Hustlin’ Al Sharpton : A Reverential Disgraced Conman

Anne CoulterAnne Coulter knows all about the faux “reverend” Al Sharpton and his unscrupulous handlers in the insane asylum known as MessNBC. To say nothing about yours truly who has been following the antics of this con-artist for decades, along with his partner-in-crime the other faux “reverend,” one Jesse Jackson (whose proclivity for crime runs in the family with son and daughter-in-law both serving time for corruption). Quite the “reverential disgraced conman” for both of them one might conjecture.

Back in November 1987, 15-year-old Tawana Brawley was found curled up inside a plastic bag in an apartment building parking lot. She had feces and racist graffiti all over her body, her clothing was torn and burned, and she was apparently unconscious. MSNBC’s Al Sharpton was one of Brawley’s “advisers” throughout this massively expensive investigation, along with lawyers Alton Maddox and C. Vernon Mason — both later disbarred.

Eight months and 1.3 million taxpayer dollars later (in today’s dollars), the purported attack was exposed as a complete fraud. It turned out that Brawley made up the gang-rape story to avoid explaining to her volatile stepfather why she hadn’t come home for four nights straight.

What about the rest of the MSNBC news team? Could Chris Matthews add to his repertoire of do-you-believe questions (in evolution, in global warming, that Obama was born in Hawaii) one question to Sharpton about whether he really believed Tawana Brawley? Are we supposed to believe that Sharpton’s colleagues don’t know about his appalling behavior in the Tawana Brawley case?

A reverential disgraced conman indeed – a gallery full. Continues…

Sharpton Hawkins 1989

Brawley/Sharpton lying to media

Brawley Sharpton

Sharpton/Brawley headed to news conference 1990

Fat Sharpton

There’s never been a microphone or TV camera that Sharpton didn’t like lying to.


Plane Watchers

Brawley/Sharpton in anti-police rally. It was all proved a fraud – Like the faux reverend himself.

Shark bait

Of late, he has turned into quite the mobster with his shill. “Cradle-robber” is his latest moniker – Aisha McShaw 23 years younger. Still married he is. What a “reverend” eh?