg was one of the authors of the Pentagon Papers, the Defense Department’s secret lengthy study of the Vietnam War and one of the people who leaked the entire document to the media.

Full report in link down below…

President Trump hugs the American Flag as he arrives to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2019

Now is a great time to drop the hammer on these crooks, and co-conspirators who’ve been plotting since the election result of November 2016 (and in all likelihood, even way back into mid-2015 when Trump declared his intent) to unseat a duly elected POTUS. It is also abundantly clear that after Obama left office, there remained corrupt officials in the various and sundry intelligence agencies. The first ones to squeal have a great opportunity to spill the beans, as it were, so that their time behind bars (perhaps with Manafort at Rikers) wouldn’t be quite as lengthy as it could be if they don’t talk.

Dean self-identifies as a decades-long NeverTrump loser, so why would We the People believe him about anything concerning Trump? Nadless Nadler and Pussy Pelosi simply haven’t anybody, nor anything else worth even bothering with. By the time President Trump has finished the reorganization of the greatest nation on earth, ‘You’re Fired’ will be right up there with the best of the bunch short one-liners ever!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Jonathan Cohen, American Thinker:  John Dean, Watergate analogy

Catherine Herridge, etal., Fox News: Barr appointment Durham very dialed in

And ‘sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: John Dean the obstructionist lefty shill

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