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En Garde in the bunker…

Let me get this straight. First the liberal hypocrite Left were calling for Comey to step down or be fired.

When news goes out that Trump fires Comey, the entire hypocrite Left goes insane. Then when the hypocrite Colbert goes out and says Trump just fired FBI director Comey his mind-numbed robot audience started cheering – much to his dismay. Same thing apparently happened on The View.

The hypocrite ‘ladies’ announced the firing of Comey and the audience went ecstatically ballistic, clapping, whistling and cheering. I’m informed that it was one of those “deer in the headlights” kind of moments!

There seems to be no doubt that the president is going “over the heads” (to use some Reagan terminology) of the establishment and they appear unaware of what is going on. A few days ago I came across a Machiavellian quote which generally sums it up:

The disruptive innovator (Trump), is hated by his enemies (Democrats), and loathed by his supposed “friends” (the Republicans). He can only win if he himself has sufficient power (popularity) which is why he is not coddling the swamp dwellers. They will never support him.

Check this video clip for instance of the liberal hypocrite Leftist DemoMarxists going through political pretzel-twists in their attempt to change the narrative to smear and besmirch the president…

Can anybody say liberal “hypocrite?” How about in capital letters? HYPOCRITE asses! There, I feel so much better now.

Back to the strategy of We the People’s president. His tweets are in a language the liberal swamp dwellers like those highlighted in the clip don’t even understand, never mind being blind enough that they don’t realize he is going around them directly to We the People.

Trump has them chasing their tails and it is hilarious (or should that be Hillarious?!)

Which leads me into the topic of today, which is the bright star on the horizon by the name of Sarah Huckabee Sanders who just landed a few days ago at the White House Press Corps podium. Standing in for Press Secretary Sean Spicer, she came in and blew through there like a breath of fresh air, leaving the press corps wondering exactly what had happened to them.

Check this 100-second riposte for example as she creams the press corps for their hypocrisy…

As Patricia McCarthy describes it in today’s American Thinker:

One has to almost like punishment to face the White House Press Corps these days.

Ever since President Trump was inaugurated, this 100% liberal Democrat murder of crows sits there each day and harasses Sean Spicer, or as in the last few days, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Spicer has toughened up since his early days but Sanders, who is temporarily replacing him as he serves his Naval Reserve duty, is a born natural.  Like her father, former Gov. Mike Huckabee, she has the gift of strong, plain language, and she is quick on the draw.  How anyone endures the tedium of this press corps is a mystery but she seems to revel at the opportunity to push back.  These “reporters” are generally obsessed with insignificant details like the “three times Comey told Trump he was not the subject of an investigation.”

They want to know every minute bit of information about “those three times;” what was the “process,” where was Trump when Comey told him this?  Dinner where?  Who arranged it?  Phone call?  Who called who? Etc.  It is truly mind-numbing and, most of all, completely irrelevant.

The major media are so incensed that Donald Trump has shown them up as complete and utter hypocrite fools since virtually the time that he announced his candidacy, that they are literally beside themselves. In the mean time, they’re attempting everything they can to bring him down, but not only are they failing miserably, they’re also exposing themselves as the enemy within; the latest example being the out and out hypocrite hit piece last night from NBC and Lester Holt. Never once did We the People ever witness Lester Holt grill Obama on ANY topic like he did Trump last night.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders is yet another strong, smart, capable accomplished woman in the Trump administration. So just where is the support and acknowledgment from the so-called hypocrite feminists on the Left? Her poise, knowledge of the issues and ability to handle the press jackals speaks to her accomplishment as well as that of our President to surround himself with the best staff he can.

Best of all, it’s a delight watching her make mince-meat out of the Press “Corpse” (spelling intentional from Obama) by expounding the truth.

En Garde, Patriots; en garde!

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