Face it dimdems:DJT a mastermind

Go ahead, make my..

Face it right up front, folks, the way the bitter American DemoMarxocrat leftists are treating Trump these days, one would assume they appear to be genuinely furious over his success in offing al-Baghdadi over the weekend. Mmmmm…

Which makes me wonder whether that would be because his success made him look good, or did Dem #44, Comey, Clapper, Brennan and the rest of the undercover deep state reprobates work real hard to facilitate Erdogan’s move on Syria and were incensed at Trump’s untimely success? They certainly did nothing to face up to Erdogan, particularly-so, as ISIS was the stepchild of Dem #44 and John (Heinz baked beans) Kerry’s treachery in Iraq. It seems very likely that he and his minions were pulling for Erdogan.

More’s the pity none of them have ever ‘pulled’ for the elevation of the United States of America. The plot of which sickens. And as usual, everyone ends up angry at the disrupter, one, President Donald J. Trump.

Pres. Trump, Sniffy-Schiffty and Dosey-Pelosi …

But I digress. Over on the deep, deep, dark side of the DemoMarxocrat Russian-collusion-style kangaroo court housed in a basement concrete cell, Sniffy-Schiffty, Dosey-Pelosi, and what goes these days for an assumed ‘political party’, are straining at the bit along the lines of the brave ‘she-dog’ who chased the screaming al-Baghdadi to his self-immolation – 72 virgins be damned – to do their level best in falsely impeaching our great president. How dare they!

A wee reminder for the obviously-brain-cratered leaders of this so-called ‘party’ of DemoMarxocrats to face up to the reality of…

Who was president 7 years ago when Turkey Joined NATO and EU?
Who was president 10 years ago when al-Baghdadi was released from Guantanamo?
Who was president 4 years ago when ISIS began plotting terror attacks across Europe?

The above is 100% (‘not a smidgen of corruption’) Dem #44’s fault… and it will be 100% President Trump who fixes it. Impeachment? Yup, that also totally belongs with Dem #44 and his entire crew. Every. Single. One of ’em!

J. R. Dunn, American Thinker, and: ‘Cracks in the Impeachment Wall’…

Is the solid Democratic front in favor of impeachment beginning to crumble? It’s probably more correct to say that it never existed at all.

We got two clear signs this week that rank-and-file enthusiasm for the Pelosi/Schiff effort to rid the country of the Orange Menace is, shall we say, well-controlled.

  • New Jersey Democrat Jeff Van Drew stated that he was likely to vote against Pelosi’s resolution to “formalize” the impeachment inquiry when it comes up Thursday, or Friday, or sometime before the end of the Holocene.
  • Van Drew told NBC reporter Alex Moe that “I would imagine that I’m not voting for it.” To go straight to the point, Van Drew’s district was won by none other than Donald Trump in 2016, and Van Drew knows exactly which side his political toast is buttered on – that is, the one that hits the ground when dropped. There are evidently at least a dozen other Democratic reps in much the same situation as Van Drew, though none of these has spoken up yet.
  • Steny Hoyer, the House Majority Whip, refused to commit to an actual vote on the matter, even though Mrs. Pelosi insists that it is, in fact, happening on Thursday. “We’re going to have to consider whether or not it’s ready to go on Thursday,” Steny said. “I hope that’s the case.”

Link to completion below…

Face it dimdems … especially Dosey Pelosi…

Face it folks. No way on God’s green earth is Nancy Pelosi gonna consult with Steny Hoyer (or anybody else for that matter) about anything, because her staff of activist feminazi lawyers are pretending she’s in charge of running the country. Consulting with Hoyer would demean her make-believe status as dear leader. If she wants Hoyer to do something she will command him to do it or else.

She’s the ever-widening crack in the DemoMarxocrat machine that has become very, very rusty over the past few years, to the point where it is now on serious life-support. The irony is, rather than face up to it, gather herself a competent team, and work together WITH the president towards the good of the nation for every American citizen, she has decided to trod the ragged track to Hades and certain destruction.

She and the entire DemoMarxocrat machine (well, what’s left of it at the moment) could do worse than go back in history to the heady days of President Ronald Wilson Reagan and Democrat leader of the House Tip O’Neill. Miles apart in political ideology, but concomitant with each other’s manner, they both decided to face up to the fact that together, they could accomplish great, great things for the good of the nation, and it was no surprise that they did indeed!

Tip O’Neill, God rest his soul, would be absolutely aghast at what a once-decent (in most ways) political party has morphed in to. Nothing but evil personified.

And on that sober note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


See full J. R. Dunn, American Thinker: Cracks in the Impeachment Wall

Also Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: Baghdadi’s Death [and] Terrorist Threat

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