Fortitude in the face of evil intent….

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Fortitude in the face of evil intent … Back in the heady days of OBO#44’s attack on the sovereignty of America’s greatness, yours truly, among millions of other great Americans, fell foul of one Lois Lerner aka “IRS Official”, who ultimately revealed that conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status had been getting extra scrutiny to those who had “tea party” or “patriots” in their names.

Quote: “For conservatives, she confirmed their darkest suspicions. In the Tea Party heyday years of 2009 and 2010, hundreds of groups affiliated with the party had sought tax-exempt status as 501(c)(4) “social welfare” organizations. IRS demands for documents left many of them in bureaucratic limbo for a year or more. Now, in the third audit of how the tax-exempt application process went off the rails, the Treasury Department’s inspector general overseeing the IRS has found the agency targeted not just conservatives but also scores of groups with words like “progressive” in their names”. [end quote]

Fortitude in the face of evil intent…

Fast forward to today and the village idiot’s AG Merrick Garland who, like all of us, has quotas to fill. For some particular reason he promised a swash-buckling “shock and awe” campaign and boy is he delivering. The U.S. Department of JustUs is bragging about meeting their targets (this from the DOJ press release): “The Department of Justice reached several benchmarks in our investigation into the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. ‘We have now crossed the threshold of 500 arrests, including the 100th arrest of a defendant on charges of assaulting a federal law enforcement officer.'” Bravo Garland. Or not. Fortitude.

The Government has used the FBI in manners that would make the Gestapo and KGB blush. No longer do the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments apply. At least, that is, not for American citizens, albeit that We the (80 million+) People could venture to submit that Satan himself would run the FBI and DOJ in a more Constitutional manner than Comey, Wray, Clapper and others have. In fact they make J. Edgar Hoover seem like (blast from the past) Andy Griffith!

Holy ground is not the Capitol building or other government property. It is where you live and work. That is what the 4th Amendment is about. That has been the case since the Magna Carta and is a pillar of American Law. I see nothing in the US Constitution which protects the Capitol. The Bill of Rights belongs to the people and not to the government. Now we can see why the Founders were suspicious of Government Power and doubled down after ratifying the Constitution and came back to ratify ten amendments a year later.

Fortitude in the face of evil intent.

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Defund the FBI’ …

Republicans need to abandon their longtime, reflexive loyalty to the FBI. It’s been a gold star week for the men and women of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Nearly six months after the events of January 6, the FBI, under the direction of Joe Biden’s vengeful Justice Department, is accelerating the nationwide manhunt for anyone involved. Since June 23, agents have arrested 17 people from Florida to California. Charges range from assaulting police officers and criminal trespassing to something called “destruction of property in special maritime and territorial jurisdiction and aiding and abetting.”

The dragnet is part of the nonstop campaign of terror unleashed by the Biden regime against the political Right. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who compares January 6 to the Oklahoma City bombing and Capitol protesters to terrorists, pledged the “Capitol breach” probe would be his top priority. Garland last week bragged in a press release that his department reached the “benchmark” of arresting 500 people and warned he would “hold all January 6 perpetrators accountable” for their actions that day. His prosecutors routinely ask the courts to keep the accused behind bars awaiting trials that won’t start until late this year or perhaps even 2022; dozens have been held for months in a D.C. jail that specifically houses January 6 defendants.

FBI Director Christopher Wray, despite assurances his agency treats all protesters the same regardless of partisan affiliation (LOL), is happy to assist Garland in his mission. Wray insists “domestic violent extremists”—code for Trump supporters—pose the greatest security threat to the country. [-]

[+] … A few days ago, I spoke to the spouse of a January 6 defendant who has been in jail for months awaiting trial. She told me about the FBI raid of their home, which occurred at 9:30 p.m. on a Sunday night in front of their young child. (American Greatness is concealing their identities to minimize the risk of reprisal.) Twenty agents showed up with weapons drawn to arrest him and ransack the house. She was taken into a separate room—the couple did not ask to have an attorney present—where she was interrogated by three FBI agents. They asked her who they voted for and which political party they identified with. The agents grilled her about what news channels they watched and their views on immigration, including the border wall. [-]

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Fortitude in the face of evil intent. BiteMe the clear & present danger…

We need a book to be written titled “The American Gestapo”. By the time the FBI gets through they’ll have arrested more people than visited DC for the entire year.

This is after all, how China runs the new agency they bought and paid for with the votes they stole on November 3rd. It isn’t Biden that runs Wray, but who runs Biden, and more likely than not that would be someone under Xi Jinping or Xi himself. America has long been beholden to China and before any troops arrive they’ll use ‘stolen power’ to make sure the American people understand that stolen elections have consequences.

The demoMarxocratic Party is fake. It no longer exists and there isn’t much left that Republicans can be respected for either. After all, they serve a master on the other side of the world. Fortitude in the face of evil intent.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-still-president Donald John Trump waiting in the wings to ‘right the ship of state’ – MAGA! KAG!