DemoMarxocrat evil day of infamy

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Talk about an upside down world … Since the very day President Trump was elected, the DemoMarxocrat refrain has been a repetitive ‘The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling, and all ad-infinitum ad-nauseam.

Whether pushing their clown-themed-climatosis analogy; somewhat-greenish new deal; offensively-farting-cattle; black-jack-whitish racism; white (GULP!) privilege; misogynistic-homophobia and the rest of the mumbo-jumbo tango dance, they have shown the rest of us just how unhinged they’ve become.

Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that DemoMarxocrat operatives on the whole have morphed into bitter, unhinged, reckless and downright dangerous purveyors of an evil, evil, discourse. Petulant children, obsessed with shoring up their resistance with absolutely no regard whatsoever for the embarrassing optics we witness on a daily basis. These anti-Trumpers represent the very worst of the worst; close-minded individuals who have forsaken dialogue for dogged disruption.

To conform to the crazy DemoMarxocrat leftist-speak, consider for instance, that…

DemoMarxocrat evil day of infamy…

George Stephanopoulos is a ‘journalist’; Al Sharpton is a (CHOKE!) ‘reverend’; full-term abortion is ‘progress’; and Chastity Bono is a ‘man’. Al Gore refers to himself as a first-rate ‘scientist’, which thereby allows him to define Elizabeth Warren as an ‘Indian’, and Rachel Dolezal as ‘black’ – even though both are as white as new-blown snow.

Which is about as funny and true as Dem #44 being ‘American’, and his pal Harvey Weinstein a ‘feminist’; which must have meant – Mmmmm … Hillary Rob’Em was a ‘viable’ candidate – (whatever!).

Yup, that just about sums up their warped thinking!

Roger L. Simon, and his insightful analysis from his own PJMedia: ‘The Evil Party earns its name with Shameful Impeachment attempt’…

For years, D.C. insiders called Democrats “The Evil Party” and Republicans “The Stupid Party.” That seemed an oversimplification but not so much anymore. With this vicious, un-American and psychologically deranged attempt to impeach Donald Trump (or whatever this meretricious plan is—a way forward?) without evidence of the remotest substance, the Democrats reveal themselves to be evil indeed—and without quotation marks.

Most of the 31 “moderate” Democratic congressmen and women from districts won by Trump now seem poised to bite their personal election bullets and vote to support this impeachment gambit, if they haven’t already. They better not read Lee Smith’s just-published The Plot Against the President —currently number one in books on Amazon—because it will give them nightmares. The book is a primer for things to come in the Durham investigation—the heads that are destined to roll, almost all associated with the Democratic Party, deep state division—and therefore also a primer for the end of their congressional careers if they associate themselves with this bogus impeachment.

But if the book isn’t enough to worry them (and I bet it will be), Paul Sperry, writing for Real Clear Investigations, has outed the whistleblower who appears to be as biased a young man as you could find in central casting — someone who worked with both John Brennan (currently heavily suspected as being the Mr.Big behind Spygate and known to despise Trump) and Susan Rice, the Obama administration go-to prevaricator of Benghazi fame. Some objective observer! (The whistleblower act is, unfortunately, a perfect cover for partisan hatchet jobs.) [-]

[+] … The Republican rank-and-file, now Trump’s “deplorables,” are entirely different. They are with the president all the way and will stand up and fight for him to the end. Republican politicians ought to pay attention to that or they will find themselves gone at their next primary. Mitt Romney, the most extreme case, is lucky he won’t be facing one for several years. He’d likely be gone.

Link to conclusion below…

DemoMarxocrat evil day of infamy … Pelosi at the helm

The DemoMarxocrat radicals are rogue, America-hating, anti-Constitutional, and just plain lawless. That, taken together, is the attack on this nation. Something that is to be opposed, neutralized, and reformed. The only force strong enough to do this is the Republican Party and the Trump Administration working together.

The current fluff and plunder is about 50 years or more of multi-generational snouts in the govt trough aka the deep state cesspool swamp, together with the consequences of having to abandon it all and get a real job. Just the loss of the free stuff they extort from the business community would be devastating. And think about the welfare caseworker not getting his/her hummers.

Interesting that it has come to this. In decades past, I have heard from many who voted Republican and DemoMarxocrat at the presidential and local level. Not anymore, it seems. To vote and support the current version of what passes for the DemoMarxocrat Party is to support national destruction of the finest constitutional republic in the history of the world.

Time has now arrived for us all to take this opportunity to come together as independents and conservatives and win this big one for the Gipper.

DemoMarxocrat bigwigs don’t hate President Trump, they fear him. That’s why they oppose him every way they can and why they’re desperate to remove him from office. Once President Trump is re-elected many of them will be spending time behind bars. The time between now and the President’s re-election will be one of the most dangerous in American history.

Accordingly, we Republicans must work like the fate of the nation is at stake. Because it is.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – The ‘Gipper’, President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Full Roger L. Simon and: The Evil Party Earns its Name with Shameful Impeachment Attempt

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