Every single J6 libtard deserves jail

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Crazy dizzy-Lizzy aka Liz Cheney is about as dumb as a fruitcake aka the “dick” Cheney, he of the two anti-American Bushes, attempting endlessly to get revenge for Warrior-President Trump’s campaigning against her. Dizzy-Lizzy-Cheney’s father, the Dick, was (along with Poppy Bush, take your choice) one of the two masterminds behind 9/11, which crushed 3,000 Americans to death in a matter of seconds, portending the Cheney and Bush crime families will go down in history as some of the worst criminals in American history. Study your history, folks!

There are so many really crucial matters affecting the everyday lives of American citizens that have received no attention since Jan 2020, but this so-called “committee” have wasted so much time and lying resources playing political games. Not one of them is fit for office – NONE!

They’re people who think they’ve been elected to impose their ideology and not uphold the precious 233-year old Constitutional law and order of the land by promoting good governance within the confines of the United States of America. These bitter, angry parasites who are STILL lashing out at the first man in 40 years to threaten their leeching existence are really, really extending way beyond the pale. That ONE!

Every single J6 libtard deserves jail

Toss in “Crossfire Hurricane”, the Steele “Dossier”, and all of the seditious efforts to discredit an outstanding President Donald John Trump, and you have an embarrassment to anyone with an education and integrity! The two so-called “impeachments” and the “J6 Circus” are just additional efforts by the Uniparty to bury and hide the corruption in DC, and thereby avoid consequences arising from that corruption.

As Sundance expresses it in his piece: “There is no precedent for the legislative branch to subpoena a former President of the United States, [ie] the executive branch. No court, including the Supreme Court, would validate a congressional subpoena against the President. The separation of powers would not permit the enforcement mechanism and there is no constitutional authority within the legislative branch to compel the executive. Period.”

Which is why folks are hoping and trusting that our fearless President Trump doesn’t comply with the subpoena! If he breaks that precedent – fyi President Truman ignored his – then Congress could also subpoena corrupt Supreme Court Justices in light of the “separation of powers” having been pierced! Justice Thomas however, comes to mind if the demoMarxocrats are in control! BINGO!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Grand Theatrics as J6 Committee Votes to Subpoena Pres Trump’ …

The J6 Committee attempted to culminate their super serious grand theatrical performance with their closing effort. A vote to subpoena President Trump and compel him to testify before the sham committee. The made-for-television production was as ridiculous as it sounds.

As a result, the effort of the J6 committee is essentially a made for television performance intended to create some goofy October surprise in advance of the November midterm election.  The transparency of the insufferable political nonsense is clear.   President Trump responded via Truth Social:

As even Politico admits, “There is little precedent for such a move against a former president, which would raise thorny separation of powers issues that have rarely, if ever, been litigated. Only one former president has ever been subpoenaed by Congress — Harry Truman in 1953 — and he defied the summons, contending it would set a dangerous separation-of powers precedent.”

The committee will likely create some ridiculous multi hundred-page report, created under the auspices of some authority they have manufactured out of thin air. The entire enterprise has been a massive waste of taxpayer funds as the baseline for the committee itself is nothing more than a partisan election effort.

Even die-hard democrats acknowledge the pantomime is a grand waste of time.

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Every single J6 libtard deserves jail. Had they forgotten?

Thankfully, President Donald John Trump is protected by Executive Privilege, Separation of Powers and the 5th Amendment. Could the Committee have the DOJ enforce the subpoena via the FBI arresting President Trump at Mar-a-Lago and hauling him into Federal Court in handcuffs to be charged with any crime? It’s what they always wanted since January, 2017. They could try but the response from a very angry We The (90 million+) People would be overwhelming. In their dreams!

Every one of the participants in this committee should be voted out; or should they be re-elected, be impeached. Not because they wasted the time of the House of Representatives – we are all better off when Congress is grid-locked – but because of their lying, deceptive video editing; their refusal to allow equal time and due process; and last but not least, the demoMarxocrats’ rejection of Leader McCarthy’s nominees and appointment of Kinzinger and Cheney. Every single J6 libtard deserves jail

And lastly, it’s well beyond understanding how a completely partisan, angry and bitter committee thinks it can legitimately force its target to be interrogated when they’ve already proclaimed he’s guilty. Did we all miss something?

As he expressed on True Social above: “Why didn’t the Unselect Committee ask me to testify months ago? Why did they wait until the very end, the final moments of their last meeting?” BINGO!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – the battling warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!