Hobgoblin Dems round two, busted

En Garde in the bunker…

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and the people (i.e. Democrats) will believe it. ~ Joseph Goebbels version of Adolf Hitler quote (‘Democrats’ added)

As your observing observer, too bad none of the ten ‘newly minted’ hobgoblin Stalinist-Communists on stage last night (like their nine politburo brethren from the night before) bothered to notice, or comment upon, the end of the largest most historically lethal Communist empire the world has ever known.

For the uninformed, that would be the former Soviet Union, aka the USSR which, back in the heady days of 1989-91 truly earned and deserved President Ronald Reagan’s title The Evil Empire.

But since they don’t teach history in schools anymore … but I digress.

Its collapse – after 7 decades of misery, death, torture, failed agendas, food shortages, and human suffering beyond our comprehension – was not met with parades and firework displays. It died of its own corruption and went off into the dumpster of history wheezing and dragging the hobgoblin monsters (who had been in charge of this travesty) with them.

Meanwhile, the little ‘seeds’ they planted around the globe – Cuba, Venezuela, Central America, North Korea, and our own states of New York, California, Illinois and how many others(?), are of late, also suffering the same fate of the former Evil Empire.

The hobgoblin Dems and MSM can shout the benefits and glories of ‘Socialism’ all they want until they’re blue in the face, but they’ll never be able to sell this rotten vision of government to the very well educated side of We the People.


Melissa Mackenzie, publisher, American Spectator and ‘Dem (Debacle) Debate Part Dos’ …

Hola amigos! It’s night two of the first Democrat debate, and it was feistier. Short summation: No Spanglish, no sleepy socialists. Nay, during this debate the redistributionists were out, proud, and loud. Let’s list the goodies everyone is giving away:

  • Medicare for all (and in Buttigoogoo’s case, Medicare for all who want it — hey, it’s a clever nuance!)
  • Get rid of private insurance
  • Healthcare for illegal immigrants
  • Open borders
  • Empty the detention centers and let the children go free (where and with whom wasn’t specified)
  • Take the guns
  • Abort babies up to birth

The mainstream media will note that Kamala Harris body-slammed Biden. Which she did. They’ll also note that Biden and Sanders seemed really old. Which they do. (As an aside, they’re close in age to Donald Trump. It’s a testament to Trump’s constitution that he runs around like he does. Dude is a machine. It’s early in the campaign season and Sanders, Biden, and Warren seem worn out and too old.) They’ll focus on identity politics and how Buttigoogoo (No one with this guy’s last name is going to get elected, that’s just a fact) and Harris represent a new, younger generation.

All of these arguments ignore the main one: They are all bat ka-ka insane. Certifiable. And they all make Donald Trump seem normal. Mainstream, even.

Besides the clapping harp seals in the MSNBC audience, most Americans, if they even paid attention, had to recoil in horror. What has happened? The Democrats have gone nuts.

What struck me besides the obvious insanity: No mention of any coffee table issues. No mention of the scourge of drug use or the hopeless despair in the Rust Belt. No cures for the nervous lower and middle class.

There was fear-mongering about climate change. There were grand solutions to problems Americans don’t want solved — like free health care to illegal immigrants.

Read to conclusion in link down below….

Kamala Harris no match for Bill Barr…

Of course, only THEY will live and work at the tippy-top height of the pyramid, and enjoy the power and money that accompanies hobgoblin authoritarian governments. Bottom line: COMMUNISM / SOCIALISM FAILS EVERY TIME IT IS TRIED.

Count on it.

And please excuse my indulgence with Ms. Harris, a ‘serious piece of work’ as witnessed by her efforts some months back to ‘live-abort’ Supreme Court then-nominee, now Justice, Brett Kavanaugh. She’s more than nasty, just ruthless beyond HillaryRob’em, and the girl who got her start by being on her back or knees with Willie Brown. She carries that butterfly knife and really intends to castrate any male that gets in her way. Willie was smart to use his willy the right way for her back then when California was still a relevant state. Look out for this killing machine to wreak Communist havoc wherever she treads (or beds) in the future!


It’s amazing that half the population could follow any one of these hobgoblin buffoons just because there’s a ‘D’ after their name, that they hate Donald Trump with a vengeance and that most of them really need to be in jail.


Painful to watch, is their posturing, ignorance and hatred of the greatest nation God ever placed on the planet.

On a much brighter note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Melissa Mackenzie, American Spectator: Dem (Debacle) Debate Part Dos

And Joseph Klein, in today’s FrontPageMag: ‘Second Debate Night Circus

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