Florida vote fraud rises up yet again

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Having lived (back in the early-to-mid-1980s) among the denizens in the infamous ‘Florida voter fraud corridor’ comprised of both Palm Beach and Broward Counties, I am well aware of the multiplicity of pretzel-shaped shenanigans that go on in these corrupt counties whenever the expected goes completely awry, and becomes unexpected. Until that is, it all works out as the expected expectation.

The more astute among us refer to it as plain old voter fraud, but the corruption in these counties is far more inclusive than that, in that it covers a multitude of ‘expectations’ from an expectant assembly.

As ‘sundance’ refers to it in Conservative Treehouse (full link provided down below):

Anyone with a reasonable amount of political knowledge is aware that within Florida the epicenter of voter fraud takes place in Broward and Palm Beach counties.  Both of these areas are not just filled with corrupt election officials; as was noted in the background of the Parkland school shooting, every element of county and city government is corrupt.

Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Brenda Snipes, has an exhaustively documented history of rampant and ‘in-your-face’ unapologetic fraud within the election process.  In the latest example, Snipes is once again producing ballots -filled out by her political operatives- long after the election is over.  Everyone in Florida knows the Snipes routine.

Bottom line is that DemoMarxists have been embroiled in this kind of (particularly in Florida) voter fraud forever. Note that no one ever gets prosecuted (barely, anyway). There’s simply too much money to funnel to attorney generals and district attorneys to block prosecutions and such; and then there’s always the ‘Arkcancizing’ factor.

Anyone with an ounce of investigative interest about them, can very quickly surmise that the likes of Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros and his spaghetti bowl of criminal enterprises has been putting a lot of money into local elections for DAs and state Attorney General races using the theme of ‘criminal justice reform’.

But what he and his Mafia henchmen are really doing is buying into prosecutorial discretion to protect illegals, thugs, Antifa, BLM, Black Panthers, corrupt election and other officials, rioters, college students, etc., etc., (am I missing anybody?) – buying into ANYONE who supports his activist organizations and non-profits.

Which includes of course, anyone who is of a mind to tear apart the Constitutional Republic of the United States and rework the inside of federal government into a convoluted mess of a globalist Cabal made up of unelected socialist DemoMarxist elitists running a combined United Nations and European Union to the benefit of their own aggrandizement and satisfaction.

Consider this opener from Monica Showalter in today’s American Thinker ‘Democrats’ playbook of dirty tricks getting old..’

The Democratic playbook of dirty tricks is getting so, so, so old.

First the Blasey/Kavanaugh show, which was a redux of the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas show. Now the Florida recount, which ecrudescences, well, the 2000 Florida recount. Are Democrats so out of ideas they can’t come up with new dirty tricks?

It’s just getting amazingly predictable what they are capable of pulling.

Having lost two or three close elections in Arizona and Florida, all of a sudden, they are “finding” new ballots and attempting to change the outcome. Just like they did in Florida’s 2000 election.

In Arizona, boxes and boxes of uncounted ballots are somehow turning up, quite unlike in the rest of the country where the vote tallies get done and the state moves on, all because the losing candidate, far-left congresswoman and Code Pink activist, Kyrsten Sinema, seems to have narrowly lost to Republican congresswoman and fighter pilot Martha McSally for the vacant Senate seat. Never mind that Arizona is a generally red state and the late Sen. John McCain who vacated the seat was a moderate Republican.

Never mind that McSally comes fairly close to fitting into that military/moderate template, which would presage the outcome we see. And on the other side, never mind that the candidate was bad: crazy suddenly trying to act respectable tends not to win.

Sinema was a tremendously flawed candidate with a far-left past, with mistakes quite comparable to those that sank past GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell, and yet somehow, she’s supposed to be the winner? Only if new ballot boxes are “discovered.”

Read on to completion by clicking right here…

Voter fraud in Florida … check those hanging chads yet again …

This is maddening to witness of course. After all the bloviating about cleaning up the election process in 2016, here we are yet again witnessing elections being stolen because there is no uniformity, integrity nor adequate security in the voting process. If we can have secure electronic banking transactions we certainly can have secure electronic voting transactions.

Hillary Rob’em of all people, tweeted the other day something to the effect of ‘voting should be easy’, to which my personal response is well, no – actually, it should not be easy. Voting is a solemn and integral part of our rights as citizens of the Constitutional Republic of the United States. A responsibility within which we should believe so much, that we will overcome any and all obstacles to be able to vote.

Making it ‘easy’ is one thing; protecting its sovereignty is entirely another.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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