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Occasionally in my search for the truth I’ll pop by PJ Media and I’m never disappointed. This morning for instance, they’ve got wraps on 1) ‘Fake Impeachment Hearings’; 2) the liberal death star New York Times (rhymes with ‘slimes’) with a fake hit-piece profile on AG Bill Barr; and 3) an essay titled ‘Trump returns fire on fake news coverage of his Mexico deal’; and all captured for you in one link way down at the bottom. 

‘Fake impeachment hearings’ pretty much goes to the heart of what the Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Blumenthal, Hoyer, and the DNC menagerie (hypothetically referred-to as the failing Democrat party) is all about; wasteful nonsense, obfuscation and mayhem. And that’s just for starters.

Fake hearings to go along with the fake investigations and the fake coronation of Grammy Hillary Rob’em. After all, the base always needs something to beat off to.

As an added attraction, House Rep Doug Collins (R-Ga.) the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, schools Nadler about his plans for fake impeachment by posting Thomas Jefferson’s manual on parliamentary procedure, which is incorporated into the rules of the House of Representatives. To whit:

Jerry Nadler showing off his Democrat physique…

‘In light of Monday’s hearing entitled, “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes,” I am compelled to remind you— and request you remind the Majority Members of the Committee — the Rules of the House prohibit Members from “engag[ing] in personalities” with Members of Congress, Senators, or the President. This appears to be part of a strategy to turn the Committee’s oversight hearings into a mock-impeachment inquiry rather than a legitimate exercise in congressional oversight. Conducting such hearings inevitably sets this Committee on a collision course with the longstanding Rules of the House, which you have apparently alluded to as recently as this week’. [end]

Brilliant! – but it presupposes that Democrats (and let’s face it, even some RINOs) have any respect for rules or decorum, upon which they impart no such limitations for their actions; but they do respond to consequences. We simply have to figure out a way to make it painful to continue this crap. After all even a flatworm turns away from pain.

Republicans need to use any and all means at their disposal, since this is after all, a conflict that is just short of total war, and We the People need to act like it is.

As for the liberal death star New York Times (rhymes with slimes), take a peek:

The campaign to discredit Attorney General Bill Barr take its latest shape in a profile by the New York Times. Why would Barr cooperate with the Times? He refused to be interviewed for the article. Smart. The media and the left are at a loss to handle Barr because he doesn’t fit their typical anti-Trump narrative: he’s not friends with Trump, he didn’t know Trump before Trump won the election, he didn’t/doesn’t hang out with Trump, he doesn’t golf with Trump (Barr plays the bagpipes, no joke), he’s already been A.G., he was making big money at a fancy law firm, so why would he take this job? Maybe he thought some real serious stuff was going down at the DoJ?

“It is shocking how much he has echoed the president’s own statements,” said Mary McCord, who led the Justice Department’s national security division at the end of the Obama administration and the start of the Trump era. “I thought he was an institutionalist who would protect the department from political influence. But it seems like everything he has done so far has counseled in the opposite direction.”

Mmmmmm … “I thought he was an institutionalist who would protect the department from political influence …”

DemoMarxists now engaged in parallel ‘make-believe’ government – literally removing themselves from reality for the sake of producing pointless political theater. Maybe that’s because the President is right, placing the integrity of the American system of government over the interests of a bureaucratic institution.

Bottom line is that ‘fake’ pretty much goes to the heart of what the DemoMarxist Party and the DNC is all about, and what they have become.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – thank God for American president Donald J. Trump looking out for We the People – MAGA!


PJ Media and The Morning Briefing


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