Harry Reid’s Rough Week : The Viper Strikes Again

Reid FingerHarry Reid’s rough week began with people in the know going about questioning his mental health, and whether his very short, undistinguished career as a boxer was the culprit. Speculation as to whether the activity did more damage to his brain than people realize became more comedic than serious, with suggestions floated around that the NFL could very well use him as a great case study for severe head trauma. His lame lemon of an excuse on “people not understanding the internet” certainly managed to infuriate a large slice of the population; demeaning active voters openly on their supposed lack of internet expertise, is definitely not the way to ingratiate yourself for future support. What he and his cronies don’t understand, is that WE THE PEOPLE are “on to them” and that they don’t have a clue as to how to conduct basic business. They’ve no clue on processing payments, how to prepare an invoice or statement, how to reconcile accounts or resolve problems or complaints. In short, this is the most incompetent, inept, inconsiderate bunch of bunglers we’ve ever witnessed – and all this in an attempt to be kind here.

The ever-panting lamestream media is on 24/7 deathwatch for the new sign ups; but now they’ve got existing clients with problems, the screw-ups will snowball quickly. They won’t be able to hide much longer, and the wolves will be howling at the gate.

Harry Reid is truly a disgrace to the Senate, and he isn’t described as “the venomous viper of the Senate” out of spite, since one of the definitions is “a malignant or spiteful person.” Hopefully, his days as Senate Majority Leader are numbered, and WE THE PEOPLE can instigate his replacement in a few months. Our only hope of saving the Republic as it was designed by the founding fathers, is to uphold the Constitution as the revered document it is, for upstaging venomous vipers the likes of Dingie ‘Arry. Enough already, of this troublesome little man with his thuggery, mindless pronouncements, hypocrisy, and his continuing shredding of the values of decency and civil discourse of the United States. Harry Reid’s rough week was a doozer…

John Hayward with the complete story …

This has been a difficult week for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).  He raised eyebrows by accusing Republicans of helping Vladimir Putin annex Crimea, an outburst that led to questions about his mental health.

Rest assured, Reid knows exactly what he’s doing.  This is his standard tactic for abusing the Senate as a campaign instrument.  He knows he can toss around the most wild and vicious charges from the Senate floor without having to worry about getting sued.  The American people are free to wonder if having a Majority Leader who treats the “greatest deliberative body in the world” as the diary section of a rabid left-wing blog is a good idea.  You’ll have a chance to weigh in on that soon, folks.



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