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Jonathan Galt” has an interesting take on the comments thread: “Actually, it is close. Woodrow Wilson “fundamentally transformed” our Constitution from a document of States rights and strictly limited power and taxation into a document encouraging unlimited taxation, spending, and regulation devoid of any checks and balances from the States. He did it unconstitutionally, unilaterally declaring the 16th and 17th Amendments “ratified” despite the complete absence of the Constitutionally required evidence – much the same as how in the 2020 election millions of “mail in ballots” were accepted as proof of FJBiden’swin” despite an intentional refusal to verify signatures as required by law. He also established the forerunner to the Federal Reserve which caused the Great Depression.” THAT!

An avowed Communist and rabid racist and misogynist, the results of Wilson’s treason were nearly immediate. Taxation skyrocketed from less than 10% of GDP to over 30%, spending ratcheted up even faster, and the State legislatures were powerless to rein it in. Keep in mind that the way governments report GDP is a lie – they include money spent by government as a part of “GDP,” when in reality the only “product” tax dollars represent is the product of theft. Thus, 30% reported taxation is actually closer to 43% – national enslavement.(!)

FJB – worse than OBO#44 – truth! Overpowering stench of nepotism … BiteMe KamalaKult the clear & present danger…

Another commonsense cellar-dweller operating by the name of “Alecto” presents us with: “Another great analysis from Roach. The omission throughout the piece (probably limited by space concerns or time) is the responsibility of the purported opposition party: the Republican Party, to halt, reverse or ameliorate/reform any of the policies of Obama + Obama’s Third Term Puppet. Like most Americans, I had mistakenly believed that the Constitution governed the country, and especially qualifications for various offices, including the Presidency. Obama proved me wrong. THAT!

To the mind of yours truly, you have often seen my post regarding Article II being clear on this one sticking point where OBO#44’s ascendancy was concerned: he was never, is not and could not ever be, Constitutionally-qualified for President of the United States. Millions of us understand Americans’ worship of immigration and immigrants; they’re absolutely sacred, holy objects of adoration since Hart-Cellar as Nanny P. instructed us, but Article II plainly states that the President must be “natural born“. What is “natural” as it qualifies “born“? is debatable and yet we never had a debate about that term and its limitations on candidates for the U.S. Presidency. THAT!

Frankly speaking, the citizenship qualifications for the office of president should be extended to Congress as well. As bad as OBO#44’s was, especially with his foreign upbringing, there’s just no accounting for American-born FJBiden and his anti-Americanism, since he seemingly really likes Ireland perhaps he ought to stay there – forever. On the other hand, one doubts that the Irish would even want him.THAT!.

Christopher Roach, American Greatness: ‘Biden Is Even Worse than Obama’ …

Rather than stabilizing things as the moderate Democrat he pretended to be, at every crossroads Biden has made decisions that make the country weaker, more hated, more fragile, and less unified.

Like every writer at American Greatness, and probably most of our readers too, I was not a fan of Barack Obama. It was obvious when his presidency ended that he was profoundly destructive, one of the worst presidents in living memory. Sadly, he was not the most ineffective, as he intended a lot of the destructive results that he brought forth.

Obama Was a Very Bad President

Obama’s most obvious failure was of the missed opportunity variety. Optimism surrounded his election, and even many opponents were hopeful that his victory would demonstrate to both white and black Americans that extreme racial tensions were a thing of the past and no longer a consuming national problem.

Thus, Obama’s greatest demerit was his manifest failure to foster greater social peace on race relations. Rather than using his status as the first black president to encourage a moral renewal in the black community, he instead flattered its worst members—racial rabble rousers like Al Sharpton and Ben Crump—as well as the black criminal underclass more generally. [-]

A Disaster on Economics

First, while Obama increased the debt and spent a lot on his hair-brained stimulus programs, inflation remained tame throughout his presidency. This surprised me and other critics, not least because the Federal Reserve juiced the economy and the stock market with artificially low interest rates the entire time.

In hindsight, it seems the hangover from the 2008 recession was so extensive that it tamped down whatever inflationary pressure the stimulus programs and loose monetary policy might otherwise have imposed. [-]

A Disaster on Foreign Policy

Second, while Obama weakened us in the Middle East, he generally maintained longstanding policy elsewhere. After the Maidan coup and the Russian takeover of Crimea, he pumped the brakes on significant U.S. involvement and avoided escalating the conflict. Biden did the opposite in late 2021, which was a major catalyst to the horrific war now underway in Ukraine. While Obama cooled on Israel and mostly ignored China’s growing power, the global status quo remained largely the same when he left office. [-]

A Disaster on Immigration

Finally, Biden, in reversing Trump-era requirements for migrants to seek asylum in a safe country through which they transited, has opened the flood-gates on third world immigration. Of course, the vast majority of these asylum cases are without merit and eventually denied. Most of these people are not legitimate political refugees, but economic ones. But they’re coming here all the same, and if we cannot stop them at the border, what are the odds there will be the political will to deport them when their asylum cases are denied? [-]

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FJB – worse than OBO#44 – truth! Biden’s dementia poke it or dump it … Kamala Harris truly a non-immigrant?!

Precedent cannot change absolute Constitutional requirements for President set forth in Article II, but I assure everyone in the more glaringly offensive case of Kamala Harris, she whose parents were neither citizens of the United States when she was born, and further were both here on student visas (meaning they were here as non-immigrants unlike Wong Kim Ark’s parents who were immigrants), there is no way to justify her occupation of the Vice Presidency. Small things have large impacts you see, and words have meaning, but apparently no longer have any import to the largely ignorant, distracted and intellectually shallow “electorate“.

To ignore them results in the installation of people in our elected offices who are fundamentally, temperamentally unqualified for office, because they have divided loyalties and do not share our common values, history or perspective as Americans. Utilizing the debates on the Constitution informs the intent of the Framers which everyone ignored. It means the President must have allegiance to only this country, and in OBO#44’s particular case, his father’s failure to become a U.S. citizen conferred citizenship in Kenya at birth to ‘bama. How does one get around this glaring disqualification? Well, that’s easy. He’s historic! He’s stupendously black (well, half-black, anyway)! He’s just like a black JFK! Yeah!

Let’s put a guy in the White House who spent little of his formative years in the U.S ! See what happens. FJB – worse than OBO#44 – truth! Roach’s piece details what happens when we ignore the wisdom of people who have gone before and probably had seen it all. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!