Good riddance to bagpipes Bill Barr

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Bagpipes Bill Barr long ago and far away proved himself to be just another “buffer gate keeper” for the deep state. Just another “quack-quack” appointee pushed on Trump by other deep state actors that ultimately led to the stealing of the 2020 election. Had warrior-president Trump appointed people with absolutely no connections to the DC swamp, then he would still be president today. But once all the correct pieces were in place it was far easier to steal the election in broad daylight, since they were guaranteed that nobody would do a damned thing about it.

As “observing observers’, we all sat in our living rooms and watched it live on tv only to have idiots tell us not to believe our lying eyes. 81 million people did NOT vote for a demented, dysfunctional village idiot battling cognitive dissonance by the name of LGB. The village idiot brought that one on himself with help from his former bosses or two with similar disposition. There – I said it!

Good riddance to bagpipes Bill Barr. Alphabet agency’s undercover mess.

President Donald John Trump was never fully at liberty to appoint his own people. He was – let’s face it – a none-member of the elite. Chinese side-swiper McConnell together with his Chinese wife was blocking any such nominees in the Senate. For the most part, only nominees pre-approved by McConnell could get through committee and get Senate confirmation votes. President Trump, new as he was to the shenanigans of election malfeasance, couldn’t count on the Republicans in the Senate to support his nominees. That had to forever be part of the calculation when considering getting rid of someone the likes of, say, Christopher Wray. Newcomer on the block of rigged elections? – “ferget it soldier, leave it to us”.

With DJT following OBO#44-Barack Hussein Rspect’s AG choices of My People Holder and Loretta Sharpton Lynch with Jeff Sessions and William Bagpipes Bill Barr, we had 12 years of purely politicized AG’s. Then EvilJoey picks (and Stupid Party Senators assisted in confirming) Merrick (not Judy) Garland. Does anyone seriously doubt that the US legal system is corrupt to its core? Strewth already!

Their anti-American Cabal couldn’t allow that to happen, of course, the consequences of which We the (90 million+) People, have since been dumped-on with a propped-up brain-dead village idiot of mass proportions, running around destroying the world at will, with an equally brain-dead giggle-queen who doesn’t even know what’s going on around her – we term it “Mayhem!”

Good riddance to bagpipes Bill Barr. To this day, he still doesn’t get it. Were President Trump and his team allowed to fulfill their term, a TON of demoMarxocrats would’ve been headed to Jail, thereby setting the NWO globalist elites back for at least 20+ more years – if not more! Thanks Barr-the-Bagpipes –  You should have done your darned job!

Lloyd Billingsley, American Greatness: ‘The William Barr Code’ …

The former attorney general’s memoir is one deep state revelation after another.

At the outset of his newly published memoir, One Damn Thing After Another, former Attorney General William Barr recalls his concern about President Trump’s claim that the 2020 election had been “stolen” through voting “fraud.”

“There’s always some fraud in an election that large,” Barr explains, and “there may have been more than usual in 2020.” But Barr’s Department of Justice didn’t see it changing the outcome, so by extension, cellar-dweller Joe Biden, who had openly touted the most extensive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics, won it fair and square.

As he winds down the memoir, Barr charts President Trump’s many successes: tax reform, deregulation, the strongest and most resilient economy in American history, unprecedented progress for many marginalized Americans, withdrawal from the Iran deal, peace accords in the Middle East, and so forth. Trump achieved all this “in the face of bitter, implacable attacks,” but it wasn’t enough to get him a second term.

If Trump had just exercised “a modicum of self-restraint, moderating even a little of his pettiness,” he would have won. As the two-time attorney general has it, “the election was not ‘stolen.’ Trump lost it.” That’s Barr’s basic message, and the rest of the book is like a bikini, interesting as much for what it conceals as what it reveals.

Back in December 1969, William Barr applied for an internship with the Central Intelligence Agency and was admitted to the program. While attending law school at night, Barr worked at the CIA and as a lawyer continued in the CIA’s office of legislative counsel. Aside from Jimmy Carter’s pick—Stansfield Turner, “a disaster”—CIA bosses come off pretty well in Barr’s book.

In 1976, college student John Brennan voted for old-line Stalinist Gus Hall, candidate of the Communist Party USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Soviet Union. That disqualified Brennan from any job with the CIA. As Ronald Radosh notes, Clinton national security advisor Anthony Lake thought Stalinist spy Alger Hiss might have been innocent, and that played a role in Lake’s failure to get the CIA’s top post. [-]

[+] … At the close of his memoir, Barr says “it is time to look forward.” Embattled Americans should take his advice.

August 21 will mark 30 years since the Ruby Ridge siege, when the federal government deployed massive military force against a single family and an FBI sniper killed an unarmed woman holding her infant daughter. In August, with midterms looming, embattled Americans doubtless will be protesting voter fraud, ongoing vaccine mandates, soaring energy costs, inflation, and a lot more.

If things get rowdy, and the FBI, DHS, ATF, U.S. Marshals, National Guard, Capitol Police—now stationed in Florida and California—state police or local police should happen to gun down any unarmed women, Americans will know where William Barr stands. As Trump likes to say, we’ll have to wait and see what happens. [end]

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Good riddance to bagpipes Bill Barr. Chinaman McConnell the enemy at the gate.

Fact is, fearless President Trump was never at liberty to appoint his own people. Chinaman McConnell was blocking any such nominees in the Senate. For the most part, only nominees pre-approved by McConnell could get through committee and get Senate confirmation votes.

Barr is just another “gate keeper” for the deep state, just another appointee pushed on President Trump by other deep state actors that ultimately led to the stealing of the 2020 election. Had President Trump appointed only people with no connections to DC then he would still be president to this day.

Time and time again, we citizens have found that these power-hungry psychopaths that inhabit the political spectrum will stop at nothing in their quest for power not unlike the pigs in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Our fearless President Trump appears to have been hoodwinked one too many times, a sad state of affairs for we the American people. We can still save our country, but we need to stand ready to purge, electorally, those who would tread on us, the American electorate.

President Trump demonstrated such superior skill in being our chief executive that it is obvious who is best for our country and future. Consider his appearance in all his rallies as a for-instance! Good riddance to bagpipes Bill Barr.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!