FBI partner of lawfirm Perkins Coie

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Maybe just maybe we can be pulled from the brink of either a civil war to take back our freedoms whilst we still have the arms to do so or to fight off the CCP as they storm in from their vassal state of Canada. Not just one or even two reports confirm what we here already know, that we’ve been morphed into a fifth world country whose government has been corrupted to its core. Never mind the demented village idiot and his handlers, but dig much deeper into the habitations of the FBI having been linked in and supported by law firm Perkins Coie since – gulp! – 2012!

On the face of it one would never have guessed it was a law firm, but just remember – and keep on remembering – that this is the Clinton way – use lawyers and law firms and then claim attorney client privileged communications. One feels certain that Hillary will be out in force mumbling something about a “bureaucratic snafu” just like she did in 1993 when she illegally obtained the FBI files on hundreds of government officials, many of whom were her political enemies.

FBI partner of lawfirm Perkins Coie.

That they would do this should surprise no one. That they would do it so brazenly with no fear of being EVER held accountable shouldn’t surprise either. They’ve been getting away with murder, literally, since the 1980s. Therefore, top o’the list just has to be who paid for the SCIF at Perkins. Who was loading the crypto everyday? Who is locking the crypto up at night? Should be a relatively easy matter for Jim Jordan, Matt Gates etc to ask Perkins just who is holding a current TS clearance to access the SCIF. Who is providing the keys? Who is the crypto custodian? Where are the patriots in our military when we need them?

But wait! We’re just finding this out the day after Sussmann goes skipping off like a kid with a candy bar. What’s NOT wrong with this picture? YIKES. I guess it’s really easy to fool the FISA court ’cause they never have to check out anything presented to them, RIGHT. Well, that gives me a lot of confidence in our government (NOT!) for sure which was nil before these revelations.

God bless Sundance as to how he keeps going on knowing what he knows. Our Good Lord must be working through him and must be giving him extra strength and wisdom. But do note that Tucker was also involved in the fray. That’s all I can say. God Bless them all and their staff.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Significant Ramifications as FBI Maintains Workspace Inside Lawfirm Perkins Coie’…

There is very little that surprises me, but this is completely stunning. An FBI whistleblower came forth to inform Rep Jim Jordan and Rep Matt Gaetz that the FBI maintains a workspace inside the law firm of Perkins Coie.  {Direct Rumble Link}

In response to a letter sent by Rep. Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan, Perkins Coie, the legal arm of the DNC and Hillary Clinton, admitted they have been operating an FBI workspace in their Washington D.C. office since 2012. Pay attention to that date, it matters.

This is a huge development. Essentially, what is being admitted in this claim is that a portal existed into FBI databases within the law firm that represents democrats.This means access to FBI database searches exists inside the office of the DNC and Clinton legal group. Think about the ramifications here.

CTH has long claimed there was some kind of direct portal link between the Clinton campaign team and the FBI databases. There were too many trails of extracted non-minimized research evidence in the hands of the Clinton team that CTH could not trace to a transferring FBI official. If Perkins Coie operated a portal in their office that allowed them to conduct search queries of American citizens, then everything would make sense. That access portal is exactly what is being claimed and admitted in this report.

The start date of 2012 is important for several reasons, not the least of which is FISA presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer criticizing the scale and scope of unlawful FBI database access going back to exactly 2012. Keep in mind a FISA-702 search, is simply an unlawful FBI warrantless electronic search of an American (“702” represents the American citizen) into the central database -maintained by the NSA- that contains all electronic data and communication.

I have been in the deep hole of the FISA-702 database search query violations for so long I don’t even need a flashlight.

The report from Matt Gaetz about Perkins Coie access to FBI databases, is in direct alignment with Rosemary Collyer’s prior report on FBI abuses of the database, 702 violations. Notice the dates and scope Judge Collyer references [Source Link].

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FBI partner of lawfirm Perkins Coie. Obama deep state group up to their eyeballs in collusion / obstruction of justice..

This latest scam refers to the criminally-corrupt Kenyan Odumbo administration way back when, within which those of us minding the Tea Party work stations were forever being long-targeted by the demoMarxocrats and other groups without any oversight or legal justification whatsoever. A pure case of the FBI doing the Democrat Party jobs that mere politicians refused to do. So remember that this has been going on for 10 years (or more – much more!) and is only now coming to light, to which one could say “sorry, folks, we’re finished, done”. Stick a fork in it!

There are however, some “hopium dealers” out there pretending that the loss in the Sussmann trial was intentional and that THIS kind of thing was the target. The unholy alliance between the demoMarxocrat party, the FBI *and* the DOJ are the real target and have become the tip of the ice berg.

The silence from the MSM is deafening, so how do American citizens fight this level of third world government corruption? With corrupt elections, federal law enforcement, rogue CIA, NSA, Homeland Security and a woke military, how do Americans fight it short of a Civil War or outright revolution? We have in fact, moved to full Third World readiness!

Now with this out in the open what could possibly have been changed from the now exposed old ways to new methods of gathering information? Military secrets of all types, weapon systems, budget spending secrets, all types of personnel data! Pandemic set ups? The list is endless. Evil people remember. Game on

FBI partner of lawfirm Perkins Coie. If this is true (and such revelations coming out at this time make it seem so) then godspeed Mr Durham. All we have left is hope!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!