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As I mentioned on my SONday blog earlier today: Incredible historic events overnight that kept yours truly wide awake until the wee small hours. President Donald J. Trump changing the world one step at a time as he becomes the first ever President of the United States to enter North Korea at the invitation of Kim Jong-un.

Asked to recount the historic moment and first words with Kim when they approached the North-South line of demarcation, President Trump later said he asked Kim: ‘would you like me to come across?’ Kim said he would be honored. ‘It was my honor to do it,’ said President Trump. The rest, as the old cliché goes, is history. A ‘Trump card’ of history indeed.

It certainly should be remembered of course, but given the characteristics of those who run our indoctrination centers and write what passes as text books these days, that is no sure thing anymore. But not to digress…

Wake up people. Our President is in the process of writing a storybook. Yes, a storybook. A story not for himself, the First Lady, you, I or our children, but for our great grandchildren. In this complicated, modern global world of instant interaction, he said it himself, ‘Peace is the Prize’. That’s the story to be passed from elders on down through the family.

A ‘History book’ for the keeping.

President Trump and Kim Jong-un meet border-to-border .. Historic!

This day, June 30 2019 will be remembered in the history books that our grandchildren and their offspring will learn from in classrooms or at home. Brought to them by President Donald J. Trump, the man who single-handedly saved the free world; well, with a little help from his friends, perhaps. Plus his own intuition.

His decision on Iran with 150 casualties at stake, was the real historic gamechanger. Life over death. Prescient and brilliant.

There really are no words to describe the incredible brilliance of President Trump. Which is not to imply the slightest base motive for this amazing feat of diplomacy, but no politician or world leader in history has ever been able to pull off something of this magnitude. Truly a stroke of genius on so many levels.

Conservative Treehouse, ‘sundance’ at the helm…

The world was watching history being made and overnight millions of Americans stayed up to watch the first sitting U.S. president cross into North Korea.  President Trump and North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong-un took a massive step toward deconfliction and peace.

An incredible moment.

CTH doesn’t want to devalue the history of this moment by over analyzing the dynamic. This is an incredible moment in history as U.S. President Donald Trump carries the hopes of tens-of-millions toward a peaceful outcome in North Korea.

At 3:44pm ROK Time, President Trump walked out of Freedom House towards the military demarcation line between South and North Korea, located between the two famous blue huts.

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, wearing his traditional Mao suit, was walking down the stairs towards him on the Northern side of the line.

At 3:45pm, the President Trump and Chairman Kim leaders shook hands over the concrete slab that forms the military demarcation line between South and North Korea. “Good to see you again”, said Kim in English, adding that he would have “never expected” to see President Trump “at this place”.

At 3:46pm, President Trump crossed the demarcation line, becoming the first sitting US president to ever step into North Korea. President Trump then walked a few meters into the North together with Kim. “Good progress, good progress”, he said as the two leaders crossed back to the South.

Asked to recount the moment and first words with Kim when they approached the North-South line of demarcation, President Trump later said he asked Kim: “would you like me to come across. Kim said he would be honored. It was my honor to do it,” said Pres Trump.

After Chairman Kim crossed into South Korea the two leaders briefly spoke to media before greeting South Korean President Moon Jae-in (grinning ear to ear), and then going into the Freedom House for bilateral discussions. Trump and Kim talked for around an hour.  Notably Moon Jae-in went into a separate room to allow privacy, and President Trump’s closest staff also left after a few minutes. Suffice to say, the outcome was much more than a handshake; and initial reactions from Asian media were stunning and excited.

President Trump, Chairman Kim and Moon Jae-in emerged from the Freedom House at 4:51pm after the Trump-Kim bilateral meeting that lasted more than 45 minutes. Together all three leaders walked back together towards the demarcation line between North and South Korea. President Trump and Chairman Kim exchanged words for a few seconds and shook hands before the North Korean leader crossed back, alone, to the North of Panmunjom at 4:53pm.

South Korean President Moon said of the Trump-Kim agreement to set up new diplomatic teams as overcoming a hurdle. Speaking through a translator, Moon called it good news for the 80-million people on the Korean peninsula seeking an end to nuclear weapons. Calling it “a big step forward.”

See full ‘sundance’ with pics in link down at bottom…

President Trump and Kim Jong-un history-makers at the North South border…

If there were any doubts that our POTUS is the greatest President ever, this should erase them. Furthermore, the snarling jackals and hyenas of the Commie / Left / Fascist / Demonrat party can howl all they want, but President Trump just completely changed the dynamic of 2020 and showed them ALL for the petty, ignorant, irrelevant fools they are.

Our President Trump is truly a genius and he has one characteristic (among many) that none of them can duplicate or even cultivate and that is IMAGINATION. There is no problem he can’t solve, no dilemma too vexing for him to figure out as he has shown time and time again.

That darned 3-Dimensional chess arrangement gets ’em every time.

The world is definitely a much better and safer place with our historic President Trump running things.

So on that positive note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Peace-loving President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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