Heartbreaking effects of Gov’mt evil

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Heartbreaking effects of Gov’mt evil. It’s always a heartbreaking effect to witness what the evil in our own government is doing to the nation. The greatest nation in the entire history of the world in effect, brought down by the greed and lust for power of evil, evil, minded people. The decline and fall of the USA began in earnest when the Clintons entered the White House, following which “Dubya” and his acolytes just made it worse, but OBUmbo#44 became the cherry on top to complete the fundamental transformation.

In another once upon a time, the DOJ and FBI fought organized crime.Then the DOJ and FBI became organized crime. Once upon another time, the DOJ and FBI fought terrorism. OK not very much, but a little bit, once in a while. Now the DOJ and FBI ARE terrorism. Not good.

Heartbreaking effects of Gov’mt evil. Fetid hutzpah draws dementia Joe…

But here’s the real problem. When John Durham says, “I respect the jury’s decision” – yes, he respects the corrupt jury. The jury forewoman says they had better things to do with their time. The judge’s wife after all, was the attorney representing Lisa Page, aka the jury that donated money to the Clinton campaign. Yes, they’re all upstanding citizens with no personal agendas whatsoever. In which case you’re expected to RESPECT that. Say it loudly and publicly. Justice again prevails with one eye open and palm extended.

Fortunately, there happen to be a great many people quite publicly speaking truth to power. Follow people like Megyn Kelly, Dave Rubin, Bret Weinstein, Vivek Ramaswamy, Douglas Murray and so many others and you’ll see it every single day. We’ve already arrived at a tipping point though, where so many people are so aware and so appalled by what a hideously evil monstrosity the demoMarxocrat Party has become, that they simply cannot win. We’re basically at a point where there are too many of us for them to win and too many of them for us to win. Basically then this society is simply unraveling and breaking apart at the seams – which isn’t a good place to be by any means.

On the other hand let us never forget the great warriors forever on our minds. “We the (90 million+) People” has now become synonymous with American Patriots. It’s not simply ‘we the people’. We wish to re-institute a country that practices truth, justice and the American Way, while on the other hand being somewhat depressed to see “social justice” being meted-out like the recent acquittal of Clinton lackey Sussmann. But like many other daily challenges, we’ll get over it, as Hillary cackles and slugs down another bottle of wine in a toast to “Our Democracy.” BURP!

Adam Mill, American Greatness: ‘Clinton’s Plot came Closer to Succeeding than Jan 6 Ever Did’ …

There’s only one rule in D.C. the Justice Department consistently enforces—all laws and norms exist to preserve and extend the Democratic Party’s monopoly over key institutions.

Kevin Clinesmith must feel like an idiot for pleading guilty without a trial after a D.C.-area jury acquitted Clinton co-conspirator Michael Sussmann for his role in the plot to frame Donald Trump for colluding with the Russians, supposedly to steal the 2016 election. Sussmann’s D.C.-based jury which featured partisan Democrat donors rendered a quick “not-guilty” verdict. While the Left undoubtedly sees the acquittal as another “lawfare” victory against the bad orange man, that victory did not come without cost to its enabling allies.

First, the acquittal further reinforces the impression of a two-tiered justice system in which the politics and privilege of the accused determine the outcome. As Julie Kelly continues to show, the FBI, which played a central role in the plot to frame Trump, is now viewed by a majority of Republicans and a large minority of Democrats as, “the personal gestapo” of Joe Biden. If the FBI frames its political opponents, as it attempted to do with Trump, then it can’t expect potential witnesses and jurors to cooperate with or trust its agents.

Second, we know a little more about the Russia collusion hoax plot and are therefore better-armed against the next dirty trick. That’s something. Special Counsel John Durham did uncover a few new puzzle pieces to the Russia Collusion Hoax. When you fit in the new information with what we already know, one sees the scope of Hillary Clinton’s astonishingly brazen and undemocratic effort to reverse the 2016 election following Election Day. Unlike the January 6 event, which a politicized FBI and Justice Department pursued with partisan zeal, the Clinton plot came much closer to undoing an election. [-]

[+] … Nevertheless, Clinton came much closer to overturning the election than the January 6 protesters ever did. Clinton succeeded in capturing the FBI to lobby for the inclusion of her hoax in the official IC assessment. Even without the direct IC briefing to electors, the smear campaign succeeded in turning two Trump electors against their candidate. Had Clinton achieved her goal of getting the IC to directly sponsor the hoax to the electors, more defectors would have certainly followed.

Clinton, it now appears, will get away with it. Although she has now settled a complaint accusing her of illegally using campaign funds to pay for the hoax, the FEC charged her a mere $113,000 fine—a laughable pittance in comparison to the $1 billion raised for her campaign. Thus, one can add the FEC to the long list of politically-corrupt institutions which protected the plotters. There’s only one rule in D.C. the Justice Department consistently enforces—all laws and norms exist to preserve and extend the Democratic Party’s monopoly over key institutions. That’s why the 2016 plotters walk free while the January 6 defendants rot in jail without trial or bail. [end]

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Heartbreaking effects of Gov’mt evil. Bush era and Clintons…

Back in 1996 the Bill Clinton re-election campaign was running short of cash so he and his co-conspirator spouse cooked up a scheme: they’d trade top secret American nuclear missile technology to the communist Chinese in exchange for a cash infusion of several million dollars (see “Year Of The Rat” by William Triplett) a blatant act of treason that would not only go unreported by the press (the Johnny Chung caper was a dodge as it was a fraction of the story) but also expose the American intelligence community – the FBI in particular – as a subsidiary of the demoMarxocrat party as Clinton had loaded the agency with “his & her guys”.

Cut a long story short, and The FBI in particular – and the intelligence community at large – remains an extension of the demoMarxocrat party and has been for years and it needs to be dismantled with its law breaking players put on trial outside of DC for treason and those found guilty need to pay the ultimate price. The GOP will have one chance come November to deal with this problem and should they fail it will be clear to even the densest partisan that the system has totally broken down and elections are no longer the answer.

PS … the latest story of the FBI setting up shop in the DC office of Dem legal firm Perkins Coie?….they’re this blatant because they know there will be no consequences. Heartbreaking effects of Gov’mt evil.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to keep America strong and on its toes – MAGA! KAG!