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Go ahead, make my..

Allegedly, Hillary Rob’em famously predicted ‘if this f****r wins we’re all gonna hang in nooses”. To which some might respond “gosh I hope so, I might need to go to Costco and load up on popcorn”. For others, a glass of wine or two wouldn’t be remiss, all of course, in remembrance of Hillary Rob’em and her proclivity in ‘chugging’ a few bottles of Chardonnay to drown her sorrows whenever the prospect of ‘hanging’ comes into view!

It would be humorous were it not beyond pathetic to hear Hillary Rob’em pontificating as to why the nation must gird itself against the looming threat of president Trump not accepting impeachment – or in the absence of being the victim of anything such – preceding the results of a losing election in 2020.

This execrable Jeffrey Epstein surrogate hasn’t ceased whining, blathering, beseeching and visibly writhing from the moment that Trump shlonked her in 2016.

Hillary Rob’em also bathes in the comfort of maniacally believing that president Everyman is ‘obsessed with her’, when by her every utterance and action she constantly shows that the exact opposite is the case; she and only she, is the sole DemoMarxocrat that could cause democrats to vote for Trump!

Justice under law must prevail, Hillary included…

Yours truly remains thoroughly convinced the looney Left cares diddly-squat about the good of the nation, being, as they are, little more than a band of crazed lunatics who concern themselves with nothing other than their own condescension and self-interest. Anyone with half a brain that works, viewing what passes as the best the Dems can produce as presidential candidates for the highest office on the planet, must realize the absolute insanity of their efforts!

After viewing the Mueller testimony to congress I was convinced he was more than a few sandwiches short of a picnic. A picnic made up of still more than a few bad sandwiches all clamoring to be president.

As if!

Roger L. Simon, and his PJMedia: Democrats’ Fear of Durham about to reach Panic Level’…

The important news of the day–far beyond the inevitable tedious impeachment jousting–is that John Durham’s investigation of the provenance of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of possible Trump-Russia collusion has expanded, according to several administration officials.

Fox News previously reported that Durham would be reviewing the days leading up to the 2016 election and through the inauguration.

However, based on what he has been finding, Durham has expanded his investigation adding agents and resources, the senior administration officials said. The timeline has grown from the beginning of the probe through the election and now has included a post-election timeline through the spring of 2017, up to when Robert Mueller was named special counsel.

That’s the same Robert Mueller who testified under oath he was “not familiar” with Fusion GPS after years investigating a supposed scandal instigated by that company. This eye-rolling lie is far more significant than anything he has prosecuted others for. This is the same Mueller who also lied, administration officials just informed us, in denying, again under oath, he interviewed for the FBI job before becoming special counsel.

Actually, it’s worse.[-]

[+] … This indeed should strike fear in the hearts of the Democrats. The Department of Justice holds the whip hand. They can indict people. Yes, the Democratic Congress can impeach. And no wonder they are trying their best to do that now. They are riding high–or some of them may think they are–because of polls and the nonstop outrage of the media.

But most of the public doesn’t know the full story or anything close. The truth rarely emerges quickly. In Churchill’s words, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Eventually, however, it does. And when it does, in this case, if the Democrats have already impeached a president–if it turns out there was a coup plot or something close involving the CIA, the previous administration and others–there will be hell to pay in this country like we haven’t seen since the 1860s, maybe worse.

One would advise the Democrats to reconsider, but they don’t seem able to do it. They probably have too much to lose.

Link to completion provided below…

President Trump putting America first .. MAGA!

To recap – It’s sure beginning to unfold as though the sainted #44, together with his heir-apparent, lackey crone Hillary Rob’em and an army of partisan, Dhimmi-crat Deep State zealots, abused their offices and brazenly engaged in a lawless and coordinated attempt to sabotage an opposition candidate, and then to subvert and undermine his Administration at will.

The glaring thing in all of these Hillary Rob’em theatrics – as it always is every time something like this emerges – is the fact that there are no Democrats, absolutely none, publicly stating something along the lines of “The actions of my colleagues against President Trump would never have been tolerated against a Democrat President. As a Democrat, I find their behavior embarrassing; as an American, who truly does love this country, I find their actions reprehensible and most likely illegal. For the benefit of our country these actions need to cease immediately”.

How about it Joe Manchin, do YOU truly love America or not? How about it Tulsi Gabbard, do YOU truly love America or not? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, do YOU truly love America or not? Isn’t there at least one decent human being in the Hillary Rob’em Democrat Party?

Apparently not. Which undoubtedly says it all.

And on that note – time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Roger L. Simon, PJMedia: Democrats’ Fear of Durham about to reach Panic Level

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