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Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Great article from Daniel Greenfield coming up on the war on conservative media, to which I’ll attach my own sentiments before moving on.

George Will is not, and probably never has been a true conservative; he’s actually something like the caricature of a conservative; dull, determined to preserve the Republican status quo, and very much an elitist who thinks the upper class should govern. Note that he had no problem with John McCain as the party’s standard-bearer in 2008 (who just happens to be one of the most progressive Republicans), yet Donald Trump’s nomination caused Will to leave the party. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, George…

Charles Krauthammer was never conservative either, although he was stronger on national defense than the more mainstream Democrats. He’s all in favor of gun control, believing that only the government should be able to deploy any effective force – after all, the peasants who just voted for Donald Trump can’t be trusted with pitchforks, much less firearms. There’s a name for such dissident Democrats: Establishment Republicans, which is what he is.

Jonah Goldberg may once have been a Conservative. Around the time he was telling everyone that same-sex “marriage” was no big deal – you know, right before the Left started fining and destroying the businesses of any wedding baker or photographer who wouldn’t say “homosexual marriage is good” – I figured that watching too much television had finally corrupted him. Certainly something did; you can’t absorb too many of the Left’s cultural assumptions without adopting some of its political assumptions as well.


Thankfully, all three men have been rendered largely irrelevant by the victory of Donald Trump, whom they refused to support, not against Ted Cruz, but against Hillary Clinton. They’ll probably hang around on their TV gigs for a while, but as voices allegedly within the conservative movement, they’re done for, and good riddance. The rest of National Review will be lucky to survive at this point, but thank God that one can still catch Victor Davis Hanson and Mark Steyn on their own websites here, and here.

NPR is as biased as any of the leftist media; as I opined yesterday, they all do fake news, and we all know it. The NY Times admitted a week or so ago that they would try to “emphasize more truthfulness.” Really? They can’t just commit to telling the truth, period?

CNN is routinely to the left of Pravda, constantly making false statements they later retract at an ungodly hour of 4:00 AM when no one is watching; maybe that’s why they’ve fallen to third place in the cable rankings.

Wikileaks provided irrefutable evidence that the fake journalists involved in rigging the debates were collaborating with Hillary’s henchmen. It also revealed that fake journalists let Podesta review their work, offering obsequious apologies for being “hacks.” At least they were accurate in that regard. The left has owned the fake news franchise since the days of Lenin.

Now they’re all whining at the Trumpit because it didn’t work and they all got shellacked in the election. Boo-hoo babies, what a shame. Trump was well within his rights to take them all to task this past Monday.

On now to Daniel Greenfield…


Daniel Greenfield...

Daniel Greenfield…

Remember when Hillary Clinton won a landslide victory? The fake news media which predicted it in order to depress pro-Trump voter turnout certainly does. And so they’re out to fight “fake news.”

By fake news, they don’t mean their own raging torrent of misinformation and lies.

The media has gone to war against Facebook. While various supporters have blamed Hillary’s loss on everything from the FBI to internalized misogyny, the media has decided that Facebook is to blame.

Why Facebook?

Cable news is dying. Newspapers struggle online and offline. The mainstream media’s profitability lives and dies by social media. But the essence of social media is that it allows communities to shape what they see. That’s a terrifying idea if you’re a media conglomerate that depends on its megaphone.

But it’s also scary if you’re a leftist running for office in a country that doesn’t agree with your views.

Obama blamed “messaging” for the election results. But messaging requires being able to reach people. And that means clearing competitive voices out of the social media space by banning conservatives.

The war on conservative media is being conducted under the guise of banishing “fake news” from Facebook. But the fake news devil is in the details. Fake news can mean satire sites like the Onion or the Daily Currant. It can mean foreign clickbait sites that invent fake news. But it can also mean sites from outside the mainstream media whose stories are contested by the left for partisan reason.

Continues in FrontPageMagazine…

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