Enemies of the state hiding in sight

Go ahead, make my..

Hmm, enemies of the state hiding in plain sight under an international asset forfeiture, which surely to goodness, once they leave office, Brandon, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, etal should qualify greatly to have their assets removed including any senate or presidential pensions, for propagandizing and illegally spending federal funds in support of the demoMarxocrat neonazi-government cabal.

They aren’t even trying to pretend anymore – destroying our country, bankrupting our children, and stealing all the money people have worked their entire lives for, in order to pay off their corrupt cronies and get kickbacks for their friends and families; laughing in our faces while doing it because they know the GOP is just as evil and amoral as they are and won’t lift a finger to stop them! And no-one in the MSM will say a word about it, other than to blame Russia and the Republicans, which will keep the Lo-Fo voters fired up, just like they like ’em!

How it all started … Enemies of the state hiding in sight. Rich men woke women…

But … Faced right up front and personal, the ongoing destruction of our nation isn’t a secret. It’s more than just “out of the closet conspiracy”, but more about where the line in the sand is for everyone. Food lines would be a good one because so far stealing elections, forced vaccination shots in the name of health, jailing innocent political dissidents, censorship, and now grand theft, doesn’t seem to be anywhere near enough.

Yours truly has long suspected that many of the things we’ve witnessed, from fences around Capitol Hill and the latest disinformation board, plus the rising again of Antifa, etc., is because they’re preparing to thwart any organizing by those within patriot militias or anything else aimed to forcefully attack and put down anything Pelosi, Schiffty-Schiff, Schumer, OBO#44, Gyorgy Schwarz-Soros, etal can string together. There was a reason after all, that the barrier was immediately erected.

In the eyes of the fascists now in full control of the U.S. government, the current bill essentially justifies the appropriation of any amount of funds to be used for any purpose whatsoever. They may begin with the $33 billion+ currently in play but they can (and no doubt will) now double or triple that amount. Any funds currently being sent to taxpayers are in jeopardy; including, Social Security, and ALL manner of welfare programs, etc.! Of course, if you’re a liberal, you’ll still get your check in the mail as usual.

When people are literally starving to death will that be “when enough is ENOUGH?” Enemies of the state hiding in sight.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Pelosi; Shiffty-Schiff; Dementia Cellar-Dweller and International Civil Asset Forfeiture’ …

The details of the Joe Biden $33 billion supplemental budget allocation have been released. I would strongly urge everyone to read the proposal which now heads to congress for passage {SEE pdf here}.

The spending request outlines a massive amount of money for various ideological foreign policy initiatives under the guise of Ukraine relief (it isn’t). The proposal outlines a kickback and bribery scheme.

Some of the spending includes an allocation of funds to the State Dept including funds to USAID to “provide $8.8 billion to the Department of State for economic support and assistance to the people of Ukraine and other affected countries, including direct budgetary support, as well as support for food security, democracy, anticorruption, cybersecurity, counter-disinformation, human rights, atrocity documentation, energy, and emergency infrastructure needs.” {pdf page 41The request specifically authorizes the transfer of these funds globally, outside of Ukraine. [-]

[+] … Apparently, the State Dept is going to set up an international version of DHS “disinformation governance board.” But wait, it gets worse…

U.S. taxpayers are also going to subsidize farming in Europe and fund the climate change initiatives by paying for the development of alternate energy sources.“This would include [$500 million] support for small- and medium- sized agrobusinesses during the fall harvest and for natural gas purchases by the Ukrainian state energy company.” {page 44}

Mechanisms to legalize defense contractor kick-backs: “This request would authorize Ukraine to utilize Foreign Military Financing Program funds appropriated in this Act and prior Acts to the Department of State to contract directly with U.S. companies to procure defense related materials which would facilitate the delivery of military assistance and security sector support.” {page 48}

Mechanisms to spread the money all over government institutions without prior approval: …”This request would provide the authority to reprogram funds appropriated in this Act and prior Acts making appropriations for the Department of State, foreign operations, and related programs for assistance to Ukraine without regard to any minimum amounts specifically designated in such Acts. This authority would provide the needed flexibility to match resources with evolving needs and decrease reliance on new appropriations.” {Page 50}

The last segment is a massive change in the U.S. government power to seize Russian private property and assets, sell them to whoever Biden chooses, and then give the proceeds of the sales to U.S. politicians, friends, family members, or perhaps Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. [-]

Full link below…

Enemies of the state hiding in sight … Valerie Jarret, Susan Rice, etal

OBO#44’s handler is Valerie Jarrett. She’s more than likely the one in control of our government as OBO#44 hasn’t got the brains of a mongoose. He was installed as president only because he was black. The demoMarxocrats knew that American blacks would flock to vote for him which of course 95% of them did.

There are three portions that are extremely serious. Allowing the government to spend money without the approval of Congress is a destruction of the Constitutional protections of checks and balances. It gives all power to an oligarchy to spend money as it wants.

The second covers the changes in the civil forfeiture laws. The definition of what is “criminal” in that portion is so vague that almost any Russian citizen could have their assets seized because they bought something on eBay. You’d better bet if this passes, the Chinese and citizens of other countries will not trust the US government. I’m not sure, but it sounds like that might hurt our economy pretty seriously.

The third is the promotion of censorship and activist organizations to further the spread of propaganda. Yup, Valerie Jarret, Susan Rice etal all over the place.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to uphold and defend the Constitutional Republic of the United States – MAGA! KAG!