Impeach Obama : Jeffrey Lord Succinctly Lays It Out

Jeffrey Lord...

Jeffrey Lord is a former Reagan White House political director and author. He writes from Pennsylvania at

Alinskyite liberal-progressive Marxist Democrats refuse to acknowledge the fraudulent Obama’s flouting of the law – and believe me, it is a direct flouting of the law; enough of a flouting in fact, for a rallying cry around Jeffrey Lord’s contention to impeach Obama – PERIOD. During my own personal experience in attaining precious citizenship of this unique Constitutional Republic, the intense study of the Constitution was the cornerstone of the application. Balance that off against native-born elected officials who routinely shred the very concept of the Constitution, and you begin to see where the problem lies; hypocrisy and shamelessness knows no bounds.

Were a Republican to try ruling by fiat and decree the way this lawless fraud is doing, the Democrat-media onslaught would dwarf the attacks on Nixon or GWB. As they always do, the Dems would find ludicrous “differences,” and abuse the President as a heartless monster trying to become Fuehrer and begin impeachment proceedings at once. The media campaign against him would be relentless and all-consuming. The double standard is a sad fact of life as long as this Leftist media continues to run roughshod over society, and more importantly – the Constitution. Either the Constitution rules, or it doesn’t. And a “president” consistently defying and denying the presence of the document that lays out the laws of the land, needs to go – and the Constitution is very plain in how to go about it. PERIOD.

Jeffrey Lord and impeach Obama continues …

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