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Endlessly playing at being relevant … A dictum that yours truly has embraced for years runs along the premise that Big Government exists mostly for its own benefit. Insiders thrive no matter the direction. Bureaucracy benefits bureaucrats.

Trump came out of the blue, upset the applecart and tried to change all that, which is just one of the reasons the swamp-rats hate him so, attacking any threat to the status quo. The last 4 years have performed like a body desperately rejecting an organ transplant during which time (sadly) Trump didn’t get much – if any – help.

Expecting help (or courage) from the Republicans is about as promising as Lucy letting Charlie Brown kick the football and on a broader front, if PDJT doesn’t take the oath of office on January 20th, the Republican Party needs to be no more.

Endlessly playing at being relevant … Biden/Harris depth of evil knows no bounds…

Should the nightmare occur and Biden/Harris get installed it would be high time to destroy the GOP totally. Send McConnell home one way or another before his 6 year term is up again. Charge him with something ridiculous; the Left after all does it all the time while the GOP stands by and does nothing. Zippo. Nada.

While we’re at it, send Lindsay Graham to Pakistan to help with the gender reconstruction bill money from the Covid relief package. He was so proud of it after all yesterday that he definitely ought to live on his promise and take it there personally. Just what is going on in these people’s minds?

One smart aleck from the left let it be known that we should keep the name and the infrastructure and just eject the Rinos, describing it can be done easier than starting a whole new party. Respectfully, that can’t be done as the national RNC closely monitors (and in many cases, controls) the state chapters. After the Ron Paul zombies nearly took over several state Republican Party chapters the last time he ran for president, the RNC made structural and other changes to prevent a rear-guard movement (for instance, like the Tea-Party) from taking over a state chapter ever again.

Changes have consequences apparently.

Lynne Lechter, American Thinker: ‘What a Mess the US Congress is!’…

The U.S. Congress is a disgrace. Democrats play dirty, and Republicans are neutered and perhaps in covert cahoots. The Democrat-run states and cities have shut down businesses and demanded citizens limit their movement. Without compensation.

This is what in legal terms regarding government-asset grab is termed an “illegal taking.”

Typically, an illegal taking is a term used when government grabs private land. But it applies to any government taking, and current onerous government COVID restrictions have resulted in the demise of countless businesses and a plethora of bankruptcy filings. Thus, we are witnessing illegal COVID governmental takings on a colossal  scale. There has been no compensation.

After months of inactivity, Congress has come up with a big fat multi-trillion-dollar COVID stimulus dud. Legislators have endorsed Dostoyevsky-sized legislation for soaring handouts for foreign-gender education enhancements and millions for border walls in foreign lands, while our border wall is sneered at. In fact, putative president-elect Biden has talked of tearing down the southern border wall.

Struggling Americans, whose businesses have been decreed nonessential and arbitrarily shut down, are being belatedly doled out a measly $600.00 per person. What an insult. (President Trump has called for an amendment to the bill, demanding a payout of $2,000 per person.) [-]

[+] … And what have compliant Americans received in return? Unmasked elected officials eating out at posh restaurants, elected officials taking foreign vacations, and elected officials visiting their own extended family members.

It’s ignominy on top of ignominy as we are now forced to witness the COVID vaccination shell game. While Israel is vaccinating all of its citizens 60 years and older, our elected officials are beclowning themselves. [-]

Full link below with others…

Endlessly playing at being relevant … Look, a squirrel!! Where, where?

The vaccine is the latest creation of these arrogant insane sociopaths. The vaccine is more likely to harm or kill the people who get it than help them. It is the height of stupidity to take an injection of a completely unknown substance and “trust” the authorities who say it is safe, while those authorities have removed all legal liability from themselves and from the rich corporations who make this poison.

If nasty Nancy and AOC got the real vaccine I say have at it. All congress critters should get the vaccine first, all doses, and it should be by a citizen doctor and pulled from a pallet of thousands of bottles that are brought in from an unknown location in say Utah, and given to them all before any regular citizen gets any of the shots; then five years later if anyone of them are still alive we can decide if the vaccines are safe.

BTW they are not safe and even behind closed doors the egregious CDC admits that they don’t have a good safety protocol in place making sure vaccines don’t harm people; personally yours truly thinks Bill and Melinda Frankenstein Gates should be first in line. Why would anyone race to get a vaccine for which the survival rate of contracting and then recovering from a virus is in the neighborhood of 99%? (Asking for a friend…)

The real Covid death rate is probably less than 1 in a thousand, especially if it is treated in time with proper medicines. It is foolish to take a vaccine when the death rate is so low. Endlessly playing at being relevant!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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