February 25th 2010 – Paul Ryan Schools The Nation On O’Care Pitfalls .. Who’s Lying Now?

Paul Ryan 2 ..February 25th 2010, the faux president had a square “round-table” bi-partisan discussion on his legacy healthcare reform bill, which he opened up by chastising loser John McCain with the immortal phrase “John, the campaign is over, I won, let’s get over it” (or words to that effect.) Not satisfied with crowing over his own hubris and narcissism, the scowling faux president called on John Boehner to explain what the Republican response would be, and why the Republicans weren’t all-agog in embracing the brilliance of his team’s election-winning platform. With his own touch of brilliance, Boehner passed his allotted time over to Paul Ryan, and “the rest” as they say, “is history.”